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Oh definitely. It went over very well. I let them all know before they chose to fight that they felt Pharasma pull her boon back temporarily for the fight (she wasn't getting involved with that) and that if they died their character was gone forever. )I removed the part in the adventure about players being able to come back after the sacrifice). The players went in with full knowledge of the consequences, and if they hadn't defeated him in that round, the bloodrager, and probably the bard would have had to switch to their sidhedron hero characters.

I the part about his death Leaving a scar on the ground in the same manner as Alaznists wounds really gave them pause and made them wonder if they made the right choice

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CorvusMask wrote:
O_o Well uh, i guess they were pretty optimized?

You could say that.

Only the Barbarian and the Bard could actually hit it on anything other than a 20, but with all the buffs up (Bloodrage, Furious weapon, Bard song, +3 Chaotic Outsider Bane to weapon from the party occultist) I think he was hitting on a 9+. Both the Bloodrager and occultist were immune to Temporal stasis (his melee rider). I put about 150 points of damage into the occultist (whose MR are in Defender, so wasn't a guarenteed hit) and dropped the bloodrager to around 30 HP left before they dropped Tawil. In two rounds.

The only one to fall victim to the Microcosm Aura was the wizard.

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The answer to the question: Can 5 Level 18/MR3 characters defeat a CR30 Great old one... is yes. Yes they can.

That is all.

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Voss wrote:

None. But Golarion has pretty consistently come across as human centric and actively racist. Halflings are mostly slaves or indentured servants, elves and gnomes get the stink eye, dwarves barely exist, and even several human ethnicities are actively discriminated against.

Outside those bounds, except in a few cities with poor reputation (like Magnimar) anything else seems fair game for outright killing, with few to no questions asked.

I don't get that from the text at all. Most major cities have large non human populations, even if the majority are human. The "other" population in most city stat blocks is at least 1-2 percent. Think about the number of blondes you know. That's how many of those strange and non-core races you see in most cities.

I would hardly call that "fair game for outright killing"

As to the racism, that is also largely geographically based. Sure halflings get the short end in Chelliax dominated regions, but I've never heard of something similar with elves or dwarves beyond extreme regional variations.

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pauljathome wrote:

I rather doubt I'm the only GM who doesn't like them (I admit that I also don't like them as a player)

I also hate secret rolls as a GM, although as a player I don't mind them as much.

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James Jacobs wrote:
and I'm VERY proud of it and of the hard work the six authors poured into bringing the story to life.

And you should be! Return of the Runelords was far and away my favorite AP to date.

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Phntm888 wrote:
I was accepted into another Age of Ashes campaign, so I will withdraw my submission from this one to give someone else a chance to play.

Same here.

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Presenting, Shifty
NG Male Goblin Druid
Ancestry: Goblin (Charhide)
Background: Returning Descendant
Class: Druid (Wild Order)

Brief History:

Although Shifty grew up among the vicious goblin tribes of the Varisian coast he never really fit in. You see he was an outsider among the goblins. His father had come to the tribe from far away Isger, and only lived there few weeks before he left, disgusted by their evil ways. Little did he know, that in his brief time there he sired a child.

Now, 5 years later Shifty, was similarly disgusted with the ways of his tribe. Hearing stories about how his father had left the tribe, Shifty fled east into the wilderness seeking out the town of Breachill. One week later he realized he had no idea how to survive in the wilderness, and was on the verge of death. Fortunately a good hearted druid found him, nursed him back to health, and taught him the basics of druidcraft. Now finally able to achieve his goals, Shifty has returned to Breachill, the city of his lost father.

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NotBothered wrote:

The oddest thing about this AP is I find myself not at all gripped by the spoilers for the three books advertised so far.

On the flip side, my players have insisted that I not run Age of Ashes, so that they can jump into the AP where they get to run a circus as soon as it is released.

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Natan Linggod 327 wrote:

"fun and engaging" are generally not the words I get to hear when I tell my players they can't do something (for no justifiable reason) that they clearly saw an npc doing. :P

But that is the core of a class based system. If you have a party consisting of a Fighter, Rogue, Wizard and Cleric, and you have an NPC that casts a 9th level primal spell, that is literally something your PCs can NEVER do. Once they picked their classes at 1st level, they were locked out of that option forever.

