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So I was looking through my pile of third-party content and realizing I have an awful lot of ways to play monster characters. A fairly brief look through things reveals I have rules for playing chimera, unicorn, gargoyle, treant, dragon, minotaur, ooze, pseudodragon, winter wolf, giants, golems, undead, hound archon, succubus, living magical item, centaur (for a certain definition of monster), lamia, several kinds of lycanthrope, and several kinds of fey.

Yes, I may have a certain interest in playing monsters. :D

But since it's not very frequent that games allow such characters, I'm considering running one myself. I don't have the time and creative energy nowadays to make something from scratch, and it's funny to think about anyways, so I was thinking of possibly running such a party through a Pathfinder Adventure Path.

If I did so, who would want to play? And what Adventure Path would you suggest? Obviously a more outdoor one like Ironfang Invasion or something would work better, but it's kind of funnier thinking of a winter wolf trying to pull off a successful rebellion in Hell's Rebels or something. XD

I'm not promising right now I will run it, just wanting to feel things out and see what kind of interest there might be.

Oh, I'm definitely interested!

Unsure what I would want to play, as I think it might depend on the AP chosen. Dragon, vampire, lycanthrope, or fey are all possible, but those are by no means all I would consider.

As for what AP, Kingmaker could be neat as the monsters(even if we aren't evil) sort of rise up against the humanoids and carve out our kingdom, and I've always wanted to play Wrath of the Righteous. I feel like a delve into the Abyss could support monsters. Same with Carrion Crown.

Beyond those three, I'm sure many could be adapted for this concept, but unsure what others could truly support it without 'breaking' the core of the AP.

Kingmaker was my first thought, too. WotR would be fun, I guess

I would definitely be interested. I agree with above posters, the chose AP would make me think of what monster to play. I don't know a lot about it but Hell's vengeance pops in mind as its an evil campaign. Way of the Wicked could work also depending on the monsters being played

I’m down. Was just thinking the other day that I’d like to play a Fire Giant. A dragon would be fun too. Probably others as well.

A fun concept (though one that might require modification, lest the AP be too easy) might be a group of monsters of am opposed subtype to the AP’s theme. For example, Ymeri dispatches a strike team of fire-subtype monsters to stop Elvanna in Reign of Winter

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I'm interested. As for an AP Skull & Shackles could be a good one.

Rather than being shanghaied as crew you have the player characters being bought or captured to serve as shock troops on the Wormwood.

Also interested in this, and as with others, it would depend on the AP for which type of monster. I also agree that Skulls & Shackles, Kingmaker, and Wrath would be pretty fun for it

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I'd be interested but likely NOT if we're evil monsters (I don't do evil well

Actually, Skulls and Shackles or Kingmaker could be fun even as an evilish monster. I wouldn't be interested in Hell's Vengeance or Wrath of the Wicked.

Sounds interesting. I kinda like the idea of a themed group. It would depend on which AP though.
- A bunch of reptilian PC's making a city/nation to revere dragons in Kinmaker.
- A bunch of Fey in Council of Thieves.
- A squad of religious zealots fighting off the aberration invasion in Strange Aeons.

DBH wrote:

I'm interested. As for an AP Skull & Shackles could be a good one.

Rather than being shanghaied as crew you have the player characters being bought or captured to serve as shock troops on the Wormwood.

I like that.

I could be interested. What I played would depend on the AP. I think Kingmaker, Wrath of the Righteous, Skull & Shackles, or Ironfang Invasion could make for good choices. Hell’s Vengeance could work, too - everybody plays a devil who sees an opportunity to improve their place in the hierarchy of Hell.

I could see a case for making Reign of Winter work, as well. A bunch of monsters in Taldor get confused and offended by the sudden winter.

Kind of monsters would depend on the AP, and some APs could do well with mixed (standard and monstrous) parties.

^ the ones like RotR, Shattered Star, etc.

Ironfang Invasion could require some rewrite/handwave for a few things.

