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That’s interesting. I would be up to play in it.

“Well you can try Echo Wood arms, the man there Iozef is fair and might have the coin to buy what you have. He’s just down the ways in the square.”

you find in the bag 500 gold for all of you.

I actually planned on doing this as well, since I wanted to do atleast one 3D map. Great job, and thank you for the inspiration!

Understandable! Very excited to see what you come up with, best of luck!

Agreed, hope to see you again!

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I’m DMing a Hell’s Rebels game at the moment, it’s quite fun and very cool. Though having read the books they are interesting but do have some parts and mechanics that need some polish.

My apologies haven’t gotten around to staying out an alias, I’ll try to get it down by Friday.

He’s a caster cleric averse to getting hit in the face. But with his main stat being Cha due to the archetype selective channel works nicely keeping you all from being channeled.

Character is all set up, I’m not really sure where to go with feats, so any suggestions would be welcomed. I’ll have up an alias some time in the next couple days.

@GM I hadn’t even thought of that, I’ll take a peak and see if I can find one that fits the idea I have.

Debated a little and figured I would change it up a little instead of a wizard I’m going to go Do a Elder Mythos Cleric. It also opens up a for the magic time to be a little more sinister.

So brainstormed and came up with what I think is decently interesting framework to start with.

Elf wizard who meanders his way through the empire spending years searching for magic and finally gets a breakthrough. Though since magic is so rare he draws the ire of a clan leader, he is hired to study some magic items he has and discern the magic behind them (maybe magic items are strictly controlled or the items are a little on the risky side). When he decides to leave to continue on so the dwarf decides to make him disappear by volunteering him for service.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Also DM question. As a wizard gets arcane bond and can craft the items without the feats how would you handle caster levels that are above 6? I have two ideas and one has involves an arcane bond and it would be a shame to lose out on working on said arcane bond.

2d7 + 4 ⇒ (1, 2) + 4 = 7
2d7 + 4 ⇒ (5, 7) + 4 = 16
2d7 + 4 ⇒ (5, 3) + 4 = 12
2d7 + 4 ⇒ (7, 7) + 4 = 18
2d7 + 4 ⇒ (4, 1) + 4 = 9
2d7 + 4 ⇒ (4, 2) + 4 = 10

Hmm seems all over the place. Hmm this setting makes things interesting. Right off the bat I have a feeling for a caster, possibly wizard or another arcane caster, and feeling an elf to kind of stick out a little.

I agree the main takeaways I guess is that we all seem to like the options and I think would all enjoy whatever you decide to choose to do.

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Good pitches for each. I like all of them, though I do have to admit I do love a good undead campaign. The third is my runner up, a story starting with conscription let’s any type of character to be played which I very intriguing, like Dow said.

dipping dot

I like fixed dice rolls, definitely makes things a little out of your hands. And I like that idea giving sources for classes to fill in for ones with spell casting.

I would say rare and wonderful. Similar to a sword and sorcery kind of game.

I assumed gritty being tough with the idea, life is cheap. But low fantasy is a cool idea that I wouldn’t mind doing.

This is a very ambitious idea. I like it a lot. I have a character in mind that I think would be interesting for this setting. Dotting to come back later with an completed character

GM questions:
How do outsiders interact in this world? Are they as active as in Golarion? Also what is the opinion of evil outsiders and their influence?

The character i have in mind would be a fighter with a sorcerer dedication, fluffed to be similar to a 5e Warlock patron.

1) the idea of a scoundrel type of character seems very interesting.

2) I like the idea of core races with other races being the rare ones that they are.

3) hmm the idea of always has been always will be dark and gritty is cool, so is the idea of an age with glory long forgotten and only the mystery of what was once was, being the only good thing.

I have not used much 3.5 material having stuck with pathfinder. Any ideas what we would be the cuttoff?

I’ve got some experience in a year long pathfinder 2e game and can say that it is simple but things can be dangerous especially with the new dying system. I don’t have any experience with older additions but I am very familiar with pathfinder.

I second the gritty idea, it would make things a nice change of pace. I have wanted to try E6 but have never had the chance to.

Here is my application, any hiccups please let me know.

Datrus Sarinni


Human, Versatile
Wizard, Universalist, Improved Familiar attunement
Control, with some blasting, possibly multiclass into another casting class for more spells.


