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Thoitie doyty boids asittin on the coyb, a boypin and a choypin.

Thirty dirty birds, sitting on a curb, burping and chirping.

Do I win?

Not anymore.

Sovereign Court

Waterhammer was supposed to tell you want you have won Ventnor, but don't worry I will give you this: a small box containing a a deadly plant that attacks the first thing it sees. Caution, make sure it is your worst enemy and not you who opens the box first.

NOW you tell me!

Hey guys!

Sovereign Court

Hey TFF! I hear you and GoatToucher were the inspiration for two robot characters in Futurama (robot devil and hendonismbot respectively).

Wow! Thats so very interesting! I'm sure that all of our lives have been greatly improved now we know that!


Nobody told me anything about it, someone's going to be in for a burning.

A burning, you say? How delightfully macabre.

Joffrey! The chocolate sauce! :is painted with said sauce by an attendant: Oh yes!

A burning! I like fire. Its pretty...

Let's have some more then!

Fire bad!

You know what else is bad? The Power Glove.

You can always tell is someone if suspicious if they don't like fire. Because secretly, deep down inside, we all like fire.

Fire can solve all problems, including too much fire.

Sovereign Court

I actually agree with that, after all, on cold winter's night you turn not to flighty air, stone-hearted earth or wishy-washy water to keep you warm.

Cleanse them with fire.

Magma. Dog magma.

How does one melt a dog, exactly?

You start with a pot of boiling oil.

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Go on... :unziiip:


*Runs away.*

Sovereign Court

Wow, look at Schism go!


Use your imagination, GoatToucher, use your imagination.

He is, that's the problem.

Yet another problem that fire can fix!

Fire: It's nature's candy!

I thought it was a flower.

Fire comes in many wonderful forms.

And it has many wonderful purposes.

Sovereign Court

Absolutely! :-)

Non flammam non gaudium est.

(No flame is no fun)


*tosses a fireball at GoatToucher*

:inhales deeply: Bracing!

:begins doing calisthenics as his clothes burn away:

Okay. I'm bored of fire now.

Let's talk about lasers instead.

Or maybe not and just let me win this thread.

Blah blah blah.

Wah Wah Wah



Sovereign Court

Stop! Don't the four of you realise that you are reciting an ancient, forbidden ritual? Now stop all this madness before...

*Ominous noises of doom.*

Too late! The unspeakable horror has come!

Scarab Sages

How ya doin'?

Great Scott, Marty! I forgot where we parked the DeLorean!

You parked it in the closet. How do you think Clowny Daggers got here?

Eh. Scott isn't that great.

Passable Caesar's Ghost!

Sovereign Court

Why aren't any of you running? Do you not value your lives?

*Runs all the way to a nice secluded spot with a private beach.*

Well, at least I'm safe. Too bad for the other sorry beggers.

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*jumps out of the sand and eats AoZK*


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Scarab Sages

*paints and decorates Bleached Otyugh to look like Twilight Sparkle*

*butters GoatToucher with a comically oversized butter knife, sticks him in a comically oversized toaster oven*

Sovereign Court

*A group of Kuthonites (lead by GoatToucher) perform the Avatarisation Ritual on a lifeless clone body of IHIYC, that has been tortured to resemble Zon-Kuthon (me), allowing me to return yet again.*

And that, folkes, is how I and the other deities come back. Albeit in the form of an avatar.

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