Mummy's Mask has interesting, but kinda game breaking, use for monster PCs

Iron Gods would also be interesting (Aliens, Robots, Mutants).

GiantSlayer... because why not.

Hell's Vengeance almost screamed "monster PCs"

Ruins of Azlant: would make quite a few thing easier, but aalso has similar issues with Ironfang Invasion.

anything else has already been mentioned.

I always love the chance to play unusual characters. As with most people, the specifics are kind of important, but the concept is awesome.

I'll play anything except an evil campaign. Though I favor all the campaigns at or after Reign of Winter.

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Ah Daedalus. Long time no see. I would love to play a game with you again

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This sounds fun.

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This sounds like a blast, I'd be interested.

I'd also be interested.

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Kingmaker, Reign of Winter and anything "outdoorsy" sounds excellent for this. Especially if using some 3rd party material.

Sounds like there's quite a bit of interest. :D

The point of the game would be to use the 3rd-party material that supports playing as monsters--things like Rite Publishing's "In the Company of *" series, or the recent chimeraborn archetype from Everyman Gaming, that sort of thing, so 3rd party material would definitely be welcome, though I might limit it just for the sake of my own sanity. For that matter, I'll probably say that you *need* to use a 3rd-party source for your monster--no race builder or "monsters as PC" rules, I want to actually see these 3rd-party monster rules in play.

I'm leaning towards Reign of Winter because I've played it before so I already have an idea of what I'd need to change for it. I do like the idea of Kingmaker, too. I'm not as inclined to run an evil campaign, though that won't keep the monsters from being evil, it just won't be the point of the campaign.

I'm not in a good spot to start the campaign now, but I will open up the recruitment once I've settled on which campaign to run, so if you have any last votes now that I've made those couple of points clear, let me know.

Super interest. I’m already in a Monstrous Kingmaker here on the boards (party comprising tanimim (dragon), orc, woodborn, fetchling, tiefling and ifrit) but I’d be down for Skull n Shackles, Way of the Wicked, Hell’s Vengeance, Reign of Winter, Strange Aeons.

I am definitely interested as well, as I do have some ideas to get strange sinergies with monster abilities. Reign of Winter and Kingmaker are also APs I've always wanted to play, so that would be perfect.

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This sounds super neat. I’m definitely interested.

I would love to do something like this. I love Minotaurs and Gnolls especially. I've played a Fire Drake and other monsters already in PBP...

I'm already in a Kingmaker and Skull and Shackles game...Legacy of Fire is good.

I ran an albino Gnoll (Desert Druid) though that, and had a great time.

The Azlanti AP game might work too...although the beginning might start out a bit differently. The Serpent AP (where you crash on a froreign shore?) would make sense too.

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I'm currently leaning towards either starting a recruitment towards the end of this month for a Reign of Winter based game, or waiting until the Kingmaker remaster comes out (I'm signed up to get the 1st ed. bestiary) and running a monster party through that.

Monster party? Sounds quite offbeat. I'd love to give it a try!

I'd be interested! Sounds neat!

I’m interested, I think it would be pretty interesting, I’m open for any AP just for ease.

I'm interested, I like playing as unusual characters, Kingmaker and Hell's Vengeance sound good. I haven't played any APs, so I'm open to all.

Very interested, I was just thinking a couple of hours ago about how I'd like to play a wolf PC, possibly as a fighter, though now that I'm thinking of it a druid one could be interesting.

I'm presently leaning towards the Kingmaker idea, which will push the actual recruitment for this back quite a ways. I'll post here when I'm ready, though!

I'll definitely be keeping an eye out! A monster kingdom sounds fun. :)

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This is definitely interesting - I'd love a chance to use the "in the company of" books.

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Interested. I'd love to play some kind of aquatic monster, but obviously that won't fit with every AP. I'll check in periodically to see what you ultimately decide!

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Mildy intrigued. Would largely depend on the AP selected tbh.

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