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Keyra Palin

Captain Spalding's page

228 posts. Alias of Charles Scholz.


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You are not here.

By staying away from the thread. Which is very good advice. Everyone should follow it where this thread is concerned.

The Fiend is banned for using the tea ceremony for ulterior motives.

QCNerd doesn't like to smoke.

Granted. Wait, someone already wished for that. A wish can only be granted once. You forfeit your wish.

I wish for a mass driver I can use on people I do not like.
Gruumash. comes to mind very quickly.

I arrest you in the name of the queen.
*Confiscates everything, including the win.*

Dr. Sigmund is banned for changing his post, post-ninja.

Gruumashi. is banned for rufusing to surrender to his inevitable capture and hanging.

Dr. Sigmund is banned for being ninja'd by The Fiend Fantastic.

The Fiend is banned so he will not feel left out.

Best way to get intel on the pirates.

The next poster was found in the hot tub with something.

*Shoots the trophy out of the Ninja's hand.*

Mine WIN now.

Should have been a higher number, but those male chauvinistic sons of... excuse me, I get carried away sometimes.

The next poster has a reason for cause.

Not quite as Spanky and his bacon, but I could eat pork chops almost every day.

The next poster feels the same about fowl products.

Banned for being superstitious.

The Fiend is banned for trying to laugh like a pirate and failing miserably.

The Fiend is banned because MtG should always be banned.

Banned for stealing I'm Hiding In Your Closet's schtick.

Sorry, you have had it long enough.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Slomron is banned for dissing a great song.

MagusJanus is banned for being two faced.

the counter is banned for bringing up an old argument.

The Fiend is banned for planting kudzu in the palace lawn.

To speak proper english, he would have to be a proper englishman. I don't think he qualifies.

Banned for immitating Lt Col Henry Blake

Banned for ninjaing me.

Angry Little Guy is banned for not going to his Happy Place.

The office is banned for trying to turn a simple pleasure into a tedious hassle.

Crowned during last year's beauty pagent.

The next post has a way to get rid of spammers.

Under Arrest

Banned for blackmailing people to commit murder.

The Chocobo is banned for calling me a pirate. I am a hunter of pirates.

The cricket is banned for stealing my necklace before I got even it.

Banned for what he wears under his armor.

Arrests the cricket as it is leaving the doctor's office. Throws it in tiny Japanese Cricket Box jail cell. Keeps the win as evidence.

You rang?

The Fiend stole Spanky's gold coins and replaced them with plastic ones.

Randarak is the younger less known brother of Flash Gordon.

The Fiend is banned for breaking the chain.

BTW, here is the sister of my Ship. I don't want a picture of my ship used in some spell against me.

The Ulfen Death Squard is banned because it was always burning.

You can't take it from the Fiend as I already did.

You have something that is not yours. I will take it off your hands.

The Fiend is banned for being a jobless bum.

The pale one is banned for not getting out in the sun more often.

IHIYC hides because he is a clown that is scared of people.

Your wish is granted, but Canada didn't want him either and refused to let him cross the border.

I wish Spring was here already.

Okay. I Win!

The Fiend is banned for being an anarchist.

Banned from elsewhere.

IHIYC is a know-it-all.

The Fiend is banned for not banning.

I'm is banned for revealing state secrets.

Quiche is banned for giving it to him. Now he won't lay down and go to sleep.

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