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Oh with the burning! It high-fives Fawful's face!

*flies away from the lava*

Where is from the coming of the volcano? This there was not being before.

[a voice from the sky]

"You all seem very occupied. In the meantime, I win ! Your mothers would not be proud of you !


I am the winner. Nothing else need be said.

*vacuums up mask*

Fawful's headgear having only half power thanks to nasty claws of the grabbing, but I am thinking it is enough to KO you, the King of Stupid!


IT IS GO TIME! FOR YOU!! And DOWN is the direction you will be GOING!!

Hmmm. this post looks familiar

There is in the echoing.

The echos of the cries of my victory?

No! The echoes of the song that has the repeating for forever in your head, the song that is the melody of your badness sung by a dog that is ugly.

Which are still the cries of my victory. Because I am BAD TO THE BONE."

The bone that is buried in the yard of dismay by the ugly dog of your failure, fink-rat.

Whilst you two chew the proverbial fat, I sneak in and win...

Cats are sneakier. That is why I win.

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I am always on patrol, you cannot escape my notice...and I win again

*turns Cap into the Human Torch*

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I sneer at your paltry effort

*covers Cap in tempura batter, tosses him in the boiling Oil Lakes of Wesson, and tosses the tasty morsel into them*

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Marches out of boiling oil lake, dusts off tempura flakes

"Is that the best you can do ?"

*uses wish ability*

*turns Cpt. Arguemental into Cpl. Happy-Face*

Damn you dragon!

*As a "wish" teleports wish to the corrupt a wish thread

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NOw that's a win.

*tosses the solar elemental into the sun, where it belongs*

Alot of winning

*a lot of burninating*

"Get back in my belly."

Swallows that dragon again.

"BURP" ... "Spicy"

WIN !!!!

Fawful has the nausea. Maybe with the staying away from this place for a while. But will be taking the winnings with him when he goes! I have victory!

"You have nothing. You vandal leave those winnings behind to rightful winner."

Man of head-wings looking like a bird with a face and no head drawn by a kid who is stupid. Fawful has the thinking of head-wings can no take the flying. And no flying meaning head-wings having not the catching of Fawful! Have the eatings of my dust which is the powder of my victory to sprinkle upon your head in a rain that is like the rain of your sadness, fink-rat!

Think-too-much-rat !

I win ! And don't try to get back at me. I have...friends.

Gnome of baldness and fatness has the thinking of having friends. It is the amusement!

Fawful scattered your friends like litter from a sad, ugly cat. Are you wanting to hear them? For they are on the TV show. The TV show of your tears!

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I'm back from the wish ordeal to claim victory!

*vacuums up captain's hat*

Damnit, give me that hat back

*cackles* I have chortles!

I've heard of this... intarweb of yours, Fawful.

I've spoken to my friends about this In Tar Web fellow (some arabian guy, hu ?).

And soon he will be done, finished.

You don't mess with Don Rickles, pal. Ever. Capice ?

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I dont find you funny at all

*burns the Captain's hat to ash*

*Oh cr$%, reaches into bag of infinite hats*

Turn that upside down I to a frown.

*cooks ODF and has calamari*

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I don't approve of calamari...and i win 10 hut.

*burns yet another hat and an eyebrow*

OH she ite!

*smiles in delight*

*burns some sheep in delight*

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Hah! I have won again

I would argue otherwise.

So would I.

And nonetheless we still would not be in agreement Vicious One, for... I win !

Muhahahahaha !

Bouncer the Solar Elemental wrote:
NOw that's a win.

Returns to thread via the next soalr flare

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