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Perfectly fine, you'd have used your time prior to this to identify them so no problem with a little Retcon action. ;D

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Makes sense to me.

Female Init +2; Senses Perception +10 AC 25 (Touch 12 Flatfooted 24) HP 43/89 F: +7, R: +4, W:+4

no post here either...

Tell your lazy DM to stop breaking his account. Can't fix his stuff all the time!

Just Kidding!

May be joining you all in the Iobaria business. If there is room. :p

Will post later. PLease ignore any posts from me in the game thread as something weird is happening. It is saying I applied a post but nothing is showing up. So I attempted a couple different tactics and they all failed.

Apologies. I tried to post. :/

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Yeaah daylight savings time wrecked the site for a bit.

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Heh, checking your profile you've got about half a dozen posts giving the same info as the most recent one.
Also you write damn fast I hadnt expected a follow up post at this hour anyway.
Should I be rolling an initative for the current combat?

No its fine you are at the same ini as the party. Simpler that way :)

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So i'm a bit lost on the placement of things here. I posted an action but I'm unsure if it makes sense in the given events. If there are mongrelmen right at my feet then dealing with them first makes the most sense. and if it is rather obvious that they are the aggressors in this particular combat then I'm likely just start beating the ones nearest me over the head and shoulders with my knife-on-a-stick.
Bows are great and all but the lack of melee threat and lessened damage (not to mention the penalty for striking prone targets) means it makes more sense in my mind to use the glaive.

Working on a map right now~

But you have four enemie, knocked prone 15ft in front of you Ga'Tul (the four armed creature pinned to the wall behind you) is directly behind you.

Will check your post momentarily~

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Is the person I was fighting stunned?

The Colorspray scoll might come in handy now actually.

At the moment yes, all opponents have suffered a no save 1 round stun effect.

Female Half-Orc Sacred servant/OoV paladin 3 HP39/39 AC15/12/13 CMD:20 CMB+8 Init:+2 Perception:+4, Fort:+11 Ref+12Will+10 Smite:1/1 LOH2/5:1d6+2

Ah, then I should be able to reach/threaten them with a glaive after a f5t step forward.
Jen isn't going to attack people who are not doing the same to her without reason.
Also feel I should mention for future, The Reedemer paladin archetype loses the ability to detect evil in exchange for a rather lackluster bonus to diplomacy with monstrous or commonly evil creatures. The flavor being that a redeemer is a formerly evil or evil aligned race/culture that sees the flaws in paladins thinking Detect evil is a Kill-dar.
So I won't be able to rock the aura sight until I have something else that gives it to me.

Would you have any issue with me selecting a flaw like Jaeger did? I'm finding the insomniac or a fear one relating to asphyxiation or burning quite fitting. Perhaps both, long term it seems a mistake but short term 3 sill points with a low skill class like a paladin is a very nice investment.

And I would take Iobaria to be a home brew of yours that uses some of the home rule pile in your profile?
If you are looking for the more fun diseases in golarion the old 'Heart of the Jungle' had some winners.
Unfortunately arctic environments are not all that famous for lethal diseases. good thing the old standard of 'just enough' applies quite well in frozen tundras.
Some sort of Arctic wood tick infests your snow suit!
1.Freeze to death!
2. Wear the suit and become infected with whatever the wood ticks are carrying! (Plus more the possibility of infected wounds.)
It should also be mentioned that if wilderness survival is something you want to make a bi thing in your game you might desire to banish certain spells that erase the need for most of that prep.
EX: Endure elements.

Flaws Go for it. :) Doesn't bother me but you are right some of these flaws will come back to haunt you. Hard in this AP.

Snowsuits & TicksLmao!

You would think so. Disease has hit Iobaria no less then over 50+ plagues of various descriptions over the centuries. Granted not all of them (but the most notable) are listed in the timeline, however Iobaria's empires and kingdoms have fallen several times because of it. The death of Koloron Empire, the Extinction of the Dvezda Centaur Tribe, The fall of the Ulfen empire, Old Iobar and New Iobaria are to name a few. The Drake Plague and some false information led to the destruction of a city along with the same cities inhabitants contracting Slimey Doom seemingly all at once.

Its a right nasty place where plague cities still exist despite the cold temperatures. I could see this being possible because a lot of fairly nasty diseases have survived for years in the cooler temps of Alaska. Sometimes lying in wait in dust to be breathed in and infect people after decades of being in a musty old storage room.

