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For those of us who have evil gnomes blocking access to that site..Who is Jack Keane?

It is one of the worst selling games in's current flash sale. It's a point and click adventure game.

Never played it, thus I win.

Man who beat you up

I feel, you don't becasue you're a dead horse. I win.

Wrong. I win.

Wrong. I win.


*thumps the desk with his hand*


*headbumps SnowJade*

Matt Damon!

I think you've had a couple too many. Let me call you a taxi. This ain't Boston, man.

While you call a taxi, I will take the win.

Wrong my rebellious teenage daughter

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

Why don't you too have some family time while I win.

Dysfunctional orc family dynamic...I can fix that

Ha ! So you've overcome my audacious barrage of the intarweb to this day...

It does not matter : I still win !

[*clocks Mc Gyver on the head with a sokaed poultice wrench and clocks Gruumash on the head with a frozen spatula*]

Two-weapon fight FTW !

[*kicks Dragon of Agnor in the snout with a frozen bandaged foot*]

Revised Flurry of Blows ! Haem...

[*suddenly unsure of his moves, starts blaming the devs for their multi-layered FAQS and correction and counter-faqs*]

Damn it !

[*grapples himself while flipping through the Pathfinder CRB trying to make sense of the jumbled mess of rules*]

Nnnng ! Rrrrggg !

[*topples over and falls on the ground in a bizarre positions, one hears an strange tearing sound*]

I... think I've dislocated my shoulder !

[*begins to sweat, turns pale with his lips quivering]

Damn... you... Garl Glittergold ! You keep holding back... ufff gggg !... my gnomish ... urggg !... victory and subsequent... apotheosis !

Urrrrglll !!

[*passes away from pain*]

See that kids, the only weapon i used was my mind

Ka-Swipe the win.

You don't want a piece of me

How about I give you the cold shoulder?

Salt on an open wound?

*makes hot biscuits*

Dragon huh, I'm gonna need some cool whip and lumbar support

*melts all of McGyver's rubber bands*

*Makes gooey rubber into a saddle, jumps on dragons back*

I've been waiting to see that.

*eats McGyver's hat*

Would you like fries with that?


The Dragon of Agnor wrote:
*eats McGyver's hat*

You don't want to do that, I'm wearing this for everyone's protection

Wash your hair then.

*Holds up a double basket of The Big 10's skin-on fries with extra sour cream for dipping.*

*snatches fries with alarming speed*

There now! I'll bet that tasted better than McGyver's hat.

*now wants buffalo wings with bleu cheese dipping sauce*

*digs through pockets*

I got some ranch, as for the wings there's a chicken running around here somewhere

I don't think so, Jim.

*Runs off to find dragon*


*holds up sign reading "Knot uh Chikken"*

Chick-fil-A would like to have a word with you, LTAD.




Ro! Sham! Bo!

Matt! Damon!

GO TEAM CHAOS! for the win!


Step into my office and I will remove those extra heads for you.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

Okay Dr. you go do that ... while I win again,

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

I reject your win and insert my own.

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