Last one to post wins

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Keep it up laughing boy ... I still win.

Punts the thread's resident gnome

I win.

Winning and laughing

I lose!

*grunts in agreement*

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icehawk333 wrote:
I lose!

For the first time in recorded history, I cannot dissagree

*for nth time in history, Cpt. Arguemental loses his hat in a fire*

Move over worm, let a real Wyrm handle this.

I Win.

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I claim victory!

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You lose again. To me.

And I seize the victory from the jaws of the defeated.

You are not even having jaws, brain of bird!


Shadow Lodge


*shakes head*

Could I just sneak in here and win?
Thanks ever so much.

You're welcome. Go ahead and show yourself out.

While I sneak in and win.

No, kitty! That's a bad kitty!

There's no such thing.

Cats are inherently evil.

Yes we are. That is why we Win!

Bah! Fawful has so much more evil than furry catness!

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Evil is overrated and usually loses anyways. So I win.

Did you drizzle rage dressing on the kingdom next door? Fawful thinks not!

Do you make humans wait on you hand and foot, and give nothing back? Now that is evil. BTW - Win!

Shadow Lodge

Hey Kitty, Run off now before you get hurt

Fawful tried... Fawful gave the 110 percents... Fawful worked the overtime... Fawful was the team player... Fawful put in the hours... Fawful got the hands dirty...

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Fawful still lost and Gruumash still won. because Gruumash is Awesome.

Fawful vacuum up Orcness's Awesoming! *vshhoooooooooooooomph!* I have many chortles!

Fawful will get in house now and go to time out

My dad can beat up your...oh wait, I can beat you up myself.


Fawful is seeing mirageifying?

Red Bull is awesome. Drink enough and watch me win.

*already has wings*

*now has steak*

Dragon go now before Fawfuls Dad opens upa can of fawful whoop ass

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Still not as awesome as me. I win.

You must understand, all of you: halflings do not exist - they are a figment of your imagination.

Upon this solid philosophical foundation, I affirm:


You are not of the having fatherness! Fawful has no father! FAWFUL HAS FURY!!

Your affection for furry creatures is well documented, Fawful, and not one to be proud of.

After this stern reminder, everyone will no doubt concede that I win !


You, and i, all lose.

All but me, that is.

Fawfuls dad is claiming of victory and for teaching young fawful of the fury

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All fawlfuls lose and the awesomeness of Gruumash triumphs.

Punches Gruumas in the bread basket

*pecks Diana's head*

Shoots VCoB with a pellet gun

*shoots a gout of flame at APD*

*Calmly strolls by the chaos and wins.*


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