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It does say "GM Thread" right there in the title. I'd imagine the thread should follow the same rules on spoilers as anything in the GM Discussion forum - that is, there WILL be spoilers, and they WILL be unmarked.

For instance, the giant zombie Aroden in act 3.

Roco wrote:
Ya, CMD scales pretty darn high. Which is why I'm thinking of picking up improved trip just so I don't provoke and get a +2 (along with it keying off my weapon attack rather than my horribly low CMB)

It will still go off your CMB either way, just with Dex instead of Strength. Bonuses to weapon attacks apply to combat maneuvers using those weapons, but you WILL have size penalties rather than size bonuses.

Roco wrote:
That being said, when I'm tiny, my CMB keys off dex so stand still is actually quite viable. It also does stop many more things that are immune to trip. Though, tbh, if something can fly I can't really stop it anyhow unless it got RIGHT next to me, and even then, unless I find someway to fly, I'm not sharing the same space with it (but at least I might be able to keep it from flying away)

Handle Animal and a trained bird? At higher levels, of course, there are magic items you might look into.

Roco wrote:
Thanks for the advice on the dueling weapon! Haven't noticed that before. I was thinking of either getting that or something like Confounding.

It basically triples your weapon's magic bonus if you're not doing hit-for-damage. It's also the only way my PC has managed to trip some of the stuff he has.

Remember that a Confounding weapon takes an immediate action to use. I believe most swashbucklers tend to have other uses for their swift actions, but you know your PC better than I do.

Pizza Lord wrote:
Roco wrote:
[Now] to decide if I want stand still or improved trip.. hmm
..and also tripping weapons are not too hard to find (though you'd need a light or one-handed piercing one to work with most other mouser abilities unless you are switching out).

Note that a "trip weapon" doesn't actually add to your trip rolls. It just allows you, if you fail badly enough, to disarm yourself rather than tripping yourself.

Keep in mind that CMD tends to scale more quickly than your attack modifier, especially if the opponent isn't "humanoid-with-class-levels." Trip has more bonuses available, (and every little bit helps), but Stand Still doesn't have the "oops I tripped myself" flaw if you misjudge your opponent or dice. Stand Still also doesn't have huge swaths of enemy types that are simply immune (flying, snake-like, etc.)

I would strongly suggest getting a Dueling weapon (the version from the PFS Field Guide.) As written, it probably doesn't work with Stand Still (it's a CMB check, not an actual maneuver), but I'd imagine most GMs would allow it.

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I've got my IC/OOC threads up.

How would you prefer that sheet be filled out for games NOT run on the Paizo boards? It asks for links to the gameplay/discussion threads, but not everyone will have those immediately.

I know on Myth-Weavers, we tend to start with a separate recruitment thread, and only create the gameplay/discussion threads shortly before the game actually starts.

Could SOMETHING please be added to the product listing to differentiate this from the PF1 Core Rulebook?

It doesn't say PF2e anywhere in the description that I can see, nor does it in the "see also" links.

GM Oriklad wrote:
shaventalz wrote:
I don't know off the top of my head what the rule for 16s would be, since they're not actually in a subtier. I think there was a ruling on that, but I'd need to do some digging.
Thank you for looking. Running it in our local lodge and some players wanted to know. I imagine that they can't go down, to the lowest tier, since it skips over the 14-15 tier.

That would be my interpretation as well.

That said, I can't find any official rulings on this. There's a thread from 2015 asking for a ruling, plus a couple of other threads discussing the matter. The most common view seems to be that a level 16 PC would be one tier away from both 14-15 and 17-18, since he's not actually in either one. That would make 12-13 more than one subtier away, and forbidden. This was never officially confirmed, and it's not universally agreed-upon, so take that as you will.

GM Oriklad wrote:
Does this act like ol 1-7s, where 16s cant play with the 12-13 tier, and bottom and top tiers don't mix?

The PFS Roleplaying Guild Guide has rules for that. See page 11 in the current guide, left column, under "Tiers and Subtiers"

Tiers and Subtiers wrote:
For scenarios with more than two subtiers, characters must be in adjacent subtiers to play together.

So unless a special exception is given specifically for this scenario, 13s and 17s don't mix.

