Interest check: PF 1e Eberron campaign


I'm thinking of running an Eberron campaign, beginning with The Forgotten Forge. I would use PF 1e rules, and the conversions found here.

What I'm thinking of doing:

I'm not looking for applications yet, but I know I find it easier to come up with concepts if I know what rules are in use, so here you go:

I would tentatively allow 3pp, subject to review. Monster building as well, assuming an appropriate background for it, also subject to review, and restricted to a maximum of 14 RP.

Point buy would be 15 to begin with, increased to 20 if you describe two positive qualities and two negative qualities of your character's personality, and incorporate your Feats/Traits - why do you have them? Increased to 25 if you tell me something your character is very good at, but also a flaw that makes doing that very difficult.

I wouldn't use all the races available at the linked conversion site, just the standard Eberron core: all the core races + goblins (including hobgoblins and bugbears, I have already built those races for use), changelings, Kalashtar, shifters, and warforged.

We would use Hero Points and background skills (but without Artistry and Lore), and two traits, no drawbacks. I would accept any non-evil alignment (though as a warning, I use some definitions of the alignments that draw a clear line between "chaotic" and "evil"). I expect to play with heroes, not thugs.

We would probably start with average gold to buy equipment with, assuming most of the players chose a 20 or 25 point buy.

The game would begin in Sharn, and I would expect the party to already have links to each other in their backgrounds, and a reason to be together as the game began. I'm thinking of running it as a pbem rather than a pbp, just because I like the format better, and also I've never run a game on the boards before (though I've run plenty of pbems). I would put up a campaign site with things like house rules, setting details, a cast page with pictures of the party members, and a collected archive of posts so that you could read them like a book, instead of trawling through hundreds of posts to follow the game.

Would anyone be interested in such a game? If so, what would your character concept (not crunch) be?

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It's an interesting idea but I won't do pbem.

Would you be selecting people first and then having them build out their characters, or vice versa? If everyone is expected to build up their characters to completion (including all the stuff you spelled out to get additional point buy, etc.) That is a lot of work with no guarantee.

But as I said, it would be interesting. I like the idea of playing a warforged of some kind.

Also, it is not clear if you are including the Dreamscarred Press psionics. Are there any Paizo classes that will not be allowed?

I would just ask for a character concept, maybe a background, mostly to see if our writing styles gelled. I wouldn't expect anyone to draw up a whole character for a game they might not be in.

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Okay, thanks. I edited my last post with a few more questions.

If you reconsider pbem vs. pbp I would love to submit a character concept.

I'm a bit wary about doing a pbp, as I find the formatting to be a huge PITA (and due to my work I can only post evenings and weekends anyway), but... I'll think about it.

Dreamscarred psionics are fine. I'll consider 3pp that is publicly available (such as on d20pfsrd), or already in my library (ask if you're interested in something, naming the source).

I won't allow classes that clash with any of my previously stated rules (like the antipaladin - no evil alignments), and summoners would have to be unchained, but other than that I'm open to most concepts, if you can flavor them as something Eberron-ish.

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The formatting is not that bad. Most people create templates for most of their common types of posts so it's just copy+paste and edit. Having dice rolls inline ends up being really nice.

The forum also supports RSS feeds for each thread, so you can get push notifications similar to email if you have the right app. The app I use on Android even lets me jump to the thread and make a post from inside the rss app!

As I said, think it over. If you decide to do Pbp I will submit a concept.

What is pbem?

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pbem = play by email
pbp = play by post (what most people do on these forums)

Dotting this in case it goes over to being PBP instead of PBEM. I have so many fun ideas.

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I would be interested in pbp but not pbem, either a house P agent with a dragon mark, or a warforged caster of some variety.

Yeah, I'm not interested in PBEM. PBP, on the other hand, is basically 90% of why I have an account here.

In case of a PBP game, I'm also interested in a warforged. They're a fun concept that Pathfinder doesn't really explore. Looks like we might jut have a whole warband of robots. lol

I would love to play a kalaIashat psionic character but not by email.

Grand Lodge

Another one here for a Pbp, but I would try Pbem (maybe).

Otherwise I am interested, Eberron is one of my favorite settings and I'm always looking for a game.

Basic Idea:
1) Hobgoblin Wounded Mercenary (Fighter/Artificer/Renegade Mastermaker) He got a graft to replace and just could stop afterwards.

