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Get the vrock outta here!

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Ready the bombers!

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The Messageboard Oracle wrote:

A shade walks at noon, when the shadows are at their least. He casts phantom shards of ivory across the altar and studies the result. He 'hmms', then sighs.

Fire and lightning, born of night, reaper of the stars. Northern wind, freezing cold... does she have a sibling?

Then noon is past, the phantom and his sticks fade away, and the shadows begin to lengthen...

SCREEE! Cheap shade didn't even leave an offering!

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The remains of the Vrock Fleet circle the eerie

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A banner flies overhead.

Visit Club Calistria. Our Happy Hours will put a smile on anyone's face!

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The remains of the Vrock fleet flys overhead in a wide circle, carrying a banner

Visit the Newly Remodeled Club Calistria!

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The remains of the Vrock Fleet fly overhead and drop pamphlets...

Dead on Your Feet? Coffin' got you down?
Try Letting Go, the new health drink from

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The remaining members of the Vrock Fleet fly overhead, carrying a banner behind them.

Feeling Low? Fly High at the Place of Winds!

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The remains of the Vrok Fleet fly overhead and drop pamphlets.

Level too low? The Place of Winds has great enhancements for sale. Impress someone special today.
Results may vary.

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The surviving members of the Admiral's doomed fleet fly overhead. They drop pamphlets.

Water Hazard - 2 Stroke Penalty


The Water is a Lie. Who should you trust? Trust the Sky.
Visit the Place of Winds for more information

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The remains of the Vrock Fleet bring the body of their leader to the Place of Winds. Where 100 once flew, only 4 remain. The Admiral's wounds are many. The death blow came from a Defective's adamantium claw.

The warriors take up a keening cry


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Long has the fleet served the Admiral. They give it their all.

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The remaining vrock dive onto the Wraith Lord and especially his foul winged beast.


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100 vrock answer their leader