Similarly, an NPC wizard can just go become a lich. A story process completely undefined by the rules. Your PCs can never do that.

Or they can craft an elaborate dungeon full of all the traps and hazards found in the players hand book. Your PCs can never do that.

Sure, you might say "But as the GM I can adjudicate those situations and provide an avenue for my PCs to do it."

Yeah, you could do that with fiend summoning as well, but neither that, nor any of the options I presented above, many of which are standard fantasy adventure tropes, can be done by PCs according to the rules.

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I present Omari Oparal, Champion of Nethys Starting off as a champion of Nethys with the intent to pick up Wizard Multiclass at 2nd (and probably 4th) level.

Character Background:

Omari Oparal was born in the crucible of dragon’s fire. On the day of his birth, a black dragon rose from the depths of Lake Encarthen and ravaged the village of Erages on the western border of Kyonin. Left an orphan, and scarred by acid Omari was given over to the church of Nethys. Seeing the child’s half scarred body as a sign from their deity the temple readily took him in and begin instructing him in the ways of the All Seeing Eye.

Omari was a quick study and took to his lessons with aplomb. However much to the priest’s confusion he was also a very physical and active child. The good natured child grew enamored and with the knowledge of combat and warfare. Growing to love the physicality of a brawl as well as the mental challenge of a surprise quiz. Eventually they came to understand this strange child as just another facet of Nethys’s duality.

Growing into adulthood the clerics were unsurprised to find that Omari’s faith blossomed, they were however surprised by their nature. On his 18th birthday Omari was anointed a holy warrior in Nethys’s service. Since then he has set out in the world to discover what he can about dragons, and perhaps learn more about the circumstances of his birth. On his last two silvers he finds himself in the town of Breechill attending the Call for Heroes, hoping to earn a few silvers, find a few bits of draconic lore, and save a few people.


Class: Champion (Nethys, Redeemer)
Ancestry: Human (Half-Elf)
Background: Dragon Scholar
Alignment: Neutral Good

HP: 19
Speed: 25 (20 with armor)
Perception (T): +3

*Str – 18 (+4)
Dex – 10 (+0)
Con – 12 (+1)
Int – 16 (+3)
Wis – 10 (+0)
Cha – 12 (+1)

Fort (E): +6 = 1 (Level) + 4 (Prof) + 1 (Con)
Ref (T): +3 = 1 (Level) + 2 (Prof) + 0 (Dex)
Will (E): +5 = 1 (Level) + 4 (Prof) + 0 (Wis)

AC: 18 = 10 + 1 (Level) + 5 (Armor) +2 (Trained)
Staff: +7 = +1 (Level) + 2 (Trained) +4 (Str)
Staff Damage (1H): 1d6 +4 (Str)
Staff Damage (1H): 1d10 +4 (Str)

Ancestry Abilities
Free, Free
Common, Elf
Low Light Vision

Simple Weapons (T)
Martial Weapons (T)
Unarmed (T)
All Armor (T)

1 Class Feature – Paladin Code
1 Class Feature – Lay On Hands
1 Class Feature – Glimpse of Redemption
1 Class Feature – Deific Weapon (Staff does more damage)

1 Ancestry – Otherworldly Magic (Shield)
1 Background – Intimidating Glare
1 Class - Shield Block
1 Class – Deity’s Domain (Destruction)

Arcana (T): +6
Athletics (T):+7
Crafting (T): +6
Diplomacy (T): +4
Intimidation (T): +4
Medicine (T): +3
Occultism (T): +6
Religion (T): +3
Dragon Lore (T): +6


Lay on Hands (Focus)
Cry of Destruction (Focus)
Shield (Cantrip)

Gear (Bulk: 6.2/9)
Splint Mail (13g, 3b)
Staff (0g, 1b)
Adventurer’s Pack (0.7g, 2b)
Writing Set (1g, Lb)
Holy Symbol (0.1g, Lb)
Remaining Coin: 2 silver


These are the Tenets that Omari follows, in order of priority.

