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Back to your sarcophagus, mummeh.

Ho Hum you lose..again

Poor horse. I shall report this to ASPCA.

Yeah It's a tough life, but as long as the advice, rules and suggestion sections are on the boards...what's a horse to do

There's always the glue, *ahem*. I live in the South, where stories, complaints and er, tales of "conquests" are often repeated ad nauseam. You can get used to it too.

I am still the victor here all can now go home and never return.

See what I mean

Well, that's the point of this game.

You can take boat ride too. Cost only one gold coin.

How far will a gold mask get you? All the way to the WIN!

Considering it hasn't got you across the River Styx, I'd say it won't go far.

AM O-GERR strong, AM O-GERR win.

Worship me!

*burns Banjo for warmth*

Holds paws out to the fire.

There's a terrible chill in the air tonight.

Indeed. And the fog is rolling in over the hills. Very spooky, and the cats all want to cuddle.

I see this as a precursor to something awful.

Could be, could be. Definitely the West Coast's answer to Innsmouth, so the next thing we hear might be chants of "R'lyeh! R'lyeh!". Makes me glad we're up on a hill.

At least, the air is dry here. Veterans Day was nice and sunny. Tonight is just quite cold. I would say that it's unseasonable, but there's no such thing in Arkansas.

Wait, you're in Arkansas and the air is dry?! How'd you get that to happen?

The state's weather is as backwards as the rest of it.

Move to a state where everything is foreward, like Arizona or Nevada.

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Channel Energy Class Ability, Pg. 40 for the win

Oh why the sad face

The Inquisition goes poorly today.

Twirls a red hot poker

The Iron maiden wont close shut and the confessions are dubious at best.

Care to volunteer?

Cold again today.

Aren't you dead and immune to that kind of stuff?

Not dead enough.

it is better to be cold than on fire. Trust me I know.

When you have an inner fire, you will always win.

So you agree I win? Since I am on fire everywhere.

Oh sure put on a show about undead and they come out of the woodworks.

Bunch of johnny come lately's!

You're just full of cliches, aren't you?

You know they say, those who can win, those who can't repeat.

If Pete and Repeat are on a surfboard...

*Heads towards water but refuses to drink*

You can feed a horse peanut butter, but you can't make it like ceiling fans.

Sage words, Sage Words.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh No they are back !!!!!!!! Run for your lives. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pfft. He has no mouth.

Says the undead without skin

Oh, go fly a UFO.

Done and done dead guy

I didn't see it. Do it again.

YAAR, t'day's special be nothin'. Nothin' be special. Ye are not special.

If you use, apparently it's Jack Keane Day.

Link please.

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