Datrus was a very smart the son of a noble family in the city. His entire family worshipped Asmodeus fervently and with the realization that the heir of the Sarinni family and his younger brother was doted on to served Cheliax. But while at school learning about Asmodeus and working to gain a hold in the clergy he asked one too many questions. He was kicked from the school and labeled a heretic. The shame he brought on his family ensured that he was removed as the heir of the estate. The last couple years after have been hard working as a tutor to young noble children and for the school for girls in Kintargo. With Brazallai taking control of the city, an anger has welled up, and with the closure of opera house he has become an avid critic of Thrune. He heads to the protest to try and voice his concern hoping the people can finally get their voice heard.

Sounds very interesting, tossing dot on here to keep up with and discussion.

Dotting in, I am DMing this IRL with my group in 2e and love it. I would love to be a player, and am more than willing to put aside my DM knowledge. I would probably play a caster either full or eventually archetype in. We’ve been playing 2e since the playtest so I am quite familiar with the new rules.

Yay! Ever since it was announced I’ve been interested in this adventure, consider this a dot. I’ll start working on a character ASAP.

I’m also running a 2e hella rebels game, I’m working on converting it over at the moment and if you have any notes or tips they’d be much appreciated!

Currently playing this campaign in real life and we’re In book 3. I love the story and I’m going to throw my hat in. Excited to work together with everyone for a party.

Thank you for the feedback! I wasn’t sure exactly where to start, with my first idea being a rough pitch.

Ironing out problems:

I just wanted to make sure it was ok, as in some games that is a little too far, I’d rather be safe than sorry. Mechanically wise I have started working out what I want sticking with sorcerer and picking an Umbral bloodline, while rogue was switched to slayer.

I didn’t think about the aspect of age to far into but as you put it having her that old would make her a staple of the city and with that much legitimacy might help. For clarification are we using the age rules for pathfinder?

That is fair, I have a much more complete backstory below but it should be ironed out a bit more as there is some specifics I’d like to add.

Brothels aren’t staples in games I play so the idea was novel to me

Ok that helps clarify things, I was mainly working on base desire for an end to the revolution. I will expand upon it more and will brainstorm what would create this loyalty to the conspiracy.

My apologies for assuming this, I misread in the article along with a base assumption to the ball moving. What kind of chaos would happen to the other middle class and poor strata that would help to provide a deep seeded dislike for the revolution and an urge to help them.


Belle, Swan

Abandoned on the streets of Isarn, she grew up fighting for everything. She survived stealing what she needed to keep alive until a priestess of Calistria caught her stealing one day and took pity on her. She was taught about Calistria and learned to protect herself using the Lady in the Room’s favored weapon, the whip. As she lived there she saw how the goddess worshipped their goddess and the money was brought in. Seeing a chance to raise above her humble beginnings she decided to try to find a way to own her own establishment giving companionship to the people of Ismar. Through thievery, working as a guard with her new skills with the whip, and cajoling several investors she was able to scrounge up enough money to buy a old house. Here she invited in women she knew who would work for her, and would be loyal to her. They began to being in amounts of money that she had never seen before. Her life as she knew it began to brighten and she hoped for a better future. It was during this time she met her lover and companion; Soubren. He was a sword smith of the noblemen of the city who was renowned for his craftsmanship. In a meeting of influential merchants of Isarn she met him, and their relationship blossomed as time went on. They continued on this way enjoying life until the revolutions ripped Galt apart.

Things spiraled out of control, her place of business was ransacked for valuables and his shop was stripped of the fine silver that was once used for decorations. In these times of trouble they had each other though and they weathered the storm that swept so many others away. Through smooth talking and lieing low they managed to escape death or disparity, selling their much needed services. Though they survived not everyone was so lucky. Though it pained her so much seeing this, she knew she could help little as those that spoke out found swift death. She settled to help as she could; offering rooms, food, and water to those she could. This continued for a time, till finally her world nearly collapsed. Soubren has always hated the revolution but knew not to speak, though one day a rival smith heard him badmouth Goss for the continued revolution under his breath. The smith went to the Grey Gardeners and turned him in for his anti-revolutionary thoughts. He was executed the next day.