*Pursue Mundane Paths over Magical Ones or willingly commit evil acts
*Never knowingly harm an innocent
*You must first try to redeem those who commit evil acts rather than killing them or meting out punishment,
*You must show compassion for others, regardless of their authority or station.

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Dotting. I'm thinking a Druid or Champion.

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If you need an NPC that summons devils, just give him the ability to do so. NPCs are not bound by PC rules. Just because a 1st level PC wizard cant summon a quasit doesn't mean that a 1st level NPC wizard can't.

Class rules are largely for PCs. NPC stat blocks just have the abilities that they need to have. You don't have to justify it beyond that. Remember, the rules are designed to tell a fun and engaging story, not act as a physics engine.

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Mine hasn't been seen since it left Fife on the 19th. My Druma book, which left Fife on the same day arrived yesterday, although the tracker still says it hasn't been delivered yet either. My book could be almost anywhere in the US. =(

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Looking over my character I noticed that I somehow purchased Negotiation twice. Changing the second Negotiation to Interrogation.

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DM Dickie wrote:
I'm going to leave recruitment open a few days longer than originally planned because I'm facing a pretty busy weekend and early next week.

Has it been a few days longer yet? ;)

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Since I figured the people in this thread may be interested....

The just launched a kickstarter for the new Clan Invasion boxed set.

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Helikon wrote:
I remember selecting my route for the road trip on my first wedding to include a city with a battletech center so that I could enter a pod to pilot a mech.

Ha! I had my bachelor party at Dave and Busters for much the same reason. I still try and hop in a pod once a year. The company that owns them sets them up at Dragoncon every year.

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Tilnar wrote:
Just don't use Somerset. I still have bad flashbacks to the intro to the Battletech cartoon from the 90s. ;)

True story, that cartoon was my entry into Battletech, and I will love it forever. I recorded all the episodes on VHS and would watch them repeatedly. The toys were pretty cool too. (I think I was 12 at the time?)

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DM Dickie wrote:
Newcomers are absolutely welcome, but I would warn you, the Battletech universe is easily the deepest, most detailed game setting I've ever seen. is your friend, lol! It can be easy to fall into the rabbit hole, especially once you find your favorite affiliation...

Truth. I spent an hour the other night just searching for a home planet for my character.

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I present, Kyle Lambert heir to the Barony of Almach, layabout, party animal, fun guy, and surprisingly resourceful man to have around. (Also a secret agent)

My biggest concern is that he has absolutely nothing to do once mech combat breaks out. For the most part I'm ok with that I suppose as long as he can talk to the party via communicator while fights are going on. I'm also not opposed to spending my first bits of XP on mech piloting/gunnery if we find a mech and someone is willing to teach him how to do it.

Alternately I have several other concepts floating around if I need someone that can participate in mech combat from the outset I would be fine with making a different character.


Kyle Lambert was born in 3024 to Baron Edwain Lambert and Lady Marinett. An only child, he spent his formative years as the beneficiary of his family’s vast fortune, derived from the planets strong farming industry. By all accounts he was the very image of a model noble child. He excelled at his studies, quickly mastering any subject his tutors put in front of him. A friendly and outgoing child, he never failed to make friends wherever he went. It was clear to everyone from the very beginning that Kyle was destined for success.

It seems like everyone was wrong. Kyle elected to pursue a degree in political science from the New Avalon Institute of Science’s College of Political Administration. Out from under the watchful gaze of his parents, Kyle spent his nights partying and his days sleeping off his hangovers. When he did manage to drag himself to class, his lack of studying reflected clearly in his performance. His parent’s reputation and money managed to keep him on academic probation for five years before the administration cut him loose.

Kyle moved on to a life of leisure and luxury. For the past several years he has partied his way across the inner sphere making friends and connections everywhere he went. It's well known that if you want a good time, or need to meet someone Kyle can help you out. He has family friends and lovers in just about any port you could name, and if he doesn’t, give it a few hours, and he will. Rumor has it that his family has recently cut him off, and the funds necessary to maintain his lifestyle are beginning to dry up.

