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Ant haul increases carrying capacity by 3x.
Enlarge person increases carrying capacity by 2x
Muleback cords increases carrying capacity by +8 stat
Bulls increases carrying capacity by +4 stat


Ghoul Chapel – Desecrated and difficult to reach, because this was a shrine of Desna, needs to be fixed still.
Examination reveals that the longsword is a +1 vicious longsword
the longspear is a +1 benevolent cold iron lonspear. <- Tarov Claimed

The man's weapon looked to have been enchanted by his own power, and bore no lingering effects.
250 GP worth of powdered silver on him - an important ingredient in the creation of holy water, and likely a project he'd been working on.
More helpfully, there was also a nearby
strongbox containing 383 cp, 710 sp, 3,827 gp,
a beryl worth 500 gp,
three opals worth 100 gp each,
a gold holy symbol of Sarenrae worth 200 gp,
a knight's pennon (battle),
+1 returning dagger.

Haunted Vault – Ruins of Drezen City – Desecrated, needs cleansed still.
In the far corner of the room were several long-decayed bodies with a pile of useful things sitting there - the undead hadn't been terribly interested in coins or the like, but the three of you could certainly make use of them.
Among the hoard were 56 PP, 448 GP, and 220 SP in coins,
a Potion of Endure Elements,
a Scroll of Delay Poison,
a Scroll of Detect Chaos,
a Wand of Detect Poison with 22 charges left. The wand has an inscription providing a clue to its function - useful, that.

Drezen Citadel – Hidden Armory- Where Armor of the Pious is.

masterwork full plate
a set of Armor of the Pious <- Rowan
adamantine battleaxe
50 (+1) cruel arrows
an arrow of human slaying
a (+1) balanced breastplate
a (+1) keen longsword
a masterwork composite longbow (Str +2)
a masterwork flail
a mithral heavy shield
a suit of (+1) impervious elven chain. - Anathya

Staunton Vaughns Officers Room
Rich appointments of fine furniture and plush carpet decorate this oddly shaped chamber. A mahogany desk with several bookshelves occupies the southeast corner, while expansive liquor cabinets follow the curving northern wall. Three doors lead south and west.
The liquor cabinets are stocked with a particularly potent dwarven ale - each of the 20 bottles here is worth 150 gp.

An open-air terrace looks out from the northwest side of the citadel, its interior shattered and broken. A pile of treasure lies gathered in the southeast corner, while a narrow band of stairs is half-seen just above the nearby rubble choking its entrance. ...You know, this looks like the den of your biggest new friend...

Soltengrebbe’s old lair.
The pile of coins and treasure comprises 3,438 cp, 1,319 sp, 7,753 gp, two pearls worth 500 gp each, three garnets worth 250 gp each, eight amethysts worth 100 gp each, 12 agates worth 50 gp each, an emerald-and-ivory scepter worth 4,000 gp, a silver candelabra worth 75 gp, a gold signet ring worth 50 gp, a bag of holding (type III) containing a small library of rare books that grant a +4 bonus on Knowledge (planes) checks when they are referenced (these two dozen books are worth a total of 2,000 gp) along with an empty blessed book, an efficient quiver containing two javelins of lightning and 19 (+1) magical beast bane arrows, an elemental gem (earth), a dose of silversheen, a potion of lesser restoration, a scroll of dimension door, a scroll of move earth, a (+1) flaming heavy crossbow, and a suit of (+1) ghost touch full plate.
Parentheses because Innate Item Bonuses. XD
Staunton Vaughns Treasure Chest
The chest's contents included 633 cp, 1,427 sp, 5,786 gp, 376 pp, nine eight garnets worth 100 gp each, a pearl of power (2nd level), a rod of metal and mineral detection, a scroll of divination, a set of stone-carved dwarven figurines worth 600 gp, an expensive pair of vases worth 250 gp each, a silver coffer worth 350 gp, an elixir of climbing, a potion of neutralize poison, a wand of nondetection (23 charges remaining), and a dose of oil of life (crafted from a cure serious wounds potion and the quicksilver from a philosopher's stone, and acting as a True Resurrection - unlike the rest of the items in the chest, it has pretty much no value because it's so obscenely rare and difficult to make that you can't put a price on it, and Meiyun almost fainted from shock when she saw it).