This broke Belle as she went into a hysteria of sadness, and she closed her brothel and retreated into her home. In her despair she begged for strength from Calistria, from the gods, yet she got nothing. This continued on as she called out for help. Finally as her strength was fading and she began to get delirious, a figure appeared before her, wreathed in darkness and speaking in riddles. It offered her a portion of its power in return it would have a debt that would be payed one day. Thinking it a dream she happily agreed expecting death to come quickly and reunite her with her lover. She was sorely surprised to wake the next morning fine and rejuvenated. Confused she found a midnight black symbol on her hand that was not there the day before. Unsure of the strangeness she rested the next couple days eating again and recovering. But as she rested she studied the mark, and tried to remember her strange dream. While concentrating magic sprung from her fingers in a dark cloud. Shocked she fainted, waking this time she found she was able to do it much easier. Taking several weeks rarely leaving her home except to get food and drink. she practiced and learned to harness this magical ability within her. She emerged a young but talented sorceress, with new found drive; to end the revolution, and stop the tyranny of the grey Gardners.

She reopened her brothel using money that she got from pawning what was left of her lovers belongings. She hired as many loyal people she could, trying to stay with those she knew well, both from her elven friends and the children of the humans she once knew. Working hard she began to prosper again, making money and building influence, she knew that if she were to be caught at all she would face death. So she bid her time listening more and speaking less. Getting information to feed to those that needed it, ensuring that sometimes patrons would stumble into the dark, awaiting death by thieves. This has gone on for almost 3 years now. Her brothel has grown not to the heights it once had but to the point that it is now a a sizeable force. She slowly builds power and money waiting to one day take back the city from the revolution and to return it to the glory that it once had.

character personality:

A woman who understands the highs and lows of life. She is down to earth, understanding the plight of the common person trying to make their way through this turbulent time. On the surface she is laughable and relaxed enjoying the “fruits” of revolution. But behind closed doors she is angry and tense always planning her next move. She remembers fondly of the days of past walking through the streets of Ismar when the city was more vibrant and less battered from all this conflict. She carries a small journal with which she writes down what happens everyday, wishing to never forget what has happened so that when the time comes she may reap vengeance upon all those that took advantage of this chaos. Inside this little notebook is a picture that was drawn of them that she keeps to remember why she started her quest for vengeance.

This is what I have come up with so far it should help to take the minimalist idea and blow it up to a more fleshed out version. Any and all comments would be appreciated.

This looks very interesting, I’ve shied away from it due to the complexity but I can’t seem to not look at the thread. Will start to figure things out.

for your convenience

Seems like there’s atleast a good amount of interest, I’ll open up a recruitment thread ASAP, if you’re questions aren’t answered above I’ll have try and answer any I can think of. Post any questions here for the time being till the recruitment thread is up so I can beat answer them. Hope to see you all there!

@spacefurry My main things are no gunslinger except the bolt ace, and no occult or paionic classes as I am not familiar with them. Evil is allowed but must have an excellent reason to be with the party long term.

I don’t remember all the details of how as it didn’t last long but basically strength for everything, saves, attacks, health, and full casting with BAB.

Chyrone wrote:

What were you thinking on, regarding character creation?

I have a 3pp class i'd love to play.
Got other PCs available to adjust otherwise.

I don’t really use 3rd party stuff as I’ve seen a time just how crazy it can get so I’d like to stick to Paizo only.

@Talomyr, yes, this assumes a majority of events happened and things didn’t get to wild. I’ve been brainstorming and how I think it’ll work is you’ll start off delving through thornkeep, then start to hit some areas that were glazed or skipped due to the exploration taking a back seat. Along with some homebrew places and some areas post kingmaker

Helikon wrote:
Heck I have a full team that had a GM vanish after the first post.

Ouch that is the worst, but it seems interest is slow at the moment so feel free to send this way!

Talomyr wrote:

I assume this would be a PF1 game?

Sounds like an interesting concept. Consider me interested.

Any idea of where you would be leaning in terms of character creation? (i.e. starting level, stat generation, number of players you would like)

I planned on PF1 but if there is enough interest then I can do 2e, I do like a lot of the changes though. And for starting level it would be 1, with 20 pt buy no stat below 8 before racial bonuses. I figured 4 players though if there is a lot of interest a fifth is completely fine!

I’ll be dotting this sounds interesting.

So I will be DM’ing Kingmaker for my IRL group sometime in the future after we finish the current campaign and while reading all the cool things and areas of kingmaker I thought, it’s a shame they won’t get to explore and do all the side quests as they go on this.