I don't know off the top of my head what the rule for 16s would be, since they're not actually in a subtier. I think there was a ruling on that, but I'd need to do some digging.


Ssalarn wrote:
Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

Please keep what book items are from on a chronicle. It helps at venues where there is spotty / no computer access. It helps with those players that like to play, but aren't computer literate. They do exist.

It can also be really helpful for assisting people who are computer literate but don't realize that sites they find like e.g. d20pfsrd aren't actually reliable rules sources since that site has to rename and rework any feat that references Paizo IP. If someone tries to take a feat called Battlesmasher with a prerequisite of "Must worship a god who grants the War domain" thinking "Oh man, this would be great for my Iomedaean fighter and it's from a legal source" without actually looking at said legal source, they might not realize that the feat is actually called "Gorum's Smash" and the prerequisite is "Must worship Gorum", meaning it's actually not a legal feat for their character. Considering that Paizo has said they're going to infuse more of Golarion into their rules elements, it's likely that such sites are only going to become even less reliable going forward, so getting people into the habit of recording and referencing the proper rules source could help avoid confusion and frustration that could be created by someone trying to use Google as their primary rules reference without being familiar with some of the nuances of the gaming environment.

Or when the site includes 3rd-party items with the same name as Paizo items. For instance, we once found a Dreamcatcher in a PbP scenario. A quick search said this, but it really should have been this.

I'd like to know why the weapon in "Aroden's Array" isn't something that matches Aroden's favored weapon. Or, for that matter, why someone campaigning against Tar-Baphon would wear a belt that utilized friendly spirits.

Dαedαlus wrote:
On another note, the Magic Tricks seem really cool, though I am sad that you can't actually destroy vampires with the trick that says you should be able to (Burst of Sunlight only lasts for 1 round, while vampires aren't destroyed until a minimum of 2 rounds exposed to the sun).

I saw that myself. Not sure if it's a bug or whether you're supposed to burn two spells to dust the vampires.

Dαedαlus wrote:

As a note, it's a good thing that Capstones are suddenly awesome, because otherwise Secret of Magical Discipline would make a 1-level dip in Loremaster basically a must-have for any character that could qualify. Beyond making Spontaneous casters able to have access to niche utility spells, that feat says you can cast any spell. ANY. Want to, as a 17th level wizard, cast Miracle or True Resurrection? Why not? As a sorcerer, do you feel the odd need to cast Instant Enemy? Go for it! Do you, the cleric wish you could cast Dimension Door? Well now you can!

This feat is absurd, awesome, and I love it.

I really hope they meant to add "on your spell list" to that.

Even if they didn't, though, Loremaster is expensive to get into. I guess Wizard 10 could get in fairly easily... assuming he doesn't want any arcane discoveries and didn't give up Scribe Scroll. But three metamagic/item creation PLUS another feat? I know part of it is because PFS, but my knowledge-obsessed wizard can't justify the class (and can't even get to it until level 18 without retraining.) So maybe the "you can cast anything" was an intended feature to give the class a reason to exist?


Christian Dragos wrote:
PMSchulz wrote:
Okay, quick question. I have a ring of protection +1, but I just got a sheet that gives me the option of buying a ring of protection +2 for 4K. Can I spend 2K and upgrade, or do I have to pay the full 6K to upgrade it? (Which would make it cheaper to just buy the misprinted ring outright and go from there.)
Some chronicles have misprinted item costs. Always go with the cost in whatever book it is listed in unless the scenario specifically tells you that you can purchase it at a discounted price which is usually listed as a boon of some sort. So, you will need to pay the 6K to upgrade it.

Also see this post in the (a?) product thread. It's got a link to a GM discussion thread (spoilery!) for a different scenario.

The source quote is duplicated below, for those who don't want to approach possible spoilers:

Linda Zayas-Palmer wrote:
That's a typo. When we intentionally offer a reduced price on a Chronicle sheet, we'll call it out specifically.

Dragon78 wrote:
How do they get a 36 in a stat?

I would guess they start with a 20.

Stat increases at 4/8/12/16/20 gives them 25.
Book of Inherent Bonus +5 brings that up to 30.
A stat headband/belt finishes them off at 36.