Heart of the Jungle! Awesome!
Thanks for the tip though! I will look at Heart of the jungle for sure. Better to use what is here then reinvent the wheel. :D

Iobaria Continued
Iobaria is my attempt at something closer to cannon. Granted a lot of it will be built by my own hand using the paizo rules. Like settlement rules and such but Iobaria is fairly wide open for some fun. I am also using some of the journal and notes made available by the office Devs from a game they started in 2010-2011. Been doing my research but yes the dice rolls will be my home brew as I like Heroic Characters and a bit of randomness.

However spells that are Paizo material won't be banned, endure elements may remove the threat of the enviroment getting you but not the creatures that can see in the snow storm or in the dark that you missed. The same spell slot you used to protect yourself from the elements could have been used to save you from the monsters.

All in the dice! :D

Although I understand that 25 pt buy puts everyone on the same level. But I am old scholl (started in 1st edition) too used to roll the old dice and going with what you got.

My DM back then would allow you to roll again. ONLY if you chose a new class and abandoned your first idea. It was rough sometimes!

Iobaria though is my attempt at being closer to cannon, WotR is changed only in the underground portion of the game so far, the rest remains the same other then my tweak on character creation. But Iobaria I am going to try and go for broke on that one. Kingmaker is an AP I Love and with Iobaria's history I can see it being a very useful medium for this adventure I am cooking up.

However with what little info there is I have a lot of work to do.

1)Fleshing out city rulers
2)Fleshing out Settlement statistics, notable NPC's the works!
3)Encounter Tables
4)The list is long and... Tiresome.

However I have about 62 pages of data from various sources in one spot now. So the hard part is about 30% done, now its a lot of himming and hawing on how the rest falls into place.

I always give first dibbs to my players and if I am unable to get at least 4 then I recruit other then that though I tend to stick with people I know. Easier when you know each others play style.

I do however have the first few encounters and beginning nearly done for the Human/Urban band side of things.

I will be doing a Goblinoid, Centaur and possibly a Lycan side as well. Thought Why not make it a fun multi adventure and if it works well in the future you could see four parties coming into contact/conflict with one another. And it would be possible for an Evil campaign as well. >:3

(F) Aasimar (Agathion blooded) Sorceress (Silver Dragon bloodline) 3

See Centaur's intrigueing but I'm leery of being a social paraiah or the party contantly being in narrow hallways or dealing with stairs alot.

Male human Nerd 2

Heh. Cool, I'll grab at least 1.
Now to decide if I want 'Moar Dakka!' or 'Akkurate Dakka!'

Sounds like a fun place to live Australia re imagined as Canada.
Low temperature hazards are great though, I steal heavily from the old Frost burn book for nasty things to do to my players.
Though the Remorahz Ambush plots are typically all mine. (love those beasties.)

Best of luck in getting the rest of it fleshed out, feel free to hit me up if you need a brain to pick. Unless you are an illithid that is..


Iobaria was the site of a Cyclopean empire, so all the ruins and dungeons that I can imagine are mostly going to be suited for large to giant sized creatures. It wouldn't be beyond imagination to see a Cavalier remain mounted in a dungeon delve. Whether that is the smartest move is up for debate. But that also means that Centaurs can explore pretty much every ruin that any two leg would. They just don't prefer to, which is understandable.

I have yet to run into much on human size cairns but remember there is the squeezing rules to allow you to fit in tighter spots and make do at a disadvantage until you (hopefully) reach a larger area.

Just Fyi. ;D However some Iobarians hold resentment towards centaurs for the well... raiding and sacking of major towns and slaughtering those that dare trespass on their lands... Ya centaurs and Humans in Iobaria don't play nice alot of the time.

Did I fail to mention there will be racial intolerance? Fairly heavily. Now being mercs most people would bother you (or your group) not unless they had a lot of back up. But none the less I look forward to questions over in the Iobaria thread! :D


I have all those books Sandstorm, Frostburn I loved 3.X before Pathfinder came out. And now I convert things over but a lot of the 3.X enviroment mechanics work really well for Pathfinder.

Funnest adventure is when we had a Landsail. It could cross deserts and open plains like a boat on the seas but it had a hard time with Forests and well. Water without converting it. However it made for an interesting thing to attack as it was fire resistant and was you know. A friggen sailing vessel on land! :D

Fun fun~

I will definitely hit you up on ideas as needed.

Anywho! Posts coming in the morning, daylight savings screwed up my kids schedule and mine as well...

If you want to check out the Iobaria thread Movin you are welcome to, let me know and I will post a link!

Iobaria Discussion page. Mainly posting character builds, asking questions and the like. Game thread is up but nothing posted.

I willrefrain from posting any more Iobaria stuff here to limit confusion later.


