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Full Name

Rigby Bendele


they/them pronouns

About Slothsy

I'm Rigby, a nonbinary TTRPG freelancer living in Richmond, VA with three cats. My background is in Sociology (I have an MS in Sociology from VCU and an additional graduate certificate in Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies). My thesis was on masculinity within roleplaying game communities (available as free download here.)

Since 2019, I've been working with Paizo as a freelancer. Below are my current credits:


SFS 2-03: The Withering World (Ritual)
SFS 3-07: Strike at Zone 78
SFS 4-04: Mission Not Found
Starfinder Galactic Magic (Technomancer, Oras and a couple spells)
Starfinder Drift Crisis


PFS2 2-09 The Seven Secrets of Dacilane Academy
PFS 3-11 No Time for Treason
Pathfinder Society Special #3-98: Expedition Into Pallid Peril
Pathfinder Dark Archive
Lost Omens Travel Guide

When I'm not writing for Paizo, I work on an ARPG with my partner, Beelzebubbies, where I focus on the narrative design. I also write poetry. You can find my independent releases at my Itch.io page!