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So who is winning now?

Grandma's Apple pie

While the Count sleeps Anklebiter lights his shows on fire.

Goat Toucher is banned for bad gas.

krevon is banned for having no chin.

Oh well since CR500 does not exist anymore what do you think Lord Frye of the awesomeness of Gruumash?

What do you think of the Awesomeness of Gruumash?

rashly5 is banned for always being surprised.

Schism lost her pupils and irisis looking directly at the sun for too long based on a bet that she won.

Yeah what he said.

Cue Ball is banned for not using enough wax on his head to really make it shine.

kat's eye is banned for spreading rumors.

Winner Winner chicken dinner.

Wish granted you lose your mouth and are unable to eat any more so you can cook what ever you want and no longer need to worry about eating it.

I wish I Led Zepplin would get back together.

I wonder who it will be inquiring minds want to know.

BMO is banned for harming a great nineties band.

Schism is banned for denying me food.

Commander Shepard III is banned for losing his flock.

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What about the hooded figures in the dog park?

Which are still the cries of my victory. Because I am BAD TO THE BONE."

The echos of the cries of my victory?

"Werewolf of London is banned for his jaundice."

SnowJade is banned for not wanting to share his/her pelt with everyone else.

so I think I am winning now.

Wish granted but now were are talking about the mating habits of the eastern swallow.

I wish I knew the mating habits of all birds.

no definitely looks better on Monica give it back to her now.

lucky7 is banned for being such a wussy not being able to taker a beating.

137ben is banned for being so ordinary that he is the 137 Ben out there come on can't you come up with a better name?

lucky7 is banned for dual purposing his duels.

lucky7 is banned for being a speciesist. All are welcome here.

lucky7 is banned for just being jealous because Spanky didn't offer him any.

Dr G is banned for staying at a LaQuinta Inn and thinking it made him smart like if he stayed at a Holiday Inn.

Fortunately I was reading this on my phone so he did not attack me. Plus the fact I wear an adamantine strainer on my head with tin foil to keep away bad signals and stuff like that to begin with.

Yes I am I just work for the orcs. You are just jealous because I was granted the right to wear a hat.

Down with the Revolution.

I thought war crimes can only occur against real European type countries not escaped colonies like Argentina or something like that. I mean is Spain upset that Britian did that? If so I guess restotution should be made if not, why bother.

Now as for democrocies versus facists well lets be honest one group is the baddies and the other is the good guys. Facists groups like to wear skulls on their helmets and hats while the allies have eagles and circles.

Here is a quotation to backup my arguement Facistsarebad.

251.00 for the Doodlebug Anklebiter.

Okay I bump it up to 200.00.

My master needs another cashier for his liquor store.

Doodlebug good news you are going to get your old job back.

Belphegor is banned for calling lucky7 out. Maybe he did not want anyone to know about his alter ego. Sometimes things need to be private man.

Please put clothing on. It is not optional and we don't want to see you in all your glory.

While you do that I will win.

While fixing your spell checker. Which by the way I broke. I win.

See there lads lets keepthings in order here. Stop that rough housing or you'll bring Ross back in here ans we all dont want that.

Oh by the way Gruumash wins.

Don Juan de Doodlebug wrote:
yellowdingo wrote:
Damn Rich Hippies
Although very cute, she doesn't look like a hippie at all. Maybe a hipster?

How can you tell she doesn't look like a hippy? All those hippy types look the same from what I have have heard. Now as for the comment about "When hippys go bad." they have always been a bad element, from what I have been told by my overlords. Always trying to stir up trouble and the like. Real bad seeds I have have heard. Glad they were caught and imprisoned we should use this as an example of what all hippys are like and round them up and put them to work in chain gangs and get all our roads fixed. That is what I think we should do about this problem.

Spanky is banned for spanking clams.

Uncover lover

"The Duelists"

Oh by the way can someone please answer the Vincent Price film questions where he actually played a part and was seen on screen not some voice somewhere.

What about next time? Can we pretty please get a rant?

The untrained ones do.

Wow where did everyone go?

It has been like 5 days and no posts? We can't have that. Come on people come back ... please?

thejeff wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
The Mad Badger wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
It's a very good time to be a plutocrat.
When is it not a good time to be a plutocrat ?

Ain't that the truth.

EDIT: Sorry, Lord Dice, that should've been your line, I know.

Yeah, that was Lord Dice's answer.

Yours was "Russia in 1917."

Get your cues straight.

Thank you for putting that Comrade in his place he ha been giving the rest of us Anklebiters a bit of the business lately.

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