Probably a vain hope, but...
Any chance that the wording allows characters that took prestige classes to get capstones?

Existing published items have stats that say mithral's bonuses already include the masterwork adjustment.

Mithral Full Plate (of Speed) - full plate normally has ACP of -6. This mithral full plate has ACP -3.

Elven Chain - chainmail normally has ACP -5. This has ACP -2.

Unless you hold that "of speed" and "elven" actually increase the armor check penalty, the material portion must reduce the penalty by exactly 3.


Ferious Thune wrote:

Sorry. It was late and I saw a 3 instead of a 4. 20,000 is correct.

A Ring of Invisibility would be a cheaper option. 10,000 with the arcane bond discount.

Yes, but also less useful. With the FAQ that limits its duration, you're looking at spending your first standard action in combat to become invisible until you attack. At that point, you might as well get a spring-loaded wrist sheath and a wand of Invisibility - it would be cheaper. Plus, true seeing or other counters to invisibility get more common by those levels.

Freedom of Movement, however, never goes out of style for a squishy.

GM PDK wrote:
Michelle A.J. wrote:
GM PDK wrote:

I got this.

Q: is all that Arcadian gun sweetness compatible with the spellslinger wizard archetype?

They should work together just fine. The feat line was intended to work together with just about any combination of 'slinger and caster, although some less common ones may have slipped through the cracks.

Zero the Nothing wrote:
Michelle A.J. wrote:

The damage from the force bullet replaces the base damage of the firearm. The clause about bypassing DR is mainly to keep it consistent with Arcane Strike.

And force bullets do not need to be loaded. Using Arcane Strike as a swift action "loads" the gun.

Thank you for the clarification Michelle. How does Spell Cartridges interact with iterative attacks. If you have the BAB for two attacks and use Arcane Strike to "load" your firearm, does it "reload" for the second attack?

Does Spell Cartridges allow for "force pellets" with Scatter weapons?

Yes, it should apply to all attacks in the round you used Arcane Strike

And no, it specifically gives you bullets

Thank you Michelle!

Is this same Spell Cartridge feat PFS legal or not?

Additional Resources says it's NOT legal.

AR wrote:
The feats in this book are legal for play except Ioun Resonance, Infused Spell Cartridges, Lifecrafting, Piercing Chant, and Spell Cartridges.


Alex Wreschnig wrote:
shaventalz wrote:
Alex Wreschnig wrote:
That said, as a downtime activity, it's going to feel like a day job check to some GMs. I'd expect some table variation.


The list in your second spoiler includes "equipment."
The pathfinder chronicle is equipment.
The bonus is a generic bonus to Knowledge (Nobility), rather than one specific use of the skill.

I see no reason why the chronicle (and any other masterwork tool) would NOT be allowed on Day Job checks or checks for the boon.

A discussion of the nitty-gritty details of day job checks (and all the different ways I've seen individual GMs interpret the day job rule) is probably too off-base for this particular thread, but:

In general, there are lots of ways to interpret rules, right? Furthermore, when you've got edge cases like this one where something probably doesn't (but might!) count as an example of an already fuzzy rule, I've found it smart to go in without too many expectations. The inclusion of a +2 bonus to a check on something that is maybe a day job but probably not and maybe applies to a day job but maybe doesn't isn't worth an argument with your GM. In my opinion.

I've had GMs deny Take10 in explicitly-allowed circumstances, ignore PC features, and (I believe) fake die rolls. That doesn't mean I expect table variation on whether those are followed. But you're right, that's a different discussion.

Alex Wreschnig wrote:
In the specific case, you're forgetting the "Permanent bonuses" clause. You need to spend an hour reading the book each morning, which isn't too far away from preparing a spell, but might be enough for a GM to rule that it's not as permanent a bonus as a masterwork tool.

Not quite. You're thinking of the specifically-numbered chronicles from the PFSPrimer. I'm talking about the ones from the Adventurer's Guide and Inner Sea World Guide. Granted, those also take 1d4 rounds to use, so a GM that wanted to ban it would still have a reason...

