The Paladin fell because...

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The paladin fell for using a water elemental as his bath water, and then getting cake crumbs all over it.

The paladin failed to post a new topic in their reply.

The Paladin fell for posting in this thread in the first place instead of going out and smiling evil like she should.

The Paladin accidentally dropped his holy symbol into a sewer grate.

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The Paladin fell for unleashing the Teenage Mutant Holy Warrior Turtles on the world.

The Paladin stood vigil over a child's bed for a night to assure him that the monster underneath would never dare come out to eat him.

He forgot about who was hiding in the Child's closet before he left.

The paladin fell for trading his place in the deli line to avoid his ex.

His god of fidelity was upset he had an ex.

The Paladin tried to force a troll to explain why he thought the Paladin's God was Gay.

The Paladin fell because his god was -hella- gay, and disliked the Paladin's implied homophobia.

the paladin ate a light salad.

The Paladin fell for not even trying to redeem the dark salad.

The Paladin and the Warpriest kicked ass together in a most righteous manner.

The Paladin fell because that poor burrow, was not, in fact, a shape-shifted spawn of Rovagug.

The Paladin lamp-shaded a trope in the middle of a campaign.

The paladin fell for having to do with anything relating to shade or darkness.

The paladin deleted every post on this thread, in the name of the Thread-EliminaTOR!!!

The paladin fell because he is not employed by Paizo and as such hacked into their servers.

The paladin decided to go swimming in the atlantic ocean.

The paladin fell for repeatedly posting in this thread without caring what the proper etiquette or game is supposed to be...

The Paladin fell to the bottom of the ocean because wearing full plate isn't very conducive to actually swimming.

The Paladin decided to GM a "Memos & Managers" campaign for his friends.

The Paladin fell because he was promoted to his level of incompetence.

The Paladin decided on a nice game of Uno.

sloth....he was too lazy to care, and lawful stupidity as he did not get the game either....

The Paladin fell because his deity's preferred game is backgammon.

The Paladin smote KenderKin for not following the rules of this thread.

Little did the Paladin realize that KenderKin was sent by his deity to help chase down the big bad.

The paladin bought a house in Rivendell.

The paladin fell for not checking all jewelry in Rivendell for signs of evil prior to signing the deed

The paladin applied for a marriage license.

The paladin fell because her soon to be spouse was a dancer at the local bar.

The paladin builds model cars in her spare time.

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The paldin fell for encouraging the use of fire-based technology

The paladin lived in harmony with their surrondings

The Paladin lived in a kingdom run by Devils

The Paladin had a white card in Cards Against Humanity based on them.

The Paladin served Aroden and fell for having anything to do with opposing humanity.

The paladin gained an unlimited wish from the Harrow Deck of Many Things.

He used sleight of hand to peek at the cards before drawing, the cheater!

The paladin peacefully convinced the troll to leave by giving it food, instead of simply slaying it for being a monster.

Feeding your party members to a hungry troll isn't lawful good behavior at all.

The Paladin taught The Barbarian how to play chess.

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The Paladin fell for being the one ultimately responsible for undermining the Sacred Natural Order after the Barbarian used the Paladin's expert teaching to beat Pharasma at a game.

The Paladin took a truly heroic stand against cowardice and racism in a backward hamlet by defending an accused rapist in court, the only one willing to do so even though everyone knew, deep down, that the defendant was innocent, and yet chose to scapegoat him, thereby preserving the social order while simultaneously proving why that social order did not deserve to stand. The Paladin lost the case...but everyone knew that he alone was right.

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The paladin fell for killing a mockingbird.

The paladin got drunk before a royal meeting, and threw up all over the king.

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The Paladin's deity was strictly in favor of monarchical forms of rule, and the Paladin fell for implied support of elected republics.

The Paladin drove a carriage while wearing non-standard teamster's garb.

The Paladin fell for not chocking the wheels on the wagon before eating lunch and running over the Witch's familiar.

The Paladin enjoyed the weather.

The Paladin fell because it was a lightning storm and he was wearing fullplate.

The Paladin went for a walk.

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The walk was on the wild side, and thus chaotic.

The paladin roasted the bodies of the Orcs he killed and gave them to the rest of the party as trail rations.

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The Paladin didn't roast them long enough, and fell after his party mates all contracted salmonella.

The Paladin helped the Inquisitor root out a heretical cult.

He only fell because he failed to tell the party that it was orc trail rations......

The paladin struts into town and makes himself sheriff.

Ventnor wrote:

The Paladin didn't roast them long enough, and fell after his party mates all contracted salmonella.

The Paladin helped the Inquisitor root out a heretical cult.

By disrupting the ritual they released a spawn of Rovagug.

The paladin made peace between several chapter houses of the Pathfinder society.

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Deciding that his authority as sheriff gave him the authority to destroy said chapter houses with a massive fire and unite them all in hatred of the Paladin was one way of making peace among several factions of the Pathfinder Society, I suppose...

The Paladin and the Ranger had a bonding moment when they both realized that they worshiped the same deity.

This bonding was the idea for the film broke back mountain, the ranger and paladin were both married....

The paladin ate pasta.

He used a salad fork, the uncultured boor!

The paladin got third place in a poker tournament, and donated his winnings to a soup kitchen.

He cheated at poker and ended up in violation of his code, the soup kitchen was in violation of fire code so it burned down as well.

The paladin hired a stable boy

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However, the Paladin fell for paying the stable boy with Monopoly money.

The Paladin raised a thread from the dead.

The Paladin fell for attempting to cast a 5th level cleric spell while passing it off as something on his Paladin spell list.

The Paladin ended a Star Trek / Star Wars flame war.

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The Paladin fell because he brought up Galactica 1980.

The Paladin killed his arch enemy. bored and starting killing all the evil he detected.

The paladin level dipped witch for the evil eye hex

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The Paladin was a 3.0 Paladin, who automatically falls (or at least, can no longer take further Paladin levels) if they multiclass.

The Paladin founded a free-to-attend school for underprivileged children.

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After founding the school, the paladin only had enough gold to hire a single teacher, who happened to be the town Diabolist.

The Paladin came back to town with a large amount of gold pieces, refused to give any to the beggar by the gates of town, and headed straight for the brothel.

The paladin fell because he stiffed all the ladies at the brothel...

The paladin went to see the rain in Africa.....

Trying to live out song lyrics is frivolous. "I bless the rains down in Africa."

The Paladin tried to convince England to stay in the European Union.

In addition to failing to do that, The Paladin also failed in his mission to get the United States to remain in the EU.

The Paladin and The Bloodrager had a friendly spar to help each other improve.

The bloodrager got mad, the paladin mistook it for demonic possession and put him down.....

The paladin failed to plan for retirement...

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...and fell because paladins don't retire. Ever.

The paladin mounted the entire villages heads on pikes.

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Their heads were put on upside down, and that's just taking it too far.

The Paladin tried a bit of standup comedy.

The comedy was mostly based on lies and exaggerations, so he fell for claiming lucky 7 was his patron.....

The paladin decided to cook sushi

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The paladin cooked the fish.

The paladin danced on top of a submarine

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