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Get Ready to be Goblified

Get Ready to be Goblified Tuesday, August 30, 2016 Last year, while planning the class deck schedule, a most Gobtastic plan was concocted. In addition to supporting Organized Play using Ranzak, Ekkie, and our newest promo goblin Tup, we could create playable versions of all the main goblins from the We Be Goblins! RPG modules. To celebrate, we could also do a short Season of the Goblins (then called We Be Card Goblins!) based on the first couple of adventures. Little did we realize that two...
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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: GameMastery Guide (OGL)

It's Alive! And It's in My Head!!

... It's Alive! And It's in My Head!! Monday, April 12, 2010Words aren't supposed to float like this, bobbing in this slow, mildly nauseating way before my watering eyes. This sucks. And if you were at Norwescon this past weekend, I blame you. Con crud: it happens every time we go to a convention—and this time I didn't even go! ... My office quarantine makes me but one gross cog in a large, messily predictable, sick-machine. Every 3 minutes Jason, through the wall to my left, coughs...
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Mark of Sin

Mark of Sin Friday, May 11, 2007As you can see, I've just received the final go-ahead to reveal to everyone the rune designs that artist Jeff Carlisle has created to go along with our new system of sin magic, which we'll be introducing as a primary theme in the first Pathfinder campaign. Needless to say, they look fabulous and we're all pretty excited about them. Jeff and Senior Art Director Sean Glenn spent a lot of time working together to create this unique look, with Jeff pulling...
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