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By the way, BjørnEarakson is Communist #54 on my list.

Also, as a dragon, I lack opposable thumbs so I cannot duel with pistols.

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You must not use pistols. Use the best duelling weapons of all time. Blunderbusses and balloons.

Are those lead balloons?

Didnt you have 99 lead balloons or am I thinking of something different?

I have 99 luftballons.

Sovereign Court

Don't ask me for balloons of ANY sort! Seriously, what I do with them is just too gruesome to talk about (mind you, I will say that it's something that makes GoatToucher vomit in disgust).


I refuse to click hyperlinks on principle.

How about non-hyper links?

Well, heck, why not?

Why not, indeed.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

Because I win.

Poog say Gruelmash don't win.

I assure you, I only vomit intentionally, and then only in delight or in a more... sensual setting.

Sovereign Court

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Oh yeah, I forgot!

*Gets handed a letter.*

What's this?

*Reads letter.*

I've been invited to the annual celebration of love and beauty festival? The nerve of that sister, Shelyn, of mine! Even if I wanted to go, my schedule wouldn't allow it!

*Consults said schedule.*

Let's see: 4:00 - wallow in self pity, 4:30 - stare into the abyss, 5:00 - solve world hunger (tell no one), 5:30 - jazzecise, 6:30 - dinner with me (I can't cancel again!), 7:00 - wrestle with self loathing... I'm booked! Maybe I can bump the loathing to nine, I could still have time to lay in bed, stare at the ceiling and drift slowly into madness... But what would I wear!?

*Checks wardrobe.*

Stupid, ugly, out of date! This is ridiculous! If I can't find anything nice to wear, I'm not going!

*Hears a priest of Ioemdae trying to convert some people.*


*Uses a comedy cane to get the priest*

Let's try these on for size!

*Puts on the garments (after giving the priest to GoatToucher), poses in front of the mirror, liking what I see.*

That's it, I'm not going!

Excellent, the Avatar has refused to go to the festival! Now for step 2 of my 434-step plan to do... something.

Did... did I forget to include an endgame for my magnificent scheme? Surely not...

No, it is right there. Phase 434: Profit!

Oh right. Thanks for the reminder.

Wait... what's this scrawled in the margin? Profit... for Sissyl? How did that get there?

Sovereign Court

I don't know, Ventnor, it's your handwriting!

*Twilight Zone Theme starts to play*

Scarab Sages

Alright, you played my theme song and summoned me, whaddya want?

A bag of fries with spicey sause and a coke.

Scarab Sages

We're out of fries, I'm afraid the spicy sauce is a bit runny, and I can't get you any coke as long as Keith Richards' Closet is so damned stuffed that even I can't move around in it.

You have a theme song? I tried to get one, but lost the intellectual property court case.

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I'll say this about IHIYC: his lawyers know their intellectual property laws.

Sovereign Court

Exactly! There's a reason why IHIYC drives a foreign sports car and has over two billion in cash from that legal battle against the ringmaster from Disney's Dumbo.

Scarab Sages

I do? Hot s+&%!!! I wish I knew where I put it all...*starts rummaging through various people's Closets*

I think I remember you saying that you were going to invest it all in MySpace shares. You said it was a "sure thing." You were also drunk, if I'm remembering correctly.

Scarab Sages

I don't do drugs.

I am drugs.

That would explain why I get a contact high every time we high-five.


Silver Crusade



Liberty's Edge



Matt Damon.

Polysyllabic word!

Ventnor wrote:
Polysyllabic word!

Matt Damon?

That's the title of my Hip Hop album.

I do NOT want to see the music video.

I have! It's both less horrifying and more horrifying at the same time!


It puts the narcotic effect in "Dope."

Sovereign Court

Since when do narcotics have anything to do with torture?

Ask the CIA.

Or us androids. Seeking to understand humanoid anatomy takes some experimentation too.

It's all about getting them to the "workroom". They wake up after a good rest refreshed and ready for... Fun.

GT remember the court issued restraining order plus the Judge gave me the right to shoot you if I ever see you after what happened in your "workroom".

Gunshot wounds... :sigh: That takes me back...

Sovereign Court

I bet it does! You always believed that pain and success were one and the same thing!

Pain is but a fleeting sensation of the mind. Madness is forever.

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