In that case, the workaround would be just getting a generic masterwork tool. Which, yes, can get into "the GM doesn't like it" territory. Adventurer's Armory 2 made generic tools more permissible, though.


Alex Wreschnig wrote:
That said, as a downtime activity, it's going to feel like a day job check to some GMs. I'd expect some table variation.


The list in your second spoiler includes "equipment."
The pathfinder chronicle is equipment.
The bonus is a generic bonus to Knowledge (Nobility), rather than one specific use of the skill.

I see no reason why the chronicle (and any other masterwork tool) would NOT be allowed on Day Job checks or checks for the boon.


Seconding first aid gloves or a four-leaf clover. Also the Bead of Newt Prevention.

How about a cracked pale green prism ioun stone? 4k for +1 on your saves.

If you didn't want to sell stuff to get 50k and add Con+6 to your belt, think about a pink rhomboid ioun stone. 8k for +2 Con, and if slotted into a wayfinder gives +1 Reflex (helping that Ring of Evasion activate.)

Depending on what spells you use and what their dice cap is, an orange prism ioun stone might help. 30k for +1 caster level (or, if in a wayfinder, 0-4 caster levels.)

Do you have any interesting/unique items on that PC's chronicles?

Do you have some means of constant flight? Ways to see invisible enemies? I'd assume so, but it's worth asking.

What do you do when out of combat?

keerawa wrote:

A Numerology Cylinder is a nice boost when facing creatures with SR.

If you're interested in more of a single big splurge, I love the Necromancer’s Athame or Annihilation Spectacles for a wizard.

The numerology cylinder is not PFS legal.

The necromancer's atheme and annihiliation spectacles only work for specialist wizards, and this one is apparently a Universalist.

Tardin wrote:
Do we know when these options will be available for PFS?

John Compton has said the February and March releases would be up as a batch "later this month." So, in theory, within the next 9 days.



I'd like to get some opinions on how the Necklace of Strangulation works, on the off chance that it comes up.

Specifically, I have a PC that explicitly does not breathe (void kineticist.) Are they immune to the damage?

I'm inclined to say they're still going to die, because the necklace will also cut off blood flow. And presumably just plain "cut", since it's doing 6 dmg per round rather than just suffocating them.

David knott 242 wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:

Thanks for the info.

I really love the phoenix and unicorn bloodlines.

Also a question about the phoenix bloodline arcana...

** spoiler omitted **

That is a good question.

** spoiler omitted **

Flaming Sphere, using alchemist's fire as an optional material component?

Level 2 spell that does (1.5)d6 healing as a move and sets them on healing fire for about a point and a half per turn? Not quite as good as a cleric casting CMW, but can get multiple heals per cast.

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Vidmaster7 wrote:
quibblemuch wrote:

“You have too much time on your hands.”

I have exactly the same time on my hands as everyone else.

I doubt you have as much tyme on your hands as me. I spilled a whole thing of it while I was cooking.

A sage observation.

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Isaac Zephyr wrote:

Oh, I thought of one the other day, though it may be more of an item or metamagic feat than a specific spell.

Spectral Hand lets you deliver a touch spell from range. I can't find something though that would say, let you fire a ray or line from a different point of origin other than a familiar (which even then I think is only touch spells you can deliver).

Why would you want to? Ignoring cover is a big one, changing line of effect. I also just think it would be cool for a wizard to spread their arms and their 3 Scorching Rays come from 3 different points in the room to hit 3 different targets who thought themselves safe.

Eldritch Conduit gets you partway there. No rays, but it lets you fire area-effect spells as if you were where someone else is standing.

Yqatuba wrote:
Is there a spell that blocks telepathy within the area? Sort of like jamming a radio signal?

Both Telepathic Censure and Synaptic Scramble prevent telepathy, but they're single-target spells.

Jhaeman wrote:
PF2: "gives players and GMs alike a taste of the upcoming Second Edition of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game"

But that's really vague. It could mean anything from "uses the full rules" down to "here's what we're doing with goblins now."

I just found this issue; not sure how long it's existed, but I don't think it's been an issue before this week.

When looking at the Product Discussion forum:
If clicking on the link to view new messages in the thread (something like "(2 new)x"), the tab headers for "Product Reviews" and "Product Discussion" may be hidden. Sometimes also the search box.

