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And I'll be Tiny Tim!

And I'll play Marley. Both of him.

Who's directing? I want a pay rise.

Scarab Sages

And I want a better part! It isn't normally like me to be a prima donna, but I'm just saying, Conan: The Musical is still begging me on their hands and knees to return to the production....

a door is a door is a door is a door
unless it is open and then it is ajar

Perfect audition! You can be Scrooge.

Sovereign Court

Who's in charge of the wardrobe department?! The costumes needed to be here yesterday! How can I be the ghost of Christmas present, if I don't have the costume?! Oh, whatever shall we do?!

We were just going to stuff you into a giant present, and hope everyone is too distracted by the pun to realize how stupid the costume is.


And when do I get my dramatic death scene?

[Splits Goddity in 2 with a wicked looking greatsword]

Well, there you have it.

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I nominate The Fiend Fantastic to play Mr. Fezziwig. He's just such a happy guy.


I propose a game of Pretend you're Xyzzy.

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Xyzzy? What? The genteel imp servitor from Sacrifice?

Wait...yeah! We should TOTALLY do a Christmas Carol/Sacrifice crossover!

The Cards against Humanity clone online.

I gave it a few goes, so wrong man, so so wrong ^^, hilarious though.

Sovereign Court

I bet it was! Beyond that, I believe that TFF would make a fine Mr Fezziwig.

I think we need to settle this. Therefor, I challenge someone to a duel! Choose your weapons.

Yu-gi-oh cards!

Very well then!

Initiative: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (20) + 1 = 21

I activate my trap card!

1d100 - 2 ⇒ (58) - 2 = 56

Now you have to give me 2 of your eyelashes.

But I spent all my eyelashes summoning The Closet Clown. Good thing I have a trap trap card. Now give me two eyelashes.

Cards? Cards be bad!

[Chops to bits all cards]

Sovereign Court

Poog, I'm sorry to tell you this, but you just destroyed the very items needed to summon Zarongel.

Which was all a part of my plan. I now summon Legnoraz the Forbidden One!

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Goddity wrote:
But I spent all my eyelashes summoning The Closet Clown. Good thing I have a trap trap card. Now give me two eyelashes.

*stands in summoning circle impatiently tapping foot*

Nice eyelashes. Whaddya want?


Scarab Sages

Uhhhh...*looks around*

Hey, Message board troll! I see you up there, come down here! I've got someone here who actually WANTS to see you in your special meat-and-doughnut lingerie!

*dons protective ViewMaster, looks at pictures of Cambrian life-forms, artisan cheeses, artisan cheeses shaped like Cambrian life-forms, and Cambrian life-forms that look like artisan cheeses*

I want...

A shrubbery!

Scarab Sages

Oh, that's an easier one - here!

Very well then. You are free to leave. I return thee to the plane of closets.

I get the feeling that we stopped playing card games a while ago.

Nonsense! Life is a game of cards.

Scarab Sages

And wouldn't you know it, it's full of deuces, knaves, and jokers.

I'm all in! *dumps GT's "leftovers" pail on the card table.

*eats leftovers*

*eats pail too*


Sovereign Court

I fold, there's no way I can win against a hand like that!

*Puts cards on the table, revealing a straight flush.*


I know! Let's go caroling!

On the first day of Christmas, GoatToucher got for me...

The winter solstice. That's what. I hope everyone enjoys this, the longest night of the year. Get's enough sleep and stuff.

Or no sleep.

No sleep for sleep for anybody here.


I've never won anything until now! Mom will be so proud.

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Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

I guess she is still going to be disappointed in you at least you are consistent. As you are no longer the winner that is me.

Winner that is Me is the name of my prog rock-funk-classical neo-medieval band.

Too bad they lose to me

You lose to Poog, you shame yourself.

Poog is a tasty treat thank you

Sorry, gotta pay your tasty treat tax.

Sovereign Court

So, you're a money lender now, Ventnor? I suppose that'd be appropriate.

~all I want for Christmas is to win this thread ~

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