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45 posts. Alias of Gruumash ..


GoatToucher is banned for squeezing lemons all over the place especially in his eyes.

CC is banned for no one else banning him for quite some time.

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Can't really have this thread without me.

I have returned to take my prize.

Do tell me of the evils worse than accordions?

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I reveal to Goat Toucher all the truly horrible things he has done in his life too him. He is overwhelmed and unable to forget or not think about it. Not wanting to even touch himself he finds a volcano and jumps into it cleansing himself with wonderful purifying fire.

Dr G House MD is the spokesperson for a hemorrhoid cream company ... "I am not just a spokesperson I am a client."

I have returned you may all now bow before my magnificence.

Too bad they lose to me

I will be happy to take his place.

So no word yet on how big Sky Reach is eh?

I am not sure why don't you ask him see what happens? In the meantime I think I will take up my spot here as victor.

My aura of greatness brings Azdalin to his knees and makes him commit suicide because he knows he will never see anything as wondrous an beautiful as my true form again and everything else will pale in comparison going forward.

The Fiend Fantastic is banned for not even trying.


All may now bow before your winner.

I am a friggin Golden God !!!!

"I am a Golden God. All must bow before me."

I am the winner. Nothing else need be said.

Golden god for the win.

I win everything. I am a golden god after all.

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Never split the party so speakith the Golden God.

The Last shall be first and the first last.

Ninjaotic is banned for pretending to be a ninja and not really a ninja. Real ninja's can get anyone anywhere.

Conman is banned for casting the first stone at FuelDrop knowing he is a procrastinator as well.

All should simply bow down before my might and not worry about such silly things I shall give each and everyone of you exactly what you deserve.

Truly some are a force to be reckonned with.

Chrales Scholz is banned because ... I said so.

"Ah put Strawman you choose to set yourself on fire. You may put yourself out when ever you want I neever asked you nor suggested you set yourself on fire."

Strange Doodlebug you tell others not to start or warn them from starting their own relgion ... yet it seems you have done just that. I guess you fear the competition.

Thank you my fine people. Worry not about the ramblings of Anklebiter and his split persona Leafear. They spout out falacies and are misinformed perhaps if we continue on our journey Doodlebug will indeed see the damage he is doing to himself and see that he is indeed one person and not two seperate entities.

Be at peace my children.

The world will only be destroyed if I choose it to be so and I have not decided on that yet. I may not decide to allow you to flee this apocolypse either. For it is in my power to stop it. Ah poor Doodlebug you need only come back and drop your persona and all will be forgiven.

Only if I chose to allow it to be destroyed Leafear.

Worshipping yourself again Anklebiter? Come back to us.

Scism is banned for her divisive behavior can't we can have harmony?

An his true colors show once again ... Anklebiter really come away from the darkside we can still save you.

Walk out from the wilderness Doodlebug and like the prodigal son you will be welcomed with open arms. Save yourself and Emma Caulfield as well while you are at it.

Here is my hand reach out and take it and I can help you be free.

Ah poor Doodlebug you may think you hate us and may even hate us ... but we have nothing but love for you. Return to us.

Monica was asking how you were doing she hopes you leave your dark time soon reach out to the helping hand.

Even Gruumash hopes you find yourself and leave this dark place in your life.

Ah poor Doodlebug again posting as his darker half Leafear.

You can free yourself from this burden Anklebiter we can help you. You need only ask.

I guess using all capitals makes you more important ... or something?

You are working very hard to prove something... Not sure what though.

Free yourself Doodlebug. Only you can do it. Free us all.

You know the truth let the truth free Doodlebug ... let it free.

Please Doodlebug, you can't fight the truth of the matter. You created Lanfear let him go now. You can be free of the burden come worship at a different altar one not has harsh as the taskmaster you created.

Lighten your load my friend. Go do the pleasant things you enjoyed once more and cast off the chains you created for yourself under this persona Lanfear the Lost. For what does that name stand for The network of fear isn't really where this came from? This Lost persona created from the fears of your own mind, placed away until you could no longer hide them. Release all of this and be free.

Come kneel before the one true god. Become my disciple for my new coming usher in a new era where goblins can stand beside others freely without prejudice. Come away from your dark creations Doodlebug cast aside this Lanfear you created in your mind.

Huzzah yeah for me I am a god worship me.