I'm able to shift+tab to bring some of the content into view, so it looks like it's just running off the top of the container. It seems to be triggered by the link sending me to posts that aren't the top of the current page; selecting the product directly or going to a new post within sight of the top of the displayed page works fine.

It's not on the witch list, but if you get access to it some other way Gravity Bow works on crossbows.

Other than that...

Unerring Weapon (level 1) gives a bonus when confirming critical hits. Not a lot of oomph there, but something.

One you hit 4th-level spells, Named Bullet will add a good deal more oomph. Automatic crit threat, +CL damage, targets touch AC at 30', and can probably be pre-cast (long duration.)


I stand corrected on the "xenophobic vs. native outsiders" bit. I either missed the "creature subtype" bit, or was thinking in terms of humanoids. So yes, it might have helped heading through season 8. I still haven't seen what I'd call "a lot" of native outsiders, but they're at least not as rare as some of the humanoid boon races.

I assume we're not counting deliberately-negative "boons"? Because that one that costs you 1pp per scenario...


Toxic "Slag" Madhammer wrote:

Casting Thread Necro -

Ok, just had a game where we got a scroll during the adventure, but needed to use it in the game.

The scroll appears on the CR.

so - do I have access to scribe the spell into my book?

Basically, does the CR listing give me access to scribe the spell?

My reading of the relevant FAQ: You must still pay.

If you cast from the scroll, you don't have it available in the scenario to scribe from anymore.

The FAQ says scribing from the scroll during the adventure still consumes it as normal, but you don't need to purchase it. If you've already consumed the scroll, how can you consume it again by scribing from it? Your scribing cannot take place "inside" the scenario, so it doesn't trigger the "don't need to buy the scroll" text. In that case, you might as well forget the scroll and just find a friendly NPC to scribe from.


Whisperer in Darkness wrote:

Anulite paprika (none) $3[10] MerchMnfst: 1[fire rst]{when caught on fire} for 8hrs.
Covenant rings (ring) $100(2) MerchMnfst: +1 vs Fear for two.
Lonoma eel (none) $1 MerchMnfst: +2 comp Conc Chk vs motion for 8hr (such as when riding on your horse).
Mantra wheel (none) $450 MerchMnfst: divine scroll activation w/o verbal or somatic & +3 on activation, preload the scroll. In PFS this is especially useful and is essentially two metamagics when in a tight spot.

Mantra wheel is NOT legal for PFS.


I've seen most of them, too... once. On different characters. Short of getting spoilers beforehand, and depending on what scenarios you've already played, the everything-hating PC can very easily never run into anything exotic their entire career.


The major (usability) problem I have with Xenophobia is that the boon races tend to not show up in scenarios.
So yeah, you've got +2 bluff/perception/sense motive/attack/damage against wayangs, tengu, aasimar, tiefling, ganzi, dhampir, fetchlings, and sylphs... but do you ever SEE one of those? Or is it "core races and bestiary monsters" all the way?

I mean, there's a couple scenarios listed as "visit the wayang village and play nice" or "convince the tengu that the PFS is a good thing", but would you really want to send a xenophobe on those missions?

Tryn wrote:
Danny StarDust wrote:
That is basically what most bloodline powers, wizard school abilities, or cleric domain powers do, albeit it a limited uses a day power. So if you use your proposition, that would make all those bloodline/school/domain powers obsolete, since you can cast a "beter" version of it unlimitedly.

Not really.

Most of them have a 1d6+1/2 level - so at Level ten I can do 1d6+5 for 3+Attribute/day...
The fighter will hit with 3x 1d8+10 as often as he like.

The damage bloodline/domain powers are a bad joke...

If they're a bad joke, giving damage cantrips some scaling power would make them a WORSE joke. So yes, it would make those kinds of powers obsolete (if they aren't already.)

If you believe they're already obsolete and useless... well, I can't exactly argue that point very hard.

I wouldn't say "literally" no income, at least not without throwing a "direct" in there as well. FAQs and errata show that Paizo is willing to fix the bugs in their own product, raising customer confidence and making it more likely they'll actually buy the next book when it comes out (even if it looks broken.)

