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Here is my current To-Read List:

Receptacle of the Shadow Lich
The Skeleton of the Shattered Basement
Undead Wanderer
Twilight of the Cruel Sarcophagus
The Relentless Shield
The Trumpet of the Space Judge
The Warrior of the Strange Pool
The Draconic Bard
The Pulsing Gloves
The Scroll of the Ancient Island
Invasion of the Reversed Assassin
Hills of the Crawling Scarab
Asylum in the Bloody Hostel
The Council in the Sadistic Harbor
The Library in the Unpredictable Haven
The Secret Egg
The Beach of the Psychic Concubine
Sentient Wanderer
The Crystal Sea
The Mechanical Pirate
From the Deep Ape

GM wrote:
When you go to work, arrive 15 minutes early, leave 5 minutes late, and do what you are told to do.

I'm attempting to have 3 jobs again. Seems harder than before, however.

NEW QUESTION: (need help)

Consider the vertical launch of a two stage vehicle (e.g. a rocket) with
a 1000kg payload and a first stage structural-plus-propellant mass of
100,000kg, β=0.04, I_sp=300s, and thrust of 1.5e6 N. The respective
second stage values are 5,000, 0.08, 350, and 180,000.

a. If gravity and drag are neglected, what is the burn out velocity? Is
this enough to escape the Earth?

b. Assume a uniform gravity field of 9.8 m/s^2 and no other external
forces. What is the burn out velocity? Is this enough to escape the Earth?


What is the square root of nine?

It must be the wind.

5 - 8 = -3

Well, there's always a trip to the Pole of Inaccessibility.
It's never fun and likely deadly.
Gaming while there is probably out.

I'm in: Tesla & Lovecraft: The Dynamo Duo

I need to keep practicing.

wordelo wrote:

yeah now that you mention it he does not have to lift it over his head so even if it was 1000 pounds he can still do it. looking at the numbers I'm not even as strong as I thought I don't think I can lift 115 over my head but I do think I can maneuver 115 pounds of liquid enough to dump it on someone. We can say that someone cast ant haul on him.

so I'll do it like this immersion is 5 x 5 x 5 is 125 cubic feet. 10% of that is 12.5 cubic feet
50 gallons is only 6.7 cubic feet.

so humans (or medium creatures in general) aren't 125 cubic feet they are like 3 cubic feet I think it could be more like if they took a quarter of a square (like 30 cubic feet) to be fully immersed. so 6.7 / 30 is about 22% of full immersion so 22% of 20d6 is 4.4 we'll round up to 5d6.

so if 10% of full immersion is just exposure which is 3 cubic feet 6.7 / 3 = 2.2 times more than exposure. 2.2 times 10% is 22% so this logic supports 5d6 damage

ranged touch for 5d6 damage; splash damage is still 2d6 because of exposure.

I did some more math 30 cubic feet is about 230 gallons and that is how much it should be for full immersion but that is way to heavy for bad guy to lift.

turns out I needed this exact answer too.

Grand Magus wrote:


Here is a trick you can do with money.

Get five bills of the same denomination. For example, five twenty dollar bills,
or five one dollar bills (if you are the 30 year old man-child of an alcoholic father.)

Begin by holding all the bills in your left hand. It is preferable, although not
necessary, to have all the bills face the same direction.

Follow these steps:
1. Count off three bills using your right hand and place them in the center of the table.
2. Count off five more bills and hold them in your right hand. You should now
be holding two bills in your left hand and five in your right hand.
3. Place the two bill from your left hand ontop of the stack on the table.

* At this point, there should be five bills on the table and five in your right hand.

4. Using your left hand count off one by one the bills in your right hand and
place them all onto the stack on the table.

* All ten bills should now be in a stack on the table.

5. Turn the stack so the face on the bills is upright and looking at
you. Look into the eyes of the face on your money.

Clear your mind; hold your mind blank. Now, say quietly outloud to yourself,
"With this money I will ___________." And let your mind fill in a
word on its own. Don't force it, just keep talking until something
actionable comes out.

Now, go spend all your money on that.

Wha la!! All your money is gone again, because you spent it.


This may be the best "magic trick explained."

Grand Magus wrote:
Grand Magus wrote:

I would like to live in its decline, so that I can ride around on a motorcycle fighting for gasoline and energy.


I'm still on board with this opinion.

I'm really looking forward to the war.

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I'm annoyed that today I can't think of anything that annoys me.

Shiney diamonds like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue; something is coming for you.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Ah, the memories...

Now that's a gaming table.

yellowdingo wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:

So, I've been writing all night and morning.

I have designed a game which features a movement phase in which you don't move.

A movement phase in which you don't move.


(I really need to sleep)

been there...done that. Action points are the sum of your six stats and can be allocated to actions. Simplified the hell out of RPG.

Do you get them *all* back at the beginning of your next turn?

Liz Courts wrote:
We still have quite a few Dragon and Dungeon issues as well.

Can we still buy them?

The new Conan the Barbarian comic book launches next week.
> Conan the Barbarian #1 <

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Conan #3 comes out soon, I mean John Wick 3.

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It annoys me Gravity is a Central force and is proportional to 1/r².


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The spider living above my bathroom sink annoys me.

How many countries are there?

How many Continents are there?

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Poisson clumping can be annoying at times.

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Asmodeus' Advocate wrote:

Who's manipulating who now? And to what end?

