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Mustaparta wrote:

When you enter foyer of the manor, you witness fierce fight between Jacquo Dalsine and Muhlia Al-Jakri. Before you could intervene, Al-Jakri sliced clean through the Taldan noble’s throat. Chalfon Dalsine stands laughing at the top of the stairs, an awkwardly aloof look on his mustachioed face. Pasha Muhlia al-Jakri stands in a pool of blood over Baron Jacquo Dalsine’s beheaded corpse, twirling her twin kukris around her nimble fingers.

I'm not sure what the map is trying to say here. Does the 'C' stand for "Chalfon" or "corpse"? Is '1' Chalfon at the top of the stairs, or is that something else?

Is there a spellcraft check to know whether that was a teleportation or illusion effect?

Gaius Marius wrote:

Gaius rises to his feet and fires an arrow at the remaining wolf!

[dice=+1 Composite Longbow (+1 Str), Coordinated Shot]1d20+10+1; 1d8+1+1

Fetch the high-speed pointy stick! Go get it!

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Mustaparta wrote:
No, they ignore completely whats happening.

"Say, think we should do something about that?"

"Above our pay grade."

"But someone's going to get killed in there. Probably one of the boss' dogs!"

"Look, what's our job?"

"To... guard the gate?"

"Right, and that's what we're doing. What happens to guests after they're through the gates has nothing to do with us."


"We're not paid enough to get involved in that mess. Just keep your head down and don't make waves. Now pay attention, I think those Qadirans are coming back for another argument."

The guards that let us in are presumably standing just outside the gate. Are they reacting to the growling and snarling and attacking that's happening just inside the gate?

Yes, I know, season 2... still has to be asked

At some point, Byron would continue the search for Ahan (started here). Other issues have been more pressing. Just leaving this here so it doesn't get missed/skipped.

Gaius Marius wrote:

Quick info question for any GMs: How many scenarios/modules have maps with squares this small? My eyes don't work well and I had to magnify the map a crazy number of times just to find the grid lines to move Gaius's token.

It seems pretty normal to me. 20x30, roughly. Just counted a flip-mat, and that was 25x35.

This is one issue I have with the "just use Google Slides" standard - the maps end up being pretty tiny unless the GM jumps through some hoops. Magnification is a must.

I think this one feels a little worse because it's horizontal, rather than having the map's narrow dimension completely fill the slide width, and running off the top and bottom of the screen. That, and the floor tiles could work equally well as "four tiles to a square", tricking the eyes.

Mustaparta wrote:
shaventalz wrote:
Mustaparta wrote:
Gaius and Natula both know these are Faceless stalkers, which have DR vs. bludgeoning weapons.
DR broken by bludgeoning damage, or DR that only functions against bludgeoning damage?
Latter, DR 5/piercing or slashing.

That's unusual. And annoying for the guy who normally punches stuff.

But, he's always up for a CHALLENGE!

Mustaparta wrote:
Gaius and Natula both know these are Faceless stalkers, which have DR vs. bludgeoning weapons.

DR broken by bludgeoning damage, or DR that only functions against bludgeoning damage?

Mustaparta wrote:

Three cultists revert to their true shapes Right on slide 8 and move forward preparing to strike when you approach.

Four questions:

1) What creature type are they, for the purposes of Knowledge checks?
2) Are they (still?) carrying scimitars, or was that only Akkuret?
3) Is Akkuret one of the transformed cultists, or is he off to the side letting his goons fight us?
4) Does that last line mean they are visibly readying an attack for someone approaching?

John "the Antagonizer" Carlos wrote:

John steps up and releases a startling and disturbing yell.

[dice=Intimidate to Demoralize - size]d20+15-4

** spoiler omitted **

Sure you want to do that? According to this FAQ, Intimidate is a mind-affecting fear effect.

Mustaparta wrote:
shaventalz wrote:

Is this Knowledge: Nature (vermin and animals), Arcana (magical beasts), Dungeoneering (aberrations), or something else?

Seconding the question of if this is a stone bridge or a narrow spot in the tunnel.

Its a vermin, identified by Nature. Narrow strip on the map is a tunnel.

Figured it was probably still a vermin, but worth asking. In that case, Byron doesn't know what this is other than "I didn't think spiders came that big." Assuming it actually does look like a spider, and not that other vermin he had a bad encounter with back in 4717 AR. It doesn't have crab claws, does it?

And if that is a tunnel... there's at least one bit in the center that's too small for a Huge creature to pass without squeezing. We might be able to bottleneck it fairly well. I say "we", but Byron isn't getting an action any time soon here.

Is this Knowledge: Nature (vermin and animals), Arcana (magical beasts), Dungeoneering (aberrations), or something else?

