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It's as true now as it was then: Fire good.

If I shout "MOVIE" in a crowded firehouse, does that make me a bad person?

Yes ... Yes it does you even though you are not a person you are a dragon you should not be talking at all during a movie.

Good things he's talking during the fire then.

Did someone say fire? Produces saucepan with lid, oil, and popcorn. (After several minutes...) These are called firemen? They are not very hot.

You forgot the Ultra-Jalapeño.

This is the title of an incredibly popular manga about a young Japanese man working at becoming a chef in a Mexican restaurant in Tokyo.

But... but.... Waterhammer has "water" in his name. He can't like fire.

Logical inconsistency. Shutting down internal software.

At last! My evil plot has come to fruition! With Goddity shut down, no one will be able to stop me from posting last and winning this thread!

Say what, now?



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You're one to talk, Sissyl.

I am.

Me too!

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I'm Henry LVIII, I am, I am!

Sovereign Court

Ask me if I care, on second thought, don't bother. I don't! ;-)

I care.


Sometimes, being deep isn't always a positive quality.

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WHO CARES I win like always.

Not so much

Due to an unexpected auto repair I am selling the win for $2000.00.

SOLD! Best Two thousand bucks I ever spent!

Yay I can tell the kids Christmas is back on!!

Disclaimer I'm single with no kids so the car repair is an annoying setback and not an outright disaster.

Sovereign Court

Destroy the car utterly, then you won't have to worry about fixing it and you can get a new one.

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And don't forget to burn it down for the insurance money! Then you burn the insurance money to hide the evidence. It's the perfect crime!

Time to shave. :disrobes: Happy Holidays, everyone!

I'm gonna rub my "business" on whoever posts next.

I'll find a way.

Don't worry folks! He's bluffing!


Scarab Sages

NO. NO. *rubs Poog's nose in it* See that? NO.

He did it again?

*Firebolts the gobbo*

DOWN POOG! You little runt, begone!

Now where were we? Ah yes, i won.

Sovereign Court

Congratulations! ;-)

People before you have claimed victory. You might note that they are gone now.

And then they reappear like nothing ever happened.

Like this!

Waterhammer? But I thought you fell off of that bridge back in Season 2!

Sovereign Court

Fell? FELL!? You pushed him off!

Ventnor pushed him? But that solves the leading unresolved mystery through season 8! This ruins the next season! Quick! Improvise!

It was a clone.

I join,go back in time to season 2,then push everybody off the bridge.


Unfortunately, the person you pushed off was my evil twin brother.

Well, evil in this case being relative. I still could have stopped it and chose not to.

Sovereign Court

You guys should be more focused on season 9, that's when we do our take on Charles Dickens' a Christmas carol. I'm already booked as the ghost of Christmas present and I believe Goddity is the ghost of Christmas future.

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Oh! Oh! Do I get a part?

Hey, you guys still think I win? Great!

Nice try, Last One to Post, but you don't show up 'til season 37!

POOG!!!! POOG!!!!! POOG!!!!!

Scarab Sages

*turns Poog to stone*

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____.... ____..... ____.....

Sovereign Court

Yes IHIYC, you get the part of bob cratchit, who in this adaption has to hide in closets to see just how much people are spending.

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