Of course everyone is completely wrong. Kyle excelled at every single course he took. They just weren't the ones on his official record. Shortly after arriving on New Avalon he was pegged as a prime candidate to join Department of Military Intelligence. Kyle jumped into his future occupation with as much skill and enthusiasm as he had everything else in his life. He learned spycraft at the feet of the masters of the Davion Intelligence apparatus while at the same time laying the groundwork he would need for his future cover. Observation, Stealth, Assassination, Tracking, and even the basics HPG and the Federated Commonwealth’s Black Box technology were all mastered in short order. After 5 years of hard work he was judged ready to serve his nation.

His post graduation life of leisure was all a cover for covert ops operations on first the Combine and then the Clan border. Now that peace has been won at Tukayyid, his handlers have assigned him a new mission. Rumors have gotten back to them of Frau Hauffen’s operation, and they wanted an agent on the inside to observe, and if there is in fact a lost SLDF warship to be found, to make sure it is recovered for the Federated Commonwealth. Laying the necessary groundwork Kyle made sure he came to the right people’s attention at the right time to get on the short list for the mission. (Note to GM, we can change to mission to whatever necessary to maintain story/group cohesion)

Kyle Lambert, Heir to the Barony of Almach
Noble MI4 Operative

Race - 1 (+3 Attributes from GM House Rule)
Attribute - 2
Skill - 3
Advantages - 4
Vehicle - 0

Attributes - 27
Build - 2 (Save: 10)
Reflex - 3 (Save: 9)
Intuition - 6 (Save: 6)
Learning - 5 (Save: 7)
Charisma - 6 (Save: 6)

Athletic - 13
Physical - 9
Mental - 7
Social - 6

Skills - 20 (Basic Intelligence University Package: Liaison IOS +5)

Perception - 2 (TN: 5)
Streetwise - 1 (TN: 5)
Security Systems - 1 (TN: 6)
Disguise - 1 (TN: 6)
Small Arms - 2 (TN: 7)
Negotiation - 2 (TN: 4)
Protocol - 2 (TN: 4)
Bureaucracy - 1 (TN: 4)
Cryptography - 1 (TN: 6)
Seduction - 2 (TN: 4)

Stealth - 1 (TN: 6)
Impersonation - 1 (TN: 5)
Communication/Hyperpulse Generator - 1 (TN: 6)
Negotiation - 1 (TN: 5)
Tracking - 1 (TN: 6)

Advantages - 4
Title 2 (Heir to the Barony of Almach)
Well Connected 2 (Federated Commonwealth)

Gear - 200 + 500
500 Cbills
Personal Communicator -50
Armored Vest - 50
Lockpick - ??
Needler Pistol - 50

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Its taking me a bit longer than I anticipated. I'm debating between my Clanner or my MI4 Noble. I guess I'll write up a history for both and see which one I like better.

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Oh man. Excite!

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The Raven Black wrote:
I still find it strange that in CoR he mentions all other major planes of existence except those two.

I thought the implication was that the seal and the barrier built around it was the positive energy plane.

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I'm not sure why she even has stats in the book. She largely exists as a plot hook to get the PCs to do a quest for her. You could honestly just call her a lvl 1 expert and say she is statless and it would work just as well.

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I think I'll drop my submission. Not super interested in a large group.

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Ironperenti wrote:

@saleem: I don't see a campaign trait on your sheet. Did I miss it?

Yup, its in the traits section "Student of Faith" +1 Cl to Cure spells and +1 to the DC of channels, neither of which will do anything for the character mechanically, but its the one that most fit his backstory.

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Oh speaking of dipping I'll might end up going down the Sentinel Prestige class. Haven't decided yet.

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Ironperenti wrote:

I show the following prospects:

You missed my human paladin, but I suspect there was some cross posting involved =)

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Ami-San wrote:


Identify: Core rulebook, don’t have page number AT the moment
This spell functions as detect magic, except that it gives you a +10 enhancement bonus on Spellcraft checks made to identify the properties and command words of magic items in your possession. This spell does not allow you to identify artifacts

Right, but you don't need the spell to identify items. A character would reasonably need to be about 7th level to ID it taking 20.

