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[Insert description of the robbery of Ventor's potato.]

Scarab Sages

[Insert description of washing, dicing, cooking, and delicately spicing of Ventnor's potato - dragon-potatoes make the BEST vindaloo!]

Throws Tvashtri Abdul Khasis in with the potato. YUMMMMMIE !!!!!

No, no, no! You add the human in last! They cook faster than potatoes.


& Pork's Butt.

Sovereign Court

Humans taste better raw, all fresh and struggling, you can keep your horrible, nasty taters!

That is very unhygienic. You should be ashamed!

Oh, that's just dandy. Eating humans. I am sure neither me nor any of my alts would do such a thing. For shame, you guys!

*spits out a boot and kicks it out of sight, the looks all innocent at Sissyl*

Fairies wear boots, you gotta believe me...



Scarab Sages

Uhr, I'm not human - not entirely, anyway. Can I go? May I remind you that I am certainly sufficiently inhuman that I do not boil well.

AND I was cooking for MYSELF, I'll have you know! I would have been happy to share - well not with Mr. Nasty, I mean no disrespect or ill will, but I DO know better now - but the rest of you have been so rude that you can forget it! Hmph!

Sovereign Court

Yes, that's it Tvashtri Abdul-Khasis, act like one of those awful Leng spiders. It's not like they are your hated enemy who constantly try and steal your recipes or anything!

As much as I hate interrupting...

Look! AoZK is stealing the win!

Yet i win for now.

Q: How many wins must a man win, before he can say he has won?

A: Sixteen. Sixteen wins in the wind will wend a woven way all through the great forest of oak trees. Yes!

Better one win in the hand than sixteen in the forest.

Looks like the win slipped right through your fingers.

Now it is you who has the lack of fingers!

I don't hold the Win with my fingers.


*flies away*

Not so fast! :clenches:

GoatGroper be clenching fist in frustr...fruztr...anger, for Poog catched Win with butterfly net.

Poog run away with win, gnyahahahahaha!

That isn't my fist I'm clenching. You caught a tennis ball.

I don't think it's natural to clench that tightly. You might want to see a doctor about that.

Sovereign Court

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He did. The doctor told him to leave and never come back. I think the clinic has been burned to the ground now.

I can confirm it was burned to the ground, if it was within 50 km of here. Along with all the trees, and the buildings, and everything really. I must continue to improve the Death Ray™ more.

I'm sorry to inform you, Goddity, that the copyright on the term "Death Ray" ran out 2 months ago and has been acquired by Disney. You'll have to stop using it.

I'm calling it the Death Ray™ and anyone who says I can't will find out why it has "Death" in the name.

Scarab Sages

Really?!? An authentic 'Death Ray' of your very own? How scintillating! I don't suppose you have any spare blueprints?

Sovereign Court

You have to tell him why you want one. As for the clinic, yes it is (or rather, WAS) within 50km of here but the doctor who had the misfortune of seeing GoatToucher set it ablaze before the mass destruction of everything else. Don't believe me? Ask Message Board Troll, he was in the clinic at the time.

Goddity wrote:
I'm calling it the Death Ray™ and anyone who says I can't will find out why it has "Death" in the name.

I say this to you as a friend; do not try to fight the Disney lawyers. There are things worse than death.

Why does no one ever build a life ray?

Meh. I tried it. Sure, it can heal goiters, minor lacerations, hangnails and, for some reason, alopecia, but really, it also produces tons of other life, usually in the form of bacteria, mold, rats, or at times otyughs. Too much of a hassle and no commercial potential.

It's rather unfortunate that the ray has no effect on hang-tennails (the most radical of skin conditions).

Sovereign Court

Yes, it's always been far easier to destroy rather than create.

*Quickly and secretly closes desk drawer containing the perfect Life Ray™.*

Besides, that kind of power can be easily abused.

*Shudders at the thought of GoatToucher using such a device.*

What would happen if we fired the Life Ray™ and the Death Ray™ at the same target?

Sonic boom? an effect likened to an atomic bomb? try it. you know just for science.

Since opposites attract, I hypothesize that the Life Ray and the Death Ray will fall in love with each other.

Which leads to The Big Bang Theory.

did you realize this thing has been going for five years?

forget about that im hungry . . . .

Sovereign Court

Five years? Really? Well, in that case, here's a cake to celebrate the thread's birthday! Enjoy!

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Not quite yet. 28 days to go. But then we eat cake!

Este es el hilo que nunca termina
Simplemente sigue y sigue mis amigos
Algunas personas comenzaron a publicar en ella sin saber lo que era
Y van a seguir publicando en ella para siempre sólo porque ...

I have always thought so, but then, where does one get that many nude firemen on such short notice?

Sovereign Court

No GoatToucher, we're NOT going to throw one of those 'Boonga Blunga' parties you introduced. Especially, after what happened last time!

What did happen last time? I drank some amnesia potion to forget, and I'm curious.

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I could give you a potion to restore your lost memories. It only costs 5 $. Another amnesia potion, of course, costs 20.000 $. Just like last time.

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