Rough day today, map building program didn't save my work. So rebuilding the darn map.. =/

Kids are being a bother as well lol. They didn't take their nap today :S Its like an 80 hour a week gig with two kids. They're great but don't expect to get much done on your own lol. And Laptops are free game!

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So how many bad guys are left able to fight once the color spray and the round of stunning is taken into effect?
If we are just wrapping things up with only a few bad guys left I doubt we need a map.

18 including the Scorpion users (super heavy crossbow wielders) and Ifri the commander.

Tawn'Garth is a supporting NPC, Ga'Tul, the worgen like pic is another one but they are nearly critical condition and pinned.

The enemies are referred to as Deathguard's, an elite Mongrelmen fighting force that had been combating the underground demon issues but recently turned on their commander Ga'Tul.

Surprisingly the party is doing really well. Tawn'Garth is a tough old gal, but she has her limits.

Seren and Kieran are both down. (Former player and Player missing in action)

Cid is still up (player that is 25/75-> not here atm... :/)

Lomar (Former player dropped out due to RL events) Still up, Warlock class.

Off to bed so I can get some sleep. Thanks in advance if you have time to add your portraits. If not no hard feelings. Will post bad guys turn tomorrow sometime. Apologies for the wait.

Female Half-Orc Sacred servant/OoV paladin 3 HP39/39 AC15/12/13 CMD:20 CMB+8 Init:+2 Perception:+4, Fort:+11 Ref+12Will+10 Smite:1/1 LOH2/5:1d6+2

Darn, I missed one of em' Ah well image is uploaded on the page now it just needs to be sized and placed.

Hrmm.. Jen might need to change her actions if thats the level of mob that is coming to wreck us all.
Could likely catalyze it by seeing Seren's armor (who is also apparently a paladin of Sheylen) and just murdering all the things that point weapons in the direction of her/ her allies.

'S what I get for posting actions without understanding the full situation I guess.
Would the enemies not getting a turn mean that effectively the party gets 2 in a row?

You said they were Stunned yes? wrote:


A stunned creature drops everything held, can't take actions, takes a –2 penalty to AC, and loses its Dexterity bonus to AC (if any).

Attackers receive a +4 bonus on attack rolls to perform combat maneuvers against a stunned opponent.

I figure I'd ask because Jen is just about to get mobbed so I want to ensure it gets delayed as long as it can be.

Hopefully eating up another move action grabbing their weapons will help us turn the tide here. That is a crap load of potential actions waiting to jump on us this round.

Correct. They dropped they're weapons and will need time to recover, the ones that pounded Seren and Kieran under were close enough to recover more quickly the others had to waste their turn rearming.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

I thought you went to sleep?

Wasn't there and enemy in front of me?!? Or did I miscalculate and he died from myast attack?

Male human Nerd 2

Yeah that's where I got confused as well, I seem to have missed where the bad guys 15ft in front of me were supposed to be. Which makes my action of threatening them with my glaive moot if they can't even be bothered to stand in the right spot.
Think he stayed up a little bit longer to tinker with the map (I ripped the urls for all the avatars and put them into the map, he saw me doing it and placed them where they needed to go.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

...patience is not one of my strong points...muat ge on with the fighting!!



Since I don't know how the map thingy works and don't currently have access to a computer could some one who can use these two images for Jager and Ethyra instead of the avatars? :)

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its a google file, hes opened it to editing for everyone.
I took the images and shrunk them the same size as the avatars, they look kinda funny at that size though so I'm going to leave them in the top left until you can access the file and decide if you want them that way.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Hmmm new computers at work, old version of explorer can't even look at the map with it.

Male human Nerd 2

Sent you a lazy pair of screen shots of the map.
Top half has the shrunken images you requested to be used, Bottom half appears the be where you are on the map.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Oh I can see it on my phone but I can't edit anything...I'll see if I can't crop them later.

Male Drow Demon Hunter [Ninja/Ranger]

Welcome to the game, Jen!

Still no internet. Resorting to coffee shop+kindle action. I hate touch screens ::sigh::. I feel bad for my players in a campaign I'm running. It's so annoying to write pages of material on this thing so it's been on hiatus. Poor guys....

Not sure how you write your posts from your phone, Cori. Must be a patient man.

Also, I'm texting Kieran to see what's up. I miss my barbarian companion.

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Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

I only post from my neah! I've become accustomed to it...

Though using a bluetooth keyboard helps :)

Female Half-Orc Sacred servant/OoV paladin 3 HP39/39 AC15/12/13 CMD:20 CMB+8 Init:+2 Perception:+4, Fort:+11 Ref+12Will+10 Smite:1/1 LOH2/5:1d6+2

A pleasure, it should be interesting to see where this game takes us.
Though I get this odd feeling that we were in no uncertain terms not actually supposed to be dumb enough to take the bait in this case.
That is one hell of a load of bad guys.
Will have to see where we end up.

