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Ey kwit.

Deep 6 FaWtL's doom approaches...

The top of page is perhaps a tad bit too apropos. :)

Don't want to picture that nekkid

Shadow Lodge


Is my whale tail showing?

Liberty's Edge

Ready the bombers!

Traces all the tattoos... all of 'em.

Bird dump incoming!

Flame on!

So many double, triple even, intendres

Here birdie birdie birdie...


Stand back! I have this.

*gets buried by bird dumplings*



I need a cigarette after that blitz

Order! I will have order in this thread!


I'm out of aliases.

329 to go!

The page actually locked up on me a while ago. Are there limits to the PMG's powers? BWAHAHAHA!

Treppa wrote:
329 to go!


Silver Crusade

Freehold DM wrote:
Crimson Jester wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
aeglos wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
BluePigeon wrote:
KFC or Popeye's
No contest, of course. Popeyes is clearly superior.

popeyes don't exist here but KFC came back after 20 years

there may be a KFC for every 10 burger kings and 1 Burger king for every 10 McDonalds
You poor soul. I had no idea you were so deprived as to not have a Popeye's. To think all you have to go by is Kentucky Fried Crap.
You must try it when you get here.
CH and I will take you there, as well as the one fried chicken place that is superior.

Is there a Popeyes in Manhattan?

Everything is going according to plan.

. . .

The End is Nigh.

Shadows are rising to swallow the thread.

Sovereign Court

He speaks to dead threads, and they talk back.

Shadow Lodge

I can't think of anything relatively witty or interesting to say with my few remaining aliases so meh.

Emperor7 wrote:
Treppa wrote:
329 to go!

Perhaps this is why my business is in trouble.

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The end is "neiiiigh!"

Silver Crusade

I am almost surely lost my mushroom.

Where am I now it is like I stopped exiting.

I seem to have lost my name can you help me find it?

Walter says "How can you lose your name if you never had one?"

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

Okay I don't have many alias but I will add my power to the cause as well.

Truly some are a force to be reckonned with.

Yeah what he said.

I don't have a name either.

Well if you were so powerful than why do you have so few aliases?

Sovereign Court

This is a a problem sir why do you think you don't have a name?

I am alive...

Hello everyone just thought I would pass through and see how everyone else is doing.

I protest all this use of alias and not paying the correct fees to do such.

Dark Archive

Night is coming and my time is at hand.

Some say that a man wearing a white helmet stole it from me.

I feel like a brawl this evening no holds barred anyone game?

Eat ? Me hungry now.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

0nly 400 more.

The Nasty Orc wrote:
Eat ? Me hungry now.

Eat Armor?

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