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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lost Cities of Golarion (PFRPG)

It's a Bug Hunt

... Illustration by Daren Bader ... It's a Bug Hunt Wednesday, December 1, 2010When we ordered art for Lost Cities of Golarion, I criticized the wisdom of ordering a cover that was just Kyra fighting some bugs? ... Thanks to Daren Bader, I stand thoroughly corrected. ... Wes Schneider ... Managing Editor ...
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Tags: Clerics Daren Bader Iconics Kyra Monsters Vermin Wallpapers

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We Have Ways of Making You Report

... We Have Ways of Making You Report Thursday, October 28, 2010Early this month I posed a challenge to the community to report their Pathfinder Society events in exchange for an extra-early preview of art from the forthcoming World Guide: The Inner Sea. Well, I'm overjoyed to report that the targets we set were the definition of an underestimate of what you folks were capable of. Not only did the number of events taking place in October surpass our monthly average, the total number of...
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Tags: Barbarians Constructs Monsters Numeria Pathfinder Campaign Setting Pathfinder Society Tyler Walpole Vermin Wallpapers

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 2 (OGL)

Vanquished Beasts!

... Vanquished Beasts! Friday, October 1, 2010If you've been paying attention over the last few weeks, you've probably noticed a lot of talk about the whole office putting great effort into wrapping up the forthcoming Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 2. Well, as of the end of the day Wednesday, the beasts—over 300 of them— were successfully wrangled into line, made to look sharp, and shipped off to the printer. Look for Bestiary 2 in bookstores, hobby stores, and on
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Tags: Agathions Craig J Spearing Dragons Eric Belisle Eva Widermann Hector Ortiz Mercanes Monsters Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Vermin

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #37: Souls for Smuggler's Shiv (Serpent's Skull 1 of 6) (PFRPG)

Greetings from the Deep!

... Greetings from the Deep! Wednesday, July 7, 2010Hey, remember Pathfinder Adventure Path? What? Oh yeah, that thing. That thing we're always working on and we never blog about. We should write something up about that sometime. Yeah, we should. Okay! ... This time around on our totally weekly preview of what's coming up in Pathfinder Adventure Path, we're talking interior covers! As you've all seen, in our endless battle against boredom and stagnation we mix up what's on the interior covers...
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Tags: Chuck Lukacs Monsters Pathfinder Adventure Path Serpent's Skull Vermin

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: GameMastery Guide (OGL)

It's Alive! And It's in My Head!!

... It's Alive! And It's in My Head!! Monday, April 12, 2010Words aren't supposed to float like this, bobbing in this slow, mildly nauseating way before my watering eyes. This sucks. And if you were at Norwescon this past weekend, I blame you. Con crud: it happens every time we go to a convention—and this time I didn't even go! ... My office quarantine makes me but one gross cog in a large, messily predictable, sick-machine. Every 3 minutes Jason, through the wall to my left, coughs...
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Tags: Animals Conventions Game Mastering Jeff Carlisle Monsters Norwescon Paizo Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Vermin

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary (OGL)


... Leeches! Wednesday, March 10, 2010One of my favorite parts of being an editor at Paizo is getting to read about the new monsters in each bestiary before they come out. My favorites are the ones whose descriptions make me shiver with a delicious sense of horror and disgust. If the players facing these foul beasts make the same expression that I do reading about them, GMs will be richly rewarded for including them! ... Last week, James Sutter was casually describing some of the nasties in...
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Tags: Andrew Hou Monsters Mwangi Expanse Pathfinder Campaign Setting Vermin

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Random Encounters in the Fellnight Mist—Mist Random Encounters

... Random Encounters in the Fellnight Mist Monday, March 8, 2010Here's some more bonus material for the Pathfinder Module Realm of the Fellnight Queen. The RPG Superstar 2009 adventure by Neil Spicer originally included some additional random encounters at the beginning of Part 2: Lost in the Mist, but they were cut for space reasons. Adding these encounters helps to reinforce the eerie atmosphere of the mist. Mist Random Encounters Roll on the following chart to generate a random encounter...
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Tags: Animals Elves Fey Monsters Pathfinder Modules RPG Superstar Unicorns Vermin Web Enhancement Will-o'-wisps

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #31: Stolen Land (Kingmaker 1 of 6) (PFRPG)

Oh yeah! Adventure Paths!

... Oh yeah! Adventure Paths! Friday, February 12, 2010Huh. It's been a while since I've talked about an Adventure Path in the blog, I just realized. Looking back, seems the last time we talked about an Adventure Path at all was on January 6th, in fact. AIEEE! ... Now... sometime soon I wanna share with you some excerpts from Merisiel's journal that have come into my possession... excerpts that catalog her joys and frustrations over the foundation of her new nation in the northeastern River...
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Tags: Carbuncles Elves Eric Belisle Fey Iconics Kingmaker Kobolds Kyushik Shin Merisiel Monsters Pathfinder Adventure Path River Kingdoms Rogues Scott Purdy Vermin

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Second Day Non Sequitur

... Second Day Non Sequitur Monday, September 21, 2009Jason Bulmahn here with another update from the FUTURE! By the time you read this, Gen Con OZ will nearly be over, but it's not too late to learn the lessons of TOMORROW! That lesson is: the people of Australia love the Pathfinder RPG. ... But that's not all, in this distant future time, the people are very excited to learn more about the Advanced Player's Guide and all 6 of its wonderful new base classes. One day (probably as soon as this...
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Tags: Australia Conventions Gen Con Vermin
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