I still can't deal with big posts on my phone though I can do smaller ones it if my work is slow enough. Distractions murder my train of thought when writing.

Good to see you Cid!

Posting on my phone was easy. That was until my youngest dropped it into the dogs water dish yesterday. So I am busy getting things back in otder.

I leave for work tonight, a day earlier then normal. So I will be tied up most of the day. Apologies for the wait. WIll try and post once I am able. Probably around 8 pm tonight. Because I will be sitting in another city... waiting until 5 am to fly to work lmao.

Posts tonight, at work and they changed my schedule. Important stuff going on. Will try my best. Apologies. :/

Psts finally up.

Camp and phone service out in the area near my camp so had to steal work internet but will try and get moving forward. Thanks guys!

Made adjustment to post, forgot confirmation rolls. Thats what I get fo being in a hurry. :P

Trying to catch up in all of my games. >.<; Stupid slope internet...

Female Half-Orc Sacred servant/OoV paladin 3 HP39/39 AC15/12/13 CMD:20 CMB+8 Init:+2 Perception:+4, Fort:+11 Ref+12Will+10 Smite:1/1 LOH2/5:1d6+2

Now to see what sort of response I get from that.
Sorry if you guys we hoping to kill all these warriors, but having just dropped out of the sky on a divine thunderbolt I'm pretty sure Jen stands good odds of swaying these warriors if the majority of mongrel men following Iomedae still stands true. (finally finished the story so far.)
The paladin god like disapproves of this unauthorized abuse of her followers.
And if it turns out I'm wrong Jen gets axed by a 1 horned minotaur as the conflicted warriors look on.
Should be interesting regardless of the outcome.

Male human Nerd 2

I don't much like posting big blocks of OOC text in the gameplay forum so here goes.

The mongrelmen you encountered just before this summoned demons with a command. That would make them Demons or possessed/controlled by them.
The only over the top action I've seen described so far is the crucifying done to the wolf NPC.
There is a very high chance that Angi is either possessed or dead and is being puppeted by a demon. Gal'Tu the one who's been crucified is right next to me, So I would be interested to see what that NPC would ahve to say on this.
Which would mean all of the actions made so far are actions enacted by demons, the mongrel men who are following the orders of a corrupted leader just being pawns.
You guys had a chance to discover that exactly back in august but Seren didn't post in time to jump on the lead. So the glowly light thing in the background got away.
The arena you guys got tricked into walking into was a stage with the gore on it designed to attract you close enough to spring the trap. the questionable nature of the first group, the unseen manipulator in the background and Gal'Tu warning you guys this was a trap lead me to believe that there is more to this than simple treachery and due to the nature of pathfinder demons highly likely that we are being made to kill manipulated innocents with one or two bad eggs mixed in. [/spoiler]

The warriors are wavering in morale obviously enough that Angi the leader is having to shout them into submission. They are one step away from mutiny and are obviously having trouble dealing with the orders their leader is giving.
And frankly if we don't change the nature of this engagement somehow we are all going to die. Your two big tanks (Seren and Keiran) just went down in 1 round.

TL:DR- Mongrel men= Demon puppets. Actions not their own. Also too many bad guys, we keep fighting and we are going to die.

(F) Aasimar (Agathion blooded) Sorceress (Silver Dragon bloodline) 3

Everything you just said is all metagame. While it does seem pretty dangerous to carry on, as stranger showing up and trying to convince a bunch of people fighting for their lives while one of the people they came looking for is crucified to a wall and the enemy leader keeps ordering their deaths to stand down isn't likely to work.

Don't get me wrong you're playing your archetype perfectly but you happen to have come in on a very bad moment to go "hey guys, they aren't all evil, let's hold up a bit,"[/b] and get a positive response.

Female Half-Orc Sacred servant/OoV paladin 3 HP39/39 AC15/12/13 CMD:20 CMB+8 Init:+2 Perception:+4, Fort:+11 Ref+12Will+10 Smite:1/1 LOH2/5:1d6+2

The point of showing it is moot but what I have said currently is only metagame to Jen, I'll gladly go over where in the posts I've drawn my words if you'd like though.
She's acting her archetype anyway though, and small realizations like what I've stated won't amount to much when the rest of the party is in a vengeance driven fight to the death.

I'll just have to hope that the Mongrelmen see me as a third party then. Having just chopped off their leaders horn at 30 paces with a sharpened metal hoop I think my capability has been shown.

