How do you access the Additional Resources information?

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Yesterday's blog started a discussion on how our supplement documents get used in the field. You may have seen a poll on the PFS Facebook page or a Tweet about this subject. I am posting it here as well, to get the widest feedback possible!

Do you:

*Look at it digitally - tablet, computer, smartphone, etc.

*Print it out.


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Mainly digitally, with an occasional printout.

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Digitally, on the rare occasion I don't just check the archives of nethys for the funny white arrow.

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Printing out a 27-page document that changes 5-12 times a year, completely obsoleting the previous incarnation is a bit much on my printer, wallet, and recycling tub.

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Everyone doesn't just memorize the entire thing?

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I print out the most current version in the days leading up to a major convention, that I plan on attending (so two or three times a year). Otherwise, I'll just check the digital version.

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For myself I just check the web page and download the PDF to put in my "Organizer Binder".

That said I am not a fan of the 2 Column Format for the PDF, I would prefer if it looked like the how it looks on the web page.

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I use either my computer or my phone. I have never printed it out.

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Tonya Woldridge wrote:

Yesterday's blog started a discussion on how our supplement documents get used in the field. You may have seen a poll on the PFS Facebook page or a Tweet about this subject. I am posting it here as well, to get the widest feedback possible!

Do you:

*Look at it digitally - tablet, computer, smartphone, etc.

*Print it out.


Do you mean the actual Additional Resources document, or do you mean the additional resources that we use (e.g. Advanced Player's Guide)?

I have often felt the urge to copy it and create a query-able table out of it, so a person can just type a magic item, or a source, or a feat, and anything pertinent would come up.

It could be done.

Edit: forgot to vote - 'Digitally'!

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Digitally. I mostly access it directly but I also keep a mostly up to date copy on my tablet for when I don't have internet access.

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Generally, I print it out and put it in a binder with a copy of the Guide and some other community-created documents. If a specific question comes up at the table or in conversation, I will look it up digitally.


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Both, though I did not start printing it until I started organizing conventions.

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I printed it once. Sometime back in 2013. Then there was a big update the next month.


Though, honestly, I use Archivesofnethys first, then Additional Resources.

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If I'm sat at home, I'll look at the web page on my PC. If I'm out, I'll rely on the PDF on my tablet (synced in advance through Dropbox).

I printed it out a couple of times, but it's updated too often for that to be sustainable for me.

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I put it on my tablet, easy to get to.


I just can't justify killing a tree and an ink cartridge to print it. I download and save the PDF on my tablet when there is an update, so I'm not dependent on internet access at the table.

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Digitally for me. It's too big and changes too often for printing to make sense.

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If we're talking about the AR website, digitally 100% of the time. If we're talking about the legal resources for the character, 95% digital (they're all on my Google Drive), 5% print (for repeatedly questioned abilities).

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on the internet

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Digitally for me.



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Digital copy of the PDF on my tablet for use at events. Digitally through the page when looking for specific information. Paper copies for conventions (printed out the day before, typically).

At home: usually the web page (or Archives of Nethys)
When playing: pdf on a tablet

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Only digitally. I'd check the page frequently to see if there was an updated pdf. However, somewhat recently (i.e. about 4 months ago) I noticed the entirety of the pdf is on that page! I never knew that before. You only have to scroll down..

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I'll usually check for the major items (archetypes the build is centered around, etc) on the Additional Resources page.

After that, usually Archives of Nethys. Find something (spell, item, etc) I like there, check that I have the book referenced, then double-check Additional Resources to make sure it didn't get stealth-banned in the last week.

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1s and 0s

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It changes frequently enough, I don't bother to print it, I just bring up the web version on my phone or tablet as needed.

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Like most reponses - digitally

Download the PDf and view using the iPad.


Digital 99%

Only exception is large conventions and I still print for those in case network/cell access isn't available.


I download the PDF and read it off my tablet.


Both, assuming I'm understanding your poll correctly.

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I just realized that your initial post isn't asking specifically about the Additional Resources document (even though the title is about the AR).

If this is a broader question regarding all PFS documents, I should state that I do print out and carry with me a copy of the Guide.

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