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Here are twelve signs of the ‘modern mystic’ based on <someone else's> years of experience (and research):

1. You find it hard to fit in or belong in this world and crave to find some kind of “home”
2. You feel dissatisfied with your life (no matter how much material success you experience)
3. You feel aimless and lost, and yet feel called to create a meaningful change on this planet
4. You feel disillusioned by various religious, self-help, and spiritual paths (aka. many of these paths feel superficial and not “deep enough” for you)
5. You intensely crave a God/Divine-filled life
6. You’ve undergone a Spiritual Awakening, Kundalini Awakening, and/or Dark Night of the Soul
7. You feel everything intensely (as a highly sensitive person and/or empath)
8. You crave solitude and enjoy introspection
9. You’ve experienced spiritual crises of some sort (such as the quarter life crisis, existential crisis, Dark Night of the Soul, etc.)
10. Ever since childhood, you’ve been a deep thinking and contemplative person
11. You long to unite with something Greater than you and sense that the ego is a sham
12. You’ve had transitory glimpses of Oneness, Illumination, or ‘Enlightenment’

Also, you can count to 12.