We shall see what happens if Jen manages to stage a mutiny, though that would be some irony coming into a fight trying to get it to stop and accidentally siding with the wrong people due to a raised hackles and misunderstandings.
"Great job breaking it hero."
The demons would love me for providing such entertainment, they might even let me live for a little while.

Ultimately I think a lot of what is about to happen will come down to the NPC's and how they react. Gal'Tu could pipe up if we need to change Jen's opinion on the battle and Tawn'Garth is there for the other side of that.

(F) Aasimar (Agathion blooded) Sorceress (Silver Dragon bloodline) 3

I think Tawn'Garth is too far into kill mode to say much of anything right now.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

"So are we supposed to take them alive?"

Maedora gave him a blank look. "What difference would that make?"

"Good point." Of course the goddess of death wouldn't care. He'd been thinking more of Heaven—leaders trying to seem virtuous were always instructing their troops to "take them alive," not realizing how many more of their own people such orders inevitably cost. In battle, you killed or you died, and getting fancy always played to the enemy's advantage

Jaeger operates on mostly the same belief. Growin up in the waller slums it was kill or be killed. His adoptive father also taught him to act now and mourn later so if its a wuestion on wether or not he and Ethyra live throug this fight anything standing in his way dies. He'll pray to Pharasma to guide their souls but other than that.

By the way if you haven't read Death's Heretic or The Redemtion Engine do so now.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

So I'm thinking we might need to have a talk on tactics. One thing is at a normal table where we can quickly comunicate with each other but here we need a little bit more of an idea of how combat will go. I mean 2 members are down I'm currently surrounded Ethyra is in melee combat Cid is pezing currently non effecting enemies and we've still got over a dozen active opponents.

It's not looking pretty right now.

Female Half-Orc Sacred servant/OoV paladin 3 HP39/39 AC15/12/13 CMD:20 CMB+8 Init:+2 Perception:+4, Fort:+11 Ref+12Will+10 Smite:1/1 LOH2/5:1d6+2

Would that not make the concept of mercy even more poignant in this setting?
If you kill a follower of a demon, or a devil or whatever it goes to pharasma and is judged. Then it gets sent to whatever evil place it was corrupted by. Because if you do a good job you get taken to that particular firey place turned into a mid rank demon and torment souls (eventually turning them into lesser demons). If you fail you go to the fire-y place and become one of the tormented souls eventually turning into a lesser demon.
Sure it takes longer for the tormenting process to complete but arguably both paths lead to the same outcome, one more demon in the abyssal ranks.
Seems morally questionable for anyone aware of the process to kill demon cultists indiscriminately.

I have not had a chance to read those, I shall have to investigate getting them.

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(F) Aasimar (Agathion blooded) Sorceress (Silver Dragon bloodline) 3

There's also an argument in favor of offing the downed people so they don't get up. It's also a very Drow thing to do.

Female Half-Orc Sacred servant/OoV paladin 3 HP39/39 AC15/12/13 CMD:20 CMB+8 Init:+2 Perception:+4, Fort:+11 Ref+12Will+10 Smite:1/1 LOH2/5:1d6+2

One needs only look at the drows dresscode to realize 'morally questionable' is an action encoded into their DNA like other creatures have eating and reproduction.

Beyond that I really doubt this fight was one we were ever intended to solidly win.
Going to have to see if our actions can change that outcome. just killing these guys isn't likely to affect this raw number we are looking at. CDGíng means Cid most likely gets the be the next target for those scorpions sitting on the wall.
I figure we can discuss tactics in/out of game after this resolves, little point at this juncture though.

Stats: HP 33/33; AC 21, touch 17, Flat Footed 13; CMD 20; Fort +5, Reflex +7, Will +2; Perception +7; Initiative +4;

Cid's prbably wearing more clothes than Jaeger is right now. :)

After all this is what Jaeger looks like...

I suppose I could zip/button up the jacket...but where is the fun in that? Every action Jaeger makes is a feint or meant to distract same with his clothing.

(F) Aasimar (Agathion blooded) Sorceress (Silver Dragon bloodline) 3

This isn't really an overdressed party. Lasciel Hence Lormar's perpetual scowling at people.

Male Drow Demon Hunter [Ninja/Ranger]

How do you guys know Cid isn't half naked? His black clothing and black skin leaves much for interpretation of what is bare.

I do agree though. I feel I could communicate more with the party. Cid is a soloist by heart, but that's unrealistic. Maybe do a simple spoiler in our combat posts that discusses tactics and won't take up too much space? Also, we can't assume we were not meant to win this fight. As a GM, I often dish out cannon fodder of decently statted enemies but with very low hp, just so the party has more opportunities to do cool shirt to dismember their foes.

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