Either way, my PCs had an occultist. =)

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For your consideration Theros Roselight, Paladin of Shelyn. I'll make the profile if/when accepted.

Theros Roselight
Class: Male Human Paladin of Shelyn (Tempered Champion)
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good

HP: 12
Initiative: +3 = +1 (Dex) +2 (Trait)

Str – 20 (+5)
Dex – 12 (+1)
Con – 14 (+2)
Int – 12 (+1)
Wis – 10 (+0)
Cha – 14 (+2)

Fort: 4 = 2 (Base) + 2 (Con)
Ref: 1 = 0 (Base) + 1 (Dex)
Will: 2 = 2 (Base) + 0 (Wis)

AC: 17 = 10 + 6 (Chainmail) + 1 (Dex)
BAB: +1
Hit (Glaive): +6 = +1 ( Bab) +5 (Str) +1 (Weapon Focus) -1 (Power Attack)
Damage (Glaive): 1d10+10 /x3
CMB: +6
CMD: 17

Race - Human
Ability Bonus: +2 Strength
Bonus Feat: a feat!
Skilled: Skill ranks

All Simple & Martial Weapons
All Armor and Shields (except tower)

1 – Aura of Good:
1 – Detect Evil:
1 – Smite Evil 1/day:

1 – Power Attack
H – Weapon Focus Glaive

2 (Class) + 1 (Int) + 1 (Human) + 2 (Bg)

Artistry (Drawing): +5 (1 Rank)
Diplomacy: +6 (1 Rank)
Knowledge (Religion) +5 (1 Rank)
Perception: +1 (1 Rank)
Perform (Sing): +4 (1 Rank)
Sense Motive: +4 (1 Rank)

Languages: Common, Celestial

Student of Faith: +1 CL to Cure spells and +1 DC of channel energy
Reactionary (Combat): +2 Init

Gear (175g)
Glaive - 8
Chainmail- 150
50” Hemp Rope - 1
Spare Change - 16g

Born in Westcrown to rather well off parents Theros seemed destined to follow in their footsteps as well regarded opera singers. Unfortunately in his 10th year, his fate took a drastic turn. A rival Diva accused his mother of of sleeping with the wife of a local nobel. The lord, looking for an excuse to annul his marriage had both his wife, and Theros’s mother put to the sword for their supposed infidelity. Not believing that his wife would be unfaithful, Theros’s father proceeded on an ill fated attempt to take down the noble, dragging his young son along in the scheme. Ultimately he failed, and was also found guilty and executed. Young Theros would have suffered the same fate if not for Sir Witherford a wandering Paladin of Shelyn who, seeing great potential in the boy, smuggled him out of Chelliax on the eve of his scheduled execution. For the next 8 years Theros trained with Sir Witherford as his squire traveling the inner sea region before the older paladin eventually retired in Absalom. On his 18th birthday Theros was released from his duties, as a full Paladin of Shelyn, to spread the message of beauty love and forgiveness. Recently he has heard of a new chapel opening in Sandpoint and has made his way there to see the opening for himself.

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VampByDay wrote:

So reading through book 1, I just want to be clear on how the book is supposed to progress.

Before book

1) He only took the sword because the room exploded and he barely survived. He didn't notice the explosives runes beforehand and didn't want to risk setting off any other traps.

During Book

3) My Pcs did all the in town investigations at lvl 1. Much easier having the first level not be one where any real fights happen.

5) Why wouldn't the PCs be able to identify the gauntlet? Looking over the spellcraft rules for identifying items I see nothing about them not applying to artifacts. Similarly the Occultist Object reading ability makes no mention of not working on artifacts.

6) I don't think they necessarily have figured out they have the sword. At this point in my game the PCs didn't know for certain, but they suspected it was either them or the Horned Fangs. They decided to check out the Manor first cause at this point they still didn't know where the Horned fangs were located.

