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Game Master Dreaming Warforged

Bold and just adventurers exploring and settling the Stolen Lands.
Now at the beginning of vol. 4 - Blood for Blood

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Storyteller of the Greenbelt

Please note that I'm away for the weekend and will likely be unable to post much or at all.

Male Humanly Awesome 'n Totally Rockin' Paladin of Greatness

Man, I sure hope we haven't lost Set. Hopefully it's nothing more than burnout and he just needs a bit of a break.

Storyteller of the Greenbelt

Set's last post in my games dates from two weeks ago. I sure hope he's ok.

As the party counts only four members, his absence is felt all the more.

I think I should recruit a fifth character with a focus on the arcane. That way, if Set comes back, he still has his role, mostly, and if he doesn't, we can move on.

Are you guys ok with that?

I would certainly be good with that. At one point I was considering retiring Kalsgrim in favor of another arcane character because I thought that was a conspicuous gap in our abilities.

Male Elf Cleric 10: AC 24, Hit Points 57/57, Perception +17, Initiative +3

I would be comfortable with that. I hope Set returns though.

Male Humanly Awesome 'n Totally Rockin' Paladin of Greatness

Oh man this stinks. I'm with you, Geraint, I sure hope he comes back as well. That's gonna create a huge hole in this game if he doesn't return. I just love what he brings to the game. That dude lives all over these boards and has been on 'em FOR-EV-OR; so this'll be an absolute shocker to me if he doesn't come back.

You might as well go ahead, DW. With the way these combats have been going for us, just the three of us for sure ain't gonna get it done. We're getting our butts handed to us with 4 consistently, no way we can keep on rollin' with 3 and expect to survive.

Storyteller of the Greenbelt

Recruitment post is up.

I'll wait before moving the game, as the new player might be easier to integrate now than later.

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