Seconding the question of if this is a stone bridge or a narrow spot in the tunnel.

Is there someone we're waiting on? I think everyone's helping the cultists get out, although to be fair I'm not sure about Natula.

Who all has at least one rank in bluff/diplomacy/intimidate? Byron and Gaius do, but what about everyone else?

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There's also the restriction to a single combat pet per scenario, plus the necessity of handle animal checks.

GMAndrewW wrote:
Go ahead and make your day job checks if you care about such things at this level.

Have to feed the spell library somehow.

GMAndrewW wrote:
Does anyone have the Day Job income table to hand?

Day Job Check Result GP Award

5 --- 1 gp
10 -- 5 gp
15 -- 10 gp
20 -- 20 gp
25 -- 50 gp
30 -- 75 gp
35 -- 100 gp
40 -- 150 gp

Korin Rosenthal wrote:
GMAndrewW wrote:
Korin Rosenthal wrote:
Would you say Mind Thrust falls under the category of divination spells that require saving throw?
Yes, its a divination spell which targets you and requires a save.
Nice, if Korin ever encounter a certain monstrous dogs that Mind Thurst people using their baby's mind, he can slam that IMMUNE to its face.

Scrying is also on the list, and stuff like detect thoughts, but there's not much. There's a reason Lichaam (a diviner) didn't put his free Spell Focus into Divination.

Korin Rosenthal wrote:

If Thurl have powerful magic that can see through Korin's Mirror Image, then I hope he got Duolingo...
Investigator Mastermind archetype wrote:

Impregnable Mind (Su): At 9th level, a mastermind’s secrecy, obscurity, and mental conditioning reach superhuman levels. He becomes immune to any divination spell, spell-like ability, or effect that allows a saving throw (though he can still allow a divination effect to affect him if he wishes). Even divination effects that do not allow a saving throw have diff iculty piercing a mastermind’s barriers, as a mastermind can now choose to think in any language he speaks. Unless the opponent reading a mastermind’s thoughts speaks all of the mastermind’s languages, attempts at thought reading automatically fail.

True Seeing wrote:

School divination

Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless);

I can't speak for the GM, of course, but I personally would say that true seeing doesn't offer you a save. It's a touch-range spell, rather than personal; the save is for the person you're casting it on. And the language thing probably doesn't come into play because it's not reading your mind.

That's assuming it's true seeing, of course. And since Lichaam's greater arcane sight didn't pick up its aura, or any other...

Remember that Muhlia has both haste and align weapon.

Also, where did Korin's weapon land? At his feet, I assume?

Colin_Mercer wrote:
Lichaam Pisell wrote:
Korin Rosenthal wrote:
free action activate boot of speed
Lichaam included you in the haste just before we walked in, so you can save the boots. Hopefully won't matter, but worth mentioning.

Sorry, force of habit.

Not a problem. There's a lot of buffs floating around.

Colin_Mercer wrote:
Quenly wrote:
I've heard from Eadie's player, he's got a lot on his plate right now. OK if I bot her GM?
If Eadie go to the left of Thurl, he can flank with Korin.

Per the knowledge check, flanking won't give bonuses against Thurl.

GMAndrewW wrote:
Lichaam has Skim running but it will still take a few minutes to go through

Assuming "a few" is around 3-4 minutes, I think we can afford the delay. Also, my impression is that Thurl's only been here a week or two, so that means Yanndu would probably be done before Lichaam is. If we've been talking for one minute, study for four minutes, and maybe make another minute-long Diplomacy check, that's just 6 minutes. Our buffs are 11+ minutes.

Yanndu wrote:
Yanndu wrote:

Yanndu silently reads her surface thoughts to get a glimpse on the kind of horrors she has endured.

detect thoughts, DC 19

@GM: any result on this? If not I can spend a pt from my psychic pool to add mindtouch to Korin's telempathic projection, which acts as another detect thought, DC 19

Per this post:

GMAndrewW wrote:
Yanndu picks up on her surface thoughts. She is in the midst of a crisis. She thinks that Thurl plans to betray her and it has something to do with the scroll she is holding.

Yanndu wrote:
Is this game part of Gameday XII? they just made an announcement to wind down tables...

I don't see any reference to the Gameday in discussion/recruitment/gameplay. So presumably not, unless I missed something?

Are we just waiting on Eadie?

GMAndrewW wrote:
Apologies for the delay, my mum has been seriously ill in hospital for the last week which has taken basically all of my mental space. Things are looking better so I should be back to making updates.

Take all the time you need. I just wanted to make sure the game hadn't been forgotten.