I'm assuming here, but I'm willing to bet that neither of us ever went to the moon using slide rules. And there were plenty of stupid people in 1969.

A tangentially related xkcd, about how people tend to idealize the past.

It's a quote from >this< video.

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They have been able to manipulate us and go from a generation that went to the Moon using slide rules, doing the math in their heads, to a generation surprised the movie "The Titantic" is based on a true story.

>too much turkey<

Pop quiz: If you are running in a race and you pass the guy in 2nd place, what place are you in?

In one dragon centric game session, the dragon was sleeping
in a dormant volcano. A secret back-entrance into the dragon's
burrow -- specifically into the rear of the burrow where
most of the treasure has been pushed -- was discovered after
investigating and putting together a series of clues (secret
back-entrances are a Gold Standard in dragon scenarios btw).

The way started at an old town behind the mountain in which the dragon
slept. A caved in mine shaft is unearthed (know from a clue.) The secret
door is found leading to a lost museum of Dwarven artifacts (existence of
lost museum another set of clues.) At the far side of the museum, a wall
has caved in (the linchpin clue discovered last) and a pathway into
lava tubes (maze) found open.

An open lava tube leads upwards into the dragon's nest. And... oh wait,
the dragon sensed the party's approach (because they were arguing about
every little detail), so, of course, gruesome fight leading to a few PC deaths
and an eventual retreat.

It was glorious.

Star Trek 2d20

Shakespere games would work best in a 2d20 system.

As a rule, I work in some type of Dragon based encounter about every 15 game-sessions. Because Dragons are fun.


Electric Wizard wrote:

Here is an open question: You are in a Host fighting a few Spiders and some IC. How far can you move in one round inside a Host (not the Matrix)?

Did you get this question from playing the video game and wondering how to translate it into the TTRPG?

Thank you

Money wrote:

Bear here, Bear there.

Help me mark all these 1 post threads as spam in >otherRPGs<

Good idea, it's simple enough to do.

That >this< video says 1910 and not 2018 ...

Here is a question for the space gamers: You have a lander and you've
tasked it to set down on a small moon and take mining samples. This moon
has a proto-atmosphere. As the lander leaves orbit and approaches the
moon, you know the lander will fall towards the moon at a constant 1000 miles/hour
(the proto-atmosphere is enough for drag.) Luckily, you had a good year
so far and had the credits to buy a retro rocket which will decelerate
your lander at 20,000 miles/hour² (this is its acceleration-factor that
you purchased. It is constant, and the moon's gravitation acceleration
is included in this number. It's a good retro rocket.) So, seriously, at
what Altitude above the moon's surface should I fire the retro rocket so
it comes in for a smooth landing (that is, its velocity = 0 just as its
altitude = 0 at touchdown) ?

high G wrote:

People who can't learn how to do Calculus annoy me.

Quite frankly, the >Catenary< problem has always annoyed me, and even Galileo made reference to its suckage.

People who think Greedo could have gotten a shot off first against Han Solo annoy me.

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People who think Cthulhu could beat Godzilla in a fight are annoying.

Into the dirt >his< will be done. Now feel your fear.

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People who say, "I want to be a game programmer." Then when you ask
them how much code they wrote in the past few weeks, they answer with
something like, "None but I read a Python book last summer."

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People who can't learn how to do Calculus annoy me.

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His universal ability to look good in Chain Mail or a Pimp Suit with Jaguar?

Tensor wrote:
drunken_nomad wrote:

ok. here it is. Conan vs. Ripley.

Hudson: Let's just bug out and call it even, OK? What are we talking about this for?

Ripley: I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Hudson: f*%&in' A...

Burke: Ho-ho-hold on one second. This installation has a substantial dollar value attached to it.

Ripley: They can *bill* me.


If Superman picked up Conan and threw him into the Sun:

Conan would hang out for a while and enjoy the warmth. Later, when he missed his girl he would cut the Sun in half with his battle axe; the explosion would throw him back to earth.

Falling through the vacuum of space at absolute zero temperatures, he would enjoy the view on the way in and think deep thoughts about the nature of Man and existence.

When he landed he would look for Superman.

He would say, That was hot but after a while I wanted to chill out.

Soon after landing, John Wick walks up to Conan and hands him a gun.

Conan says, "Thanks Johnny Utah. And, Vaya con Dios."

John Wick says, "You know that really means `go with God`?"

Conan nods his head.

Hugs and butter.

I'm having major surgery tomorrow. If you don't hear from me again by next
Tuesday, then I've taken the long nap.

John Wick == Conan the Barbarian

Look At Me

Grand Magus wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:

But what makes the character so enduring? I’m going to start with:
  • Gritty Action
  • Hawt Chicks (See my note below)
  • A well thought out setting
  • L. Sprague de Camp’s taking over the Conan character after Howard’s suicide kept the character in print.
But what else added to the continuing value of the character

my note below** spoiler omitted **

  • Conan's tactics are Napoleonic and as a result capture a reader's imagination
    with an orchestra of speed and death. The reason this is not mentioned more often
    is his typical reader has never studied Napoleon's system of war for themselves
    and is thus unable to recognize it. Obviously L. Sprague de Camp, a well read man, did.
  • * Conan is an archtype: order being brought to chaos. This is always an exciting story to read, in any domain.

  • One of the many things I hate about living in a statist society is the helpless feeling I get when desperately hoping that mediocre people can find some way to do the right thing.

    Demonstrate how:

    1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + ... = -1/12


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