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Scarab Sages

The Fiend Fantastic is banned for an iteration of litter alliteration.

IHIYC is banned for getting to close to pig latin with his alliteration.

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KenderKin is banned for trying to create a new pseudo-language called Penguin French.

Uncle Teddy be banned for saving dogs from goblin bonfire.

KenderKin wrote:
UT is banned for not realizing it is Gilf, not GMILF...

KenderKin is obviously unaware of the GDILF subgenre.

Poog is banned for that wonky eye.

Banned because it its Friday.

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Banned because now I'm gonna need a bigger boat.

Scarab Sages

Triphoppenskip is banned for not getting that massive underbite fixed.

Banned for having a little blue alien baby with a blond faux-hawk next to your name.

Molten Dragon is banned for setting the local gas station ablaze.

TFF is banned for creating red smurfs

Banned for hiding for almost a month.

Banned due to lack of pupils.

Banned for the Turbo Tunnel. Seriously, who includes a CR 23 trap within the first few levels of a game.

Banned for posting anonymously.

Banned for being a cowgirl in a cowman's world.

Banned for banning with your mouth full.

Grand Lodge

BANNED! Reason: tailfeathers gave me an aneurysm

Everyone behind me is banned for making this thread too long. Especially CLONES!

Vidmaster7 is banned for banning everyone else.

Scarab Sages

Uncle Teddy's Bear, Fred is banned because some of his stuffing is coming out.

IHIYC is banned for cutting open the bear, for said stuffings.

Grand Lodge

The Fiend Fantastic is B-B-B-B-BANNED for abuse of the 'summon Cthulhu' button.

JYAC is banned for being afraid to say the word banned.

The "good" doctor is banned for making fun of the clone's stutter.

Scarab Sages

Grandpa Wonderbra is banned for having a rip in the fabric of spacetime on his chin instead of a proper mouth.

IHIYC is banned for revealing my secret.

Grand Lodge

Grandpa Wonderbra is B-A-N-N-E-D for trying to defend me!

The clone is banned for banning those who defend them - ungrateful clone.

FReddy, pet of Teddy, is banned for damaging the car's tires.

How'd you guess it was me?

* looks at massive claws at the end of my paws *

Oh yeah.

For that I ban you for catching me.

Fred is banned for doing what he normally does in the woods in my sitting room.

Grand Lodge

GoatToucher is banned for... is that your laboratory door? Ha, ha, ha, n-never mind.

Chicken! Just your average clone is banned for being too afraid to ban GoatToucher.

And since he failed to do so...

GoatToucher is banned for thinking he can tell me where I can and where I can't do my "business".

Grand Lodge

Just your average clone is banned for not aspiring to better himse...

Uncle Teddy's Bear is banned for beating me to the punch!?!

MassivePauldons is banned for... well, you know.

Scarab Sages

Cluny the Scourge is banned for huffing the morning napalm.

IHIYC is banned for providing said napalm.

TFF is banned for smelling like shame. Terrible, terrible shame.

Banned for squints.

189birds is banned for shooting electricity out of his eyes. What a waste of energy!

Grand Lodge

U.T.B.F. is banned because he does not appreciate bird-lightning, the most awesome substance on earth - nine out of ten doctors agree!

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The clone is banned for failing to recognize that shark-fire is far superior to bird lightning (it's fire that burns underwater - how awesome is that) - eleven out of ten mad scientists agree. Yes, it's so awesome that even future mad scientists agree.

Banned, because we don't accept average around here: excellence is the order of the day.

Banned because I'm old

Banned because he's old.

Banned because it's been more than 24 hours without a ban.

Banned for getting the band back together.

Banned, cause we can't have a back and forth battle of the bald spots.

Banned for being too afraid to show your face or even give your real name.

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