Someone with a positive Wisdom modifier might wonder why Thurl would have Muhlia's locket. Not Lichaam, but someone else.

It seems more likely that Thurl was not the one to leave the runeplate behind. Not deliberately, anyway. Muhlia had it in her own bag, which got left behind for some reason. Having second thoughts, as suggested by the handout? An attempt to extort something more from Thurl? Hurt or trapped after stashing the bag, and couldn't come back? Or the ever-classic "author wanted to have something happen, so it just did."

With that in mind, shaventalz doesn't expect Lichaam to get anything useful from this knowledge check. But it's definitely the kind of track Lichaam would go down, given what's been talked about IC.

Quenly wrote:
My daughter is home from hospital :D


Korin Rosenthal wrote:

I am making a bingo card for what will happen in a Pathfinder Society games, and drinking on the job is definitely going to be one of it.

Other suggestion for the bingo card are welcome!

*VC teleports you directly into a battle

*Someone questions what kind of undead Drandle Dreng is
*Faction missions know way too much
*VC must know about <complication>, but doesn't mention it in the briefing
*Barbarian ruins negotiations because he got bored
*Friendly fire

Quenly wrote:
Quenly will put up Freedom of Movement before entering the lava chamber; I propose to put the same spell on Lichaam too if he's going to go looking for traps to disarm.

No need. His bonded object is a Ring of Freedom of Movement.

Quenly wrote:

Also, I have to let you know that my posting may get a bit spotty over the next week or two. My little girl is in hospital. She's poorly but stable and improving. I don't have my laptop with me at hospital but I plan to visit home once a day, feed the cat and so on, and check in on my games.

If I hold things up too much please bot Quenly.

That's far more important than this game.

Still wondering if this game is cursed.

GMAndrewW wrote:

20d6 for lava but yes, flight is an easy way to bypass it. Provided of course there isnt something like a antimagic field, disjunction or dispel trap lurking around as well which could have been added at a point after Bprsaget knew about...

But who would do such a thing...:)

Shaventalz knows of at least one scenario that has that kind of thing.

However... that sounds like a question for the wise. It wouldn't make for a good story, so Lichaam may not have been exposed to the idea. He might send TinyDragon over to scout, depending on what the area looks like, since ambushes are something Lichaam would think of. That would also, coincidentally, test for most of the nastier not-a-trap traps.

Correction: That would be 3d6 on the Large lucerne hammer.

+2 adamantine falchion +25/+16/+11 (2d6+9+12+2+2+3/15-20)
+1 silvered lucerne hammer +19/+10/+5 (3d6+9+12+1)

Average 35-DR damage from the falchion, and 32.5 damage from the hammer.

I've never played with her, Eadie... would she use the bludgeoning reach weapon, or the slashing weapon she's better-trained with?

Korin Rosenthal wrote:
Someone bot Eadie for her full attack?

Are we assuming her favored weapon, the falchion? Or her lucerne hammer, to beat DR? She'd need to step backwards if hammer.

She is not currently wielding either, though the spiked gauntlets do mean she still flanks.

If I'm reading the statblock right, +4.5 dmg/attack with falchion, and more importantly +6 attack, so that's probably prefered. I think her damage lines assume Power Attack, but the attack line does not. She's got Furious Focus, but that only affects the first attack.

So I think that after Enlarge Person the attack line would be:
+2 adamantine falchion +25/+16/+11 (2d6+9+12+2+2+3/15-20)
That includes:
Attack: PA-4, Furious Focus, BaB +13, Str +6, Size -1, magicWeapon +2, focus +1, greaterFocus +1, Weapon Training +3
Damage: (Str +6 *1.5), PA +12, magicWeapon +2, WeaponSpec +2, Weapon Training +3.

Does that look right?

Her other weapon would be:
+1 silvered lucerne hammer +19/+10/+5 (1d12+9+12+1)

Real life comes first. Take care.

Korin Rosenthal wrote:
Undead are immune to paralysis, are you sure?

Shoot, you're right. Thank you. I'd forgotten that.

Original post deleted, before the edit window expires.

Zib-zib wrote:
Yeah, PFS number, character number, faction and even name and code are missing.

Personally, I'm fine with filling those out myself along with the rest of the data (xp, gp spent, etc)

According to Paizo, this session was:
2688859 Qstor's Myth Weaver Games

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GM Qstor wrote:
Zib-zib wrote:
The link doesn't lead to the Chronicles.

my bad


Thanks. I've got mine.

And yes, the boon does look nice. It's interesting that only one PC has to use that to cover the entire table, too.

GMAndrewW wrote:
You are still in the Labyrinth. I would make no assumptions about how much time it takes to move between areas. I am not going to be imposing forced march rules on you. While it took you four hours to get here that's four hours of pretty light activity.