House Rules:
Trapfinding: If you are actively searching for traps, the ratio is One Perception Check per 10 square feet OR Specific Item, e.g., a dresser, foot locker, door, etc. I find this dovetails nicely with the rogue trapfinding ability and suchlike. If the item you are searching is particularly large, multiple Perception checks will be necessary.
So, when you say you are looking for traps please also specify where, exactly, you are looking. If you don't then I will assume you are checking the 10' in front of you.
Critical Fumbles: If you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll, this can mean one of two things:
1. If the Fumble happens as one of a number of attacks in the same round, whether from TWF or iterative attacks, if one of the other attacks was a hit, the fumble merely cancels out one of the hits.
2. If the Fumble happens by itself, it means you miss so badly you have dropped your weapon. Roll 1d8 to determine the direction it went in, and it always lands in the nearest nonadjacent square, regardless of whether that square is occupied or not. If you are fighting with natural weapons, you instead fall down, gaining the Prone condition. If you are fighting with spells you instead forfeit all actions for one full round to recover from the mishap i.e., you lose a turn. You suffer no loss to your AC, you are not flat-footed or anything like that, you simply cannot move or act from arcane/divine dweomer backfire.
Enhathladi Ammunition:

Please note that this ever-growing list should be considered normative, and supersedes any other list handed out prior to this day (11.15.11). Prices listed are normal market price. Markups are common, and usually pretty rude. Haggling recommended.
Flamestrike Arrows (fletched with Cardinal feathers):
Tier 1: 600gp per arrow 3d6 damage over a 20ft. diameter
Tier 2: 1200gp per arrow 6d6 damage over a 40ft. diameter
Tier 3: 2400gp per arrow 12d6 damage over an 80ft. diameter
Sleep Arrows (fletched with mourning dove feathers):
Tier 1: 120gp per arrow DC11 Fort save, still does normal damage
Tier 2: 200gp per arrow DC17 Fort save, still does normal damage
Tier 3: 280gp per arrow DC23 Fort save, still does normal damage
Smoke burst arrows (fletched with crow feathers): 50gp per arrow, Like alchemical smoke pellets, but last 1d8 rounds and cover a 20ft. diameter. Do no damage due to their breakaway design.
Razortusk Arrows (fletched with red wing blackbird feathers): 100gp per arrow, Ignore armor bonuses to AC, do NOT overcome DR, do normal damage
Backbarb Arrows (fletched with cedar waxwing feathers): 200gp per arrow, Normal damage plus 1 point STR. Also does an additional 1d4 tearing damage per round.
Puncturing arrows (fletched with woodpecker feathers): 200gp per arrow, Do normal damage plus 1 point CON plus 1d4 bleed.
Pincorpse arrows (fletched with swift feathers): 100gp per arrow, Crits on 18-20(x3), and on crit can hit a second target behind the first one, line-of-sight, within 10 ft. Range -30
Earsplitter arrows (fletched with seagull feathers): 150gp per arrow, after travelling 15 feet from the archer, emits a screaming noise that causes all who hear it and fail a DC15 Fort save to gain the Nauseated condition and take 1d8 Sonic damage. The arrow itself is blunt and fragile and does no damage, breaking harmlessly apart on impact. The damage radius is 15ft. all around the arrow, for the length of its flight path.
Stormfare Alchemical Battle Fire crossbow bolt: Does half normal bolt damage plus 1d6 Fire damage and sets target on fire for 1d6 rounds, doing an additional 1d6 Fire damage per round unless the victim uses a full round to douse the flames.
Stormfare Alchemical Acid crossbow bolt: Does half normal bolt damage plus 1d4 Acid damage and burns target for 1d6 rounds, doing an additional 1d4 Acid damage per round. In addition, victim must succeed on a DC14 Fort save or gain the Shaken condition.