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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: GameMastery Guide (OGL)

It's Alive! And It's in My Head!!

... It's Alive! And It's in My Head!! Monday, April 12, 2010Words aren't supposed to float like this, bobbing in this slow, mildly nauseating way before my watering eyes. This sucks. And if you were at Norwescon this past weekend, I blame you. Con crud: it happens every time we go to a convention—and this time I didn't even go! ... My office quarantine makes me but one gross cog in a large, messily predictable, sick-machine. Every 3 minutes Jason, through the wall to my left, coughs...
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Norwescon 33 Quick Recap...

... Norwescon 33 Quick Recap... Tuesday, April 6, 2010This past weekend was Norwescon 33, a fantasy/SF convention near Seattle, Washington. In recent years it's started to pick up some RPG momentum (thanks to the tireless efforts of Tim Nightengale, founder of PaizoCon), and we had several Paizo staffers attend to talk about fiction and gaming (including a most awesome two-hour workshop about learning how to paint miniatures). In addition to the many people dressed in steampunk, fantasy, BSG,...
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