7) Jana explicitly seeks out the PCs and asks them to investigate the Horned Fangs, telling them a monster has taken over her gang and corrupted it.

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I'm not familiar with it, but I actually prefer there to be as little math/modifiers in actual game play as possible. I'm a huge proponent of complex character creation, simple game play.

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I am one of like 3 people in the world that actually liked A Time of War character creation, but I'm a data analyst for my day job, so numbers is kinda my thing.

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Funny enough, they were looking for the missing dwarven merchants and assumed the Road Keepers took them

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Phntm888 wrote:

Saleem, how did your party find out they needed to go to the Stone House, and find the combination for the safe? I thought the AP set it up so that you needed Roderick's information in order to get that.

Oh they had no idea they needed to go there. They spared one of the river crossing bandits on the condition that he would lead them back to their camp (they were just looking to clean out bandits)

He led them to the goblin camp instead and ran off. While in the goblin camp they found the teleporter and just kinda stumbled into the vault. After clearing out the bandits they couldn't pass up the juicy looking treasure vault.

The party occultist had enough disable device to take 20 her way through the vault door.

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They did town stuff until level 2, went into the woods and hit level 3 after goblins, then when after the bandits until 4, cleared out the peacocks and Horned fangs until 5. Then they went to the level 1 area.

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When my group heard that it was haunted by Roderick, who they had already seen was a ghost, they decided to avoid the house until they were better equipped to handle it. They ended up saving it for last and dominated the entire place.

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If someone else wanted to play a clanner I would probably do the Noble Intelligence officer.

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I accidentally made 4 potential characters. Oops. None of them have a backstory, as the finalized campaign outline and recruitment hasn't started yet and I would want to write it to fit. Basically I made 4 builds I wouldn't mind playing (whichever would fit the GM vision/party better), each with a skeleton of a backstory in my mind. 3 of them are intelligence operatives from various walks of life, and one is an Elemental. Because I love Elementals. =)

I will say this character creation system is waaaaay more complicated than I remember it being. Very counter intuitive.

Anyways. Here are 4 builds I'm noodling around if anyone wants to look them over.

Mechwarrior Characters!

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DM Dickie wrote:

MechWarrior Companion is fine, can't think of other specific resources to mention.

Thoughts on using the Intelligence Operations Handbook?

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Will save to not ask if GM has made a decision yet: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 1 = 15

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I'll work up a couple of characters tonight just to re-familiarize myself with the system and lay them out. I think regardless of which campaign type you end up with I will probably make some form of covert ops/tech guy.

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A Time of War was what I was referring to as 4th. And yeah, the character creation for that version was.... complicated. I do agree that it was probably the best system gameplay wise. Either way I am content with whatever system you end up deciding on. I too have an incredibly deep library of battletech/mechwarrior books. Pretty much anything printed after 1991 or so, novels and game supplements. To say it is one of my all time favorite IPs would probably be an understatement. =)

I found a PDF of first edition last night, and whoa. It was definitely printed in the 80's. I didn't have time to read over it, but at first glance it seemed very... archaic.

As far as character wise I think I would probably lean towards some form of current/former intelligence officer, or maybe someone interested in uncovering the secrets lostech.

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Oh man. Looking through my books I had my editions wrong. 3rd Was the one I was familiar with (Although I have the second & 4th editions as well. I don't think I've ever actually seen a first edition book. (still totally willing to play)

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While I am a bigger fan of 2nd edition (I love me some life path character creation). I am 3000% always down to play some Mechwarrior RPG regardless of edition.

Also a huge fan of the clan invasion era (I'm a big fan of playing fish out of water clanners in the inner sphere.)

Edit: Which now that I think about it could be done in a 4th succession war era as an ex Wolf's Dragoon or something.

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Was anybody else weirdly excited about the idea that Arcadians are on the cusp of inventing automobiles?

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I would be interested in pbp but not pbem, either a house P agent with a dragon mark, or a warforged caster of some variety.

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Is it Friday yet? =D

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Curses! Foiled again! Congratulations everyone that got it!

Also, who wants to start up a third one for the people that didn't make it? =D

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