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How about people who can't quite figure out what all those funny lines in the parking lot mean?

Sure, let's just park on the striped area and stick out into the driving lane a little. Or straddle 2-4 spots, because my vehicle is special/unscratchable/too big.


With the latest update to Additional Resources, the spell False Age from Heroes of the Fringe was legalized. The spell says that "your ability scores increase or decrease as appropriate for your chosen age category." How does this interact with the PFS-specific rule on age categories and ability scores?

Pushing Assault specifies a "two-handed weapon attack modified by the Power Attack feat." Armor spikes are a light weapon.


And does a PC incur Infamy if no witnesses survive? Say, if they do various Evil things in a wilderness outpost before burning everything to ashes?


Some of those questions needed an option for "who is this NPC and why should I care?"

Local PFS1 play has been dying out, as far as I can tell, and I've played very little of season 10 (and maybe half of season 9.) As such, I'm only vaguely aware of the new Liberty's Edge guy. The Concordance leader seems too bland to rate accurately, so I've got no real opinions there, either.


Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

Forty-eight games a year is equivalent to a weekly game night at a store -- that sounds fair -- but I'm trying to calculate why we need 25 replays to support 24 PFS1 games? Couldn't some of your games come from your unplayed backlog? Or from APs and modules and such?

(This is assuming that you have an unplayed backlog. I know multiple players in Minnesota who are nearly complete, and can only come in now when we offer new content. I realize that for those players, the 12 a year limit means they only can join us once a month.)

I'm also hoping that the first PF2 adventures are engaging enough that they can take up some of those gaming slots. We're also starting to get more and more Starfinder adventures too.


Even if there was a backlog, that won't last forever. "In perpetuity" was used - this is the long-term view. Some smaller number might work for a year or two, then suddenly become useless.

^ Exactly the command I was thinking of.
"Drown" and "skydive" would also be accepted, as well as a variety of things that really shouldn't be done at a public table.

Even if you stuck with the examples written into the spell, "sleep" was in there.


Personally, I'd much prefer replay option #1 with a decent yearly allotment. Everything else means there's a hard limit on playtime.

Granted, it's entirely possible that local PFS1 play will just stop before I actually hit the replay limits, but that's a different issue.

zer0darkfire wrote:
shaventalz wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Instead of mitigating Burn with Gather Power you use it to boost your stats.
Does it stack with a stat belt and elemental overflow?
I'm not comfortable spoiling the exact text of abilities for the most part, as that would be less of a reason to buy the book, but I'm fine with giving a little more detail.

That's fair; it's just that not stacking with those would have removed some incentive to buy the book.

And now I'm imagining a kineticist that can't stop gathering power or he'll die from the Con loss. Barbarian 3.0 - now with 50% less rage!

Rysky wrote:
Instead of mitigating Burn with Gather Power you use it to boost your stats.

Does it stack with a stat belt and elemental overflow?

Not going to answer everything here, to try avoiding an internet argument.

Cevah wrote:
UMD wrote:
Activate Blindly: Some magic items are activated by special words, thoughts, or actions. You can activate such an item as if you were using the activation word, thought, or action, even when you’re not and even if you don’t know it. You do have to perform some equivalent activity in order to make the check. That is, you must speak, wave the item around, or otherwise attempt to get it to activate.
Actually, UMD does not require you to speak the command word.

Quote the entire rule. For activating blindly, you still need to speak. The standard "use as if it's on your list" bit doesn't have anything removing the need to speak, either.

Cevah wrote:
This does not say that the word must be a particular word. Otherwise, all those wands that you find or buy will need to be researched before you know the correct word to activate. Does that happen in your campaign? Or is the trigger word always found on the item somewhere? The only time this happens to me was on a named item, not a generic one.

Yes, an item has a particular command word. The word may or may not be written on the item - that's part of what the Spellcraft check to ID it is for.

For what it's worth, PFS specifically has the stance (via this FAQ) that most familiars are unable to use magic items that require a command word. Of course, that same houserule is also used to change the item slot table in Paizo material, so YMMV.