This is where my idea starts, playing as adventures in this kingdom you’d be exploring some of the area of this now massive empire that’s barely been explored due to all the high level problems that require the attention of everyone else

CAUTION though spoilers for kingmaker will pop up as I will cherry pick some of the interesting parts areas of the campaign that I think will get looked over as the empire would expand. This along with several homebrew places and possibly thornkeep will consist of the adventure, which will go for as long as everyone is interested in it.

If there is enough interest I’ll open up a recruitment thread to start the process!

Background done and picked out the majority of the crunch. Time to mash the classes together, hoping to finish it tomorrow.

Decided to do a aberrant bloodrager with aberrant sorcerer open to any ideas though if they’re offered.

Dotting, first idea of the top of my head is a bloodrager/sorcerer, who is an unassuming older magic user but for some reason can’t understand why he’s so angry, not realizing it’s the influence of the elder gods hatred.

Will flesh it out and stat it later after work.

Same, have a good one!

Good luck to everyone who made it!

I also had the idea of a drake character, might throw it together and submit it just because I’ve always liked drakes.

Looked at the map as I didn’t see it last night and I’d say the misty chamber would be where Fang hangs out in, The mist helped him hide before he started to ambush those pesky adventurers.

Background for my worg character along with some initial thoughts.

Fang’s background:

Fang was the youngest pup in the pack, though he made up for it. He was a very powerful worg even being so young. He hoped one day to start his own pack and maybe even have more than just the forest as the hunting grounds. But everything went wrong on their last hunt.

They sometimes came upon people during their hunts, and it usually ended with the person dead. But this time it was different the man couldn’t be bit and then things went bad, really bad. The man started to fly up and hen all of a sudden a massive fireball exploded where he pointed at. In this moment Fang’s life changed, his pack was incinerated and those that survived were swiftly killed by the floating person. Shooting rays of heat from her hands. In little more than a a few seconds only Fang was left alive. Then as the man descended he watched as the man said a few words and he started to feel his eyes become heavier and he soon fell asleep.

He woke up chained in a cave, the woman appeared in an entryway and with a feeling of unbridled fury Fang tried to tear her throat out, but the chain stopped him from reaching the entryway. But to his surprise the woman threw him a piece of meat, it was large and delicious though he knew he shouldn’t eat this meal from this murderer. But he was so hungry. He waited it out till the meat became rancid, and then the routine repeated until eventually Fang caved and ate it. As time went on he began to get used to being fed knowing that without him he wouldn’t be able to survive. Then one day he was set free the chain removed.

But the woman reminded him that if she wanted him dead he would die, and fed him again. And this is how things went as she explained to him that he would guard her this entrance from anyone and that if he did it she would keep him fed and alive. Eventually she would give him greater rewards if he did well. This arrangement lasted for what seemed like forever until one day she didn’t come to feed him. After several days of waiting Fang finally went looking for her confused as to what happened.

character development:

Fang is motivated to try and become the master of his own pack as he always wanted to be a pack leader. He also wants to explore more than his packs old hunting grounds, to maybe make it not just the small part of the forest but even larger.

Fang is a very gruff worg having seen his entire pack killed, and unlike others didn’t feel any joy serving the master. So with his new found freedom a large amount of excitement and wonder have been placed in his path. Though through all this he is still very much a young pup who is scared that his family is gone and is going to find someplace where he belongs again.

He is the size of a normal wolf as he is a still young for a worg. He has a grey patch over his right eye, along with white paws. His eyes are red as blood.

Crunch wise I see him as a mix of striker, controller, and scout. My plan for him is to try and gain as much control and damage absolute as possible while maintaining his mobility.
I’m thinking a couple levels of barbarian, and several templates until CR 7 then upgrading to the elder worg. Then picking a casting class. With several templates to fill the gaps.

Fluff wise I see his arc enveloping him coming to terms with the fact that he now has to find his own way in the world, and has to find a way to accept the fact that his new pack isn’t normal but it works for him. Then once he has his new “pack” he starts to find his place in it. Possibly working in his learning and understanding of his connection with nature somehow, though i don’t know how I will do that.

After playing around with a few ideas I found one that looked really interesting. I’m thinking doing a worg then advancing to make him either a caster for shenanigans and better controlling ability with picking up some Druid levels amid templates and such. I’ll put up more when I get a chance but that’s the gist of the crunch right now.

Absolutely love the idea! I’ll be cooking up something tonight.

Dotting this looks interesting, I’ll brainstorm ideas.

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