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KahnyaGnorc is just trying to obscure his guilt with inanity.

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The Clown Prince of Closets makes the cheese in his secret laboratory.

Gremlins from the Kremlin has been promoted to Chief of the Overbite Police.

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Just a flesh would.

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Fluffy meat!
My favorite.

Fang Thang.

I hate the red flower.

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Don't do it Droogami. You will only regret it.

with a side of Mowgli on the uh... side.

There is no competition. I have already won.

Sulfur bomb.


...Scooby Snacks.

Ultrageek is banned for being a ninja wannabe.

Banned for not sharing the shark sushi.

I thought it was a flower.

Supposedly it contains the secret of the Red Flower.

The next poster once hosted a tea party and in which Sir Hiss, Nagaina, Kaa, Asmodeus Poisonteeth and Nagini were the guests.

I hate mustaches.

I am released.

Ventnor isn't really a dragon. He was jealous of Molten Dragon and shapeshifted.

Molten Dragon is a shortened version of his real name: Moldynarius Dragonandonandon.

Banned because I am at the bottom of the page.

Banned for being too skinny to eat.

Banned because no one has banned since Sunday.

You are too busy being annoying to win, so I will take it off your hands.

Banned for pretending to be the Kung Fu Panda.

Jurassic Bard wrote:
You still haven't answered the question.

Since Khan means King, you have to ask.

Another tasty morsel.

100% Carnivore.

I am a big cat, and the answer is NO.

I am not Humanity, and glad of it.

*Runs into Grodd's treehouse and flicks the red flower off tale.*
*Takes win as compensation for indignity inflicted by said gorilla.*

Never too busy to take the win.

Blackbird pie. Sounds yummy.

Kills the poog for having the red flower.

Poog is banned for sleeping in said closet.

I ate a fat pink baby once, made me hungry for more.

The next poster is a poster child for the wee willie winkies.

The clown who is scared of children.


This one had a glorious tiger head instead of a paultry lion head.

The next poster spent time in the foreign legion.

Carnage Jr.

I ate a trail of children I found in the woods, led me right out.

The next poster was supposed to be on that field trip, but wasn't.

Did someone call for the great Shere?

*Rips the bag open with very sharp claws. Takes the WIN when it falls out.*


I did say that.