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Oh no! She's learnt the truth about her true role! Quick brainwash her!

i think i am in over my head here . . . can any body take time to explain to a poor defenseless chimera what in the world is going on here?
*attempts to look cute but ends up looking more frightening than before*

Ah! Finally! I'm not a stone anymore. I must say, it took quite a while for me to get out of that one. Say! what on earth is going on here?

. . . this just went from weird to bizarre . . .
and GoatToucher . . . nah forget it. your beyond help.

is that 20$ or 20,000$ ????

forget about that im hungry . . . .

did you realize this thing has been going for five years?

Sonic boom? an effect likened to an atomic bomb? try it. you know just for science.

a door is a door is a door is a door
unless it is open and then it is ajar

i want some cheese . . . would bill like some cheese? *holds peice of cheese out to Bill The Gerbil*

no! no eating the gerbil! you'll make Grandpa mad!!!

are you on capital hill?

*swimming in the whipped cream* ahh this is the life

*arghh! you shot him
*of course! he came at me with a banana!
*you shot him!

thus disarming them

actually Uri Meca, i believe that goes against the rules on this one. and you stop that Mr. Molten . . . molten . . that sounds like a kind of cheese, did you know that?

pizza wins everything . . .

you and one army!!

I'm a girl . . .

what!! but i didn't get to finish my head!!

and i will finish off this head as well. nom nom nom

so these faces i chewed off are free? in that case i'll take some more.
nom nom nom

nom nom nom (chewing faces) . . . so how much did this one cost?

and what about cute little baby Chimeras? (starts singing) I want to bite everyones face off...

than last time or from the original price?

oh and look CHEESE! (eats the cheese he was holding in the other hand) nomnomnom

. . . um . . okay. i am so confused. oh well . . oh look steak! (eats the steak he was holding)

will this ever end???? oh well . . (sighs) . . will nice little ratty come out for a peice of nice sharp cheddar cheese or would he rather a nice thick slab of steak? (holds a nice looking peice of chees on one claw and a steak in the other)

. . .

*sitting in the background watching all this eating cake* nom nom nom

zZZ . . wait did some one mention Cake???

*yawns, curls up, and falls asleep on top of the win*

*sighs* ah . . i guess it is naptime.

*nom nom nom* ??? what in the world is going on???

can i have it ? ? ? oh why look i found the win *pulling it out from underneath him*

i was having fun though . . *glances at smores* oh . ok . . . *hands Triphoppenskip the stick and walks back to the smores*

*munching away on smores that people left lying around*
i take over grandpa! takes a stick and beats Fred (aka. Message board troll) over the head

hey! don't hurt Grandpa! he gave me smores!

mmmh smores *munch munch* hey i didn't even get to hit him.

my smore! *sobbing* can i have another one Grandpa? *sniff*

*munch munch* mmmmmmm so good *dreamy look on face*

wait! forget the win! . . . can i have another smore?

ha! I'm back! and i now have the win!

*makes saving throw on 'Lust' but gets turned to stone* Baldomor! get me out of here now!

Never!*runs out again at lightning speed*

I have said it before and will say it again NO ONE PUTS A CHIMERA IN A CORNER! *runs out of corner*

mmmh *lick lick* this is good *eating everyone's smore* Give me another!*throws down the glass of tea*

not for long! *catnip stuck in his mouth*

catnip *munch munch*

never! *grabs the win*

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