Cevah wrote:
Name Violation wrote:
The familiar will have to be able to speak to activate command word items. Better have a raven or thrush familiar.
Speak with Master (Ex): wrote:
If the master is 5th level or higher, a familiar and the master can communicate verbally as if they were using a common language. Other creatures do not understand the communication without magical help.
Any familiar works at level 5 and up.

The ability to chirp and have your master understand you does not imply the ability to speak a command word.

Cevah wrote:
And also the story feat Artifact Hunter that lets you take 15 once or twice a day.

If your GM is fine with retraining your familiar to have a STORY feat specifically devoted to activating all the magic items... well, more power to you, I guess. I wouldn't imagine that to be a common stance, though.

LordKailas wrote:
shaventalz wrote:
I don't think bleed existed in 3.5.
It did, there was a feat in song and silence (which is a 3.0 book) called Arterial Strike which added bleed damage to your sneak attacks. It also has the same kind of wording that we see in pathfinder talking about how a heal check or magical healing ends the effect.

Continuous damage was a thing. Things that deal with blood were a thing. "Bleed", as a term with standardized rules, was not.

LordKailas wrote:

I haven't been able to find anything the explicitly states that fast healing/regeneration stops bleed effects, but I was able to find places that seem to assume this is the case.

Called Shots wrote:
Regeneration: Regeneration provides no special protection against called shots, but it might negate or undo some of the effects, such as bleeding or limb loss.
Hemochem wrote:
Hemochem stops bleeding and promotes healing. A single dose of hemochem grants fast healing for 1 minute. Multiple doses injected do not stack, but they do reset the duration of the fast healing back to 1 minute.

Regeneration and hemochem specifically say they stop bleeding, and also have the effects of restoring HP. That doesn't necessarily mean that restoring HP stops all bleeding. And Fast Healing (the generic term) just says it "acts like natural healing."

Someone could view "bleed damage" as something more severe than "bleeding", and requires real medical attention. I mean, even 1 Bleed would kill an average human in 90 seconds. That's pretty severe.

EDIT: The regeneration example quoted says it (might) stop bleeding, not the rule in general.

MrCharisma wrote:
... In addition, the wearer is immune to bleed damage while wearing a ring of regeneration....

This might be what we're thinking of. It's similar enough that you could count it as precedent (it's based off the spell).

It's possible that this is a legacy thing where fast healing/regeneration healed bleed in 3.5, but i'm not sure.

I don't think bleed existed in 3.5.

OmniMage wrote:

Whoops. I forgot to factor in the weight of the explorer's outfit. 33 lbs + 8 lbs = 41 lbs. Now the minimum Str score for a light load is 12. The wizard may need settle for medium loads or find some alternative.

Does clothing you wear count towards your carry limit? I want to be sure.

When wearing armor, do you wear clothing as well? For example, if you have leather armor and an explorer's outfit, do you wear both?

Clothing seems to count. For carrying capacity, you "total the weight of all the character’s items, including armor, weapons, and gear." Clothing would seem to be an item or gear. I think 3.5 had a line somewhere (maybe errata?) giving you a pass on one set of clothing, but I can't find that anywhere. I also can't find anything like that exception in Pathfinder. So, by RAW... looks like.

As for wearing it with armor - please do. Not even getting into the chafing, but can you imagine someone wearing nothing but a breastplate?

OmniMage wrote:
I'm thinking that this might have been enough. Wearing armor you aren't proficient in adds their armor check penalty to attack rolls. Wizards with their pitiful attack rolls would do well to hold off on getting full plate (-6) until they are proficient. Otherwise, they are going to have extra trouble hitting with their touch attacks and rays.

That's why the armored battlemages use save-based spells instead. Can't aim? Don't care.

OmniMage wrote:
I've been looking into magic items, such as scrolls and staves, and there is no mention of ASF. Does mean that a Wizard in full plate can be fully loaded on scrolls, wands, and staves and suffer no trouble using those items?

Wands and staves use the Spell Trigger method - there's not even enough movement in that to provoke.

For scrolls, the answer is "maybe". The base rules for scrolls say that "using a scroll is like casting a spell for purposes of arcane spell failure chance." However, Pathfinder Society has a specific FAQ that reverses this ruling at PFS tables.

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