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Keyra Palin

Captain Spalding's page

271 posts. Alias of Charles Scholz.


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Everyone is banned because it has been a week since anyone banned anyone.

You can wax philosophically while I take the win.

Banned because spalding is best in public.

Banned for not liking banners.

Definately better than lawyers.

Almost as bad as lawyers.

Banned because I am Naval Officer.

Banned because I got a brand new BanHammer and I am eager to use it.

Banned for calling a ship's captain a land lubbing cowgirl.

Banned because someone else already brought the race card into this thread.

In your dreams pirate scum.

Good, that gets rid of you.

Neither do I.

Wrong Again.

Dragon is banned for not recognizing a pirate hunter when it sees one.

The goblin pirate is banned for having a monkey on his back.

Banned for being a pirate.

Good thing you revealed that in invisible ink.

The next poster is a born again Hobbit.

You do know that is a euphemism, don't you?

Don't lump the rest of us with GoatToucher.

I agree, 9 minutes is too much.

Banned for scaring children.

Banned for lying.
Your frozen heart has no love in it.

Banned for being at the bottom of the page.
And the next poster better be more original than banning me for being at the top of the page.

Granted, but she is not allowed to bring work home and non-family members are banned from the premises.

I wish I hadn't eaten so much at lunch.

Granted, but your character is killed off in the first 15 minutes.

I wish my movie theater was showing the Hobbit Trilogy.

Make him walk Gruumash's plank.

You can stay in the background while I take the win up front.

So Long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersen. Goodbye.

That sums up your situation perfectly.

While goat toucher is busy quoting Darmok, I will take the win and treat it with the respect it deserves.

Your Questions:

1. What is Sylvester Cat's favorite meal?
2. What will happen when I make Gruumash walk the plank?
3. What type of song is so dumb it is still popular?

Your Answers:

1. Hot Cross Bunnies.
2. The man down the lane.
3. The Last cemetary you will ever see.

You can have his underpants, I will take the win.

I prefer the Alcatraz Ascot. Looks great around pirate necks.

The next poster is a bush-leaguer.

Granted. Enough windmills and solar panels are built to cover everyone's needs. Ufortuneately, every square inch of the planet is now covered and there is no room left for people, forests, or animals and they are forced to live underground. They must drain the lakes of oil and pump it into the oceans so they have enough inhabitable space.

I wish I could be a Pathfinder author.

Shoots Poog in the A$$ and takes the win while he is writhing in pain.

Snatched from the jaws of defeat.

I disrespectfully disagree.

As IF!

I will let the rest of you ramble while I take the win.

Yes I did, but getting the shoes off him while he was conscience was the real challenge.

The next poster has had a lifelong dream of riding an armadillo.

The win!

Then leave.

What kind is that?

You are not here.

By staying away from the thread. Which is very good advice. Everyone should follow it where this thread is concerned.

The Fiend is banned for using the tea ceremony for ulterior motives.

QCNerd doesn't like to smoke.

Granted. Wait, someone already wished for that. A wish can only be granted once. You forfeit your wish.

I wish for a mass driver I can use on people I do not like.
Gruumash. comes to mind very quickly.

I arrest you in the name of the queen.
*Confiscates everything, including the win.*

Dr. Sigmund is banned for changing his post, post-ninja.

Gruumashi. is banned for rufusing to surrender to his inevitable capture and hanging.

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