2)Human (Fighter or Rogue/Blade of Orien)

I'm up for whichever format, because I would love to get back into an Eberron game.

For concept, I'm thinking a human Cannith artificer who loves airships and dreams of learning the secret of binding elementals so she can build one herself. Could really benefit from being friends with a sneaky Phiarlan agent, or maybe she kind of builds toward espionage organically as she decides to try to steal secrets instead of discovering them.

caps wrote:
The forum also supports RSS feeds for each thread, so you can get push notifications similar to email if you have the right app. The app I use on Android even lets me jump to the thread and make a post from inside the rss app!

What app do you use? I used to get access through an app but one of these redesigns broke it and ever since I've had to use the web interface or else miss posts.

Silver Crusade

I'd be interested in a wizard type(a very clean, snd concise dward) but only if it is PbP.

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I use an RSS app called Aggregator for Android. I used to use Wayfinder and it broke. Aggregator is better. And worse. It has different pros and cons but it is a really great way to read posts from all my games in chronological order, so I can keep tabs on which games have been waiting on me longest. It is nice to be able to drop in to the website with a single click and write up a post as well.

Yeah, Wayfinder used to be the way to do it. I'll check out Aggregator. Thanks!

I am interested in the PBP.

I haven’t played Eberron since my 3.5 days, oh the memories... ANYWAY....

Looking at the Eberron stuff above, I would be interested in playing some sort of Soulknife. Empty Vessels are not on the allowed list, but that would have been a fun first choice. Since we are all going to be knowing each other beforehand I would pick a race that tied in easily. Unless an Empty Vessel would be allowed... ;-)

Kamaloo is a great GM. I too would prefer PBP. :D

And hmm, having enjoyed The Queen of Stone, a character with an intelligent weapon is fun. Considering a Phantom Blade--good for dealing damage against Karrnathi types. From the rainy highlands of Q'Barra, a new land human settler. Very wary around dragonborn and scalyfolk!

-pokes thread-

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I'm still interested but need to know about pbp vs. pbem.

I'm trying out Aggregator. Is there no way to just click the RSS feed button and gain the feed? I'm stuck having to type the entire address for each feed.

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There's at least two ways I do it:
* From a mobile browser "Request Desktop Site" and then you'll see some orange RSS buttons in the upper right corner of the campaign page or thread. Long press on one to bring up the menu and then "copy link" (or whatever similar wording your browser uses)
* From a computer, right-click on the orange RSS button in the upper right corner and copy the link, then send it to your device (there are countless ways to do that)

For a campaign with at least two threads, the urls will be the same except you swap out "gameplay", "recruiting", and "discussion."

When there is only a recruiting thread the URL is a little weirder. In that case, as far as I can tell the recruiting thread url changes to match the other threads once they're added to the campaign.

Once you're viewing a post in Aggregator you can tap the thread name at the top of the screen to pull the post up. I have Aggregator set up to use Firefox (my default browser) which is where I'm logged in to Paizo, so I can actually view the page and post from that window (I'm doing that now).

You can long press on a feed in the list to change the name and put it in a category. I group my feeds by campaign and I strip out a bunch of the boilerplate that Paizo puts in the name.

I'm still new to PBP but enjoying the games I'm in so far. I remember Eberron but didn't play in the setting. Still keen to read up on it. I seem to remember its quite noir-esque?

It conjures up an investigator. In fact, if we go PBP I'd like to submit some sort of Half-Elf Investigator (Spiritualist archetype) who uses a gun. Or, if guns aren't allowed a hand-crossbow.

I would Love something Like this Possibly playing a Warpriest for the Silver flame or Undieing court... OH A WARFORGED WARPRIEST FOR THE LORD OF BLADES!man, So much potential...

Dot for intrest of this goes to PBP

I have recently joined a game so I will have to back out of my interest.

Good luck all!

Thanks for the help, caps. I'm still finding the format a bit unwieldy, though, especially on my phone. At this point, I have 3-4 players interested in the pbem format, which I'm comfortable with (and two of those players actively hate pbp on Paizo's boards), so I don't think I'll do pbp this time.

karlprosek, you're in, of course. Kayne Rhal, I've sent you a PM if you're still interested.

I'll leave this thread open in case anyone else is open to the idea of pbem - I'm always looking for players interested in writing- and RP-heavy games.

Damn, was really looking forward to the possibility of playing with you again. Alas. Enjoy the game!

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