If it takes mor or less time, that works too. The mansion lasts long enough that it doesn't really matter; at worst, we might end up starting "tomorrow" at an odd hour. The riskiest part would seem to be if we're attacked either inside the labyrinth or as soon as we leave (before getting the dwarves hidden.) And the writer would never do that to us, right?

We're totally going to get attacked when we step outside. Same as the way the first leg of the journey ended in a fight. Maybe with AoE, to catch the dwarves.

No forced march rules means we're incentivized to NOT take the dwarves back first.

GMAndrewW wrote:
The dwarves have no equipment available to them and were clearly unprepared for the horrors of the labyrinth. Taking them with you and hiding them in a Mansion is a fair plan. Sleeping the night yourselves of course may have consequences. You have no idea what Thurl is actually up to.

I don't think I ever got an answer to this post's question - are we in a chamber inside the labyrinth, or is this room in the ossuary proper?

We've already been traveling for 4h today. Assuming we're still in the labyrinth, if it takes another 4h to get to the ossuary itself... that's all the travelling we can do without a forced march. If we don't take that long getting out, then we don't need to immediately sleep. The question Lichaam asked of "how large is the ossuary" also matters for sleep-related purposes.

This post was a little unclear on something. Are we still inside the labyrinth (central chamber?), or is this the other side?

GMAndrewW wrote:
Aha, I see where the confusion crept in. It took two hits to kill a prisoner, dwarves are sturdy. The first Minotaur merely injured a dwarf, it took Green to finish him off.

Hey, I'm not going to argue too hard to keep us from being able to save one of the hostages.

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GMAndrewW wrote:
Yanndu wrote:
Ok thanks Lichaam. Will standby for what's coming next then.
Yep, you are just in time assuming you do it straight away. The dwarf died on Greens turn on round 1 so would die on his turn on round 2. You go just before him so provided you do it asap then he lives.

I stand corrected. Good thinking, Yanndu.

Yanndu wrote:
planning to breath of life one of the dwarves of not too late...

It sounds like the dwarf was killed in this post, just after Yanndu's greater invisibility. You'd have needed to get there and cast BoL in this post to make it within the 1r limit.

Hskomoro hasn't actually acted this turn (the grease was his action last turn). He's got a spare action to "reposition" someone out of the entryway (yank them outside.) If everyone actually gets out, move action to close the door. Not sure how precise everyone's been with their positioning, but Ninnic definitely had more move to get further out, if the issue is someone standing at the end of someone else's range.

Sidney Moncrief wrote:
Sidney’s celestial dog provoked the largest creature first to distract them so others could escape.

Now I'm seeing a super-floofy dog run past, barking "I'm a distraction" at the top of its lungs in Celestial.

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Ninnic wrote:
If someone would start moving me to the door, I’d appreciate it!

I moved you 40' total, including that short hop down off the 3' ledge. Don't know if the big one has combat reflexes, and it left you not right on top of the smaller one (and not drawing its AoO.)

Since Hskomoro ended up at the back, he can't see the things that popped up.

That said... does it look like these things came in from outside? The handouts mentioned fighting creatures of "glowing bone and decaying flesh" in the entryway, so maybe these are just guardian constructs that didn't wake up until now?

I'm wondering if we can simply leave. Just walk out the door and leave the bone things to do whatever they do here.

How high are the ledges in the entryway? For if the creatures block the stairway.

Colin_Mercer wrote:
It could have been enlarged

Even a Widened unhallow wouldn't quite reach Yanndu from his current position.

EDIT: By my count, it would take a 105' radius to reach him from the nearest corner of the altar. 80' would get everyone else, though.

Oh lovely. The area's unhallowed, too. Although... isn't that just a 40' radius? I mean, assuming the only unhallow was cast on the altar.

Yup, they've got hostages. That's why I was talking about the positioning of grease and how the frontliners would get through it. I've got a few wall spells, but they're either too permeable or too hard to position for this situation.

GM, what's your stance on talking when it's not your turn?

There's probably going to be some use of CLW on Rallas, at the very least, between here and there. Last I heard, he was at somewhere between 40 and 50 HP.

Also, for buffs, how long has it been since we opened the door of the prison?

Yanndu wrote:
Too bad. I wanted to see how the GM would have reacted to this. ;)

Two hours later, your stomach starts to smart...

Yanndu wrote:
Raising an eyebrow with curiosity, Yanndu adds telepathically, ***...Lichaam Pisell: I believe these are meant to be poured into your ear, not your mouth...***

Yeah. Realized what I typed after the fact, and went back and edited it.

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