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R2-FU is banned for failing to follow the rules of the game plus his sheet needs a good wash.

IHiYC is supposed to have a role in the up coming broadway musical "I'm coming out." Headlined of course by Diana Ross.

"How uncouth. I mean really the youth these days no patience for anything. rush, Rush, Rush."

I think I should win you know because I am me.

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"Is that Freedom rock man? Well turn it up."

You sir are cad and a rapscallion and I demand satisfaction !!!!

Pistols at sunset.

Listen hear Ventnor I will not stand idly by while you call my friend Gruumash a communist. I just won't tolerate such brazen acts of character assassination such as that.
I demand an apology this instance.

IHIYC is banned for drinking all my good scotch I hid in the closet her was hiding in.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Rynjin wrote:
Ah, it all makes sense now. All of this "police brutality" is just a Templar plot to take over the police force.

Thats ridiculous.

The masons already own it.

We don't really own it we merely control it. Much like all major security forces around the world. The whole world is really just our plaything.

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Can't we all just agree that my opinions are the best ones and have everyone just listen to what I have to say and forget about everything else?

William Harrison should not rule this city due to the blank stare on his face when asked tough questions. (Mind you he always has a blank stare on his face).

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thejeff wrote:
Andrew R wrote:
Even if the cards cannot buy them they should be using the money they have to pay bills not wallow in some of the most expensive vices.

Exactly how do you plan on enforcing this? How do you keep people who get assistance from using any other money they have to buy alchohol or cigarettes? Shall we stamp a big red "W" on their foreheads? Set up a database that every store has access to that determines who is allowed to buy what and then require identification and tracking of every purchase?

Do you have any idea how expensive that would be? Compared to the money "wasted" currently?

And especially in the case of cigarettes, given how addictive they are, will just push smokers into a black market anyway.

And seriously, tobacco and booze aren't anywhere near the most expensive vices. That's why they're poor people vices.

No silly not a big W simply bar code them and place in a tracking device too so you know what those darn poor people are up too. I mean most of them are up to no good in my opinion probably thinking subversive thoughts and planning to try an bring down those of us in power. I think my grand father had the best plan for the poor put them to work in his factory so their wages would pay the housing and food he provided them that way we could make some money off them. Then if they caused trouble hire some rough men to bring any thoughts of insurrection down. The stern eye of the gentleman always brings those lowly poor folk into line though and if not best to kill those ones on the spot so they don't breed.

Away with thee vermin leave the winning to gentleman like myself.

TFF is banned for the reasons everyone knows about but does not wish to talk about in public.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

I can understand thinking BMWs are evil. In syracuse every. single. one of these things was driven by some yuppie that thought mommy and daddy's trust funds meant they could ignore little things like "STOP" signs, pedestrians in crosswalks, and "on way street" signs.

Geez BNW don't you know that rules don't apply to people like me? Those kinds of rules were made for common people of course not the aristocracy. You really should learn these kind things will make your life a lot easier going forward and save you some frustration.

Victory is fleeting and now mine.

Vrog is banned for mime clown thing he has going on.

extinct fizz girl is banned for not like spakling drinks like champagne.

Spoken like a true bourgeoisie. A true aristocrat does not talk of such things.

Magic is banned for cheating at cards.

Hoover is banned for not having luxurious long hair like myself.

Mark Hoover is banned for making up cliché nicknames for everyone wrong thread man.

I am still the victor here all can now go home and never return.

Victory is for the elite. Like myself.

Snow Jade is a really just a head mounted on my wall. I shot him in Pakastan back in 65'.

"Oh right ... he is so awesome he does not need to wish for stuff. Me on the other hand, I wish for world peace and stuff like that man."

Quiche Lisp is banned for not liking Garl Glittergold. He is such a nice guy we summer together and have had many adventures together. You are real stuffy Quiche Lisp.

SnowJade is banned for trying to put labels on others man that's not cool.

Yes please let's get back to rants here gents. And enough of the jean-Paul Sartre and his devious ways. I have my eye on you Jean Paul I know what you are capable of. I know the truth behind your attempts to bring down the plutocrats, aristocrats and royalty in general and I will not have it. You hear me young man? I WILL NOT HAVE IT. Enough of this silly rise of the common man. We were born to rule it is in our blood. We will continue to rule and the classes will stay right where they are thank you very much. With me and my counter parts up at the top. .... These are my words so spoken by the true blue blooded Plutocat.

VCoB you really are quite vicious aren't you?

Khellex is banned for having a name that is way too long.

Now look what you did you upset the poor delicate Jean-Paul. Come back Jean-Paul we won't speak about naughty things like that anymore.

Winning yet again.

No it is not easy being the champion. You know like me but I manage. You know because I win like all the time. Yup that's right winning.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
3.5 Loyalist wrote:
I'm getting a bit tired of Tolkien fantasy actually. If you sit down, and clear your head a bit, as a dm and world builder it is actually easy to come up with something different to the norm. Dark Sun is an example, Lace and Steel with its centaur emphasis but no elves is another. A game I ran in zombie overrun Poland was horror fantasy but not a whit like typical dnd.

My last game was in a Galtan gulag. It wasn't very Tolkienesque at all.

Unfortunately everybody died, and I think next we're going to play Rise of the Runeplutocrats.

Dude can I play in that game?

JMD031 wrote:
Gruumash . wrote:
JMD031 wrote:
Is this thread still going?
Is that a question? Of course it is still going people have questions about my awesomeness and I am here to answer them. Please do pay attention.

It was a sarcastic comment.

Also, I am awesome. That is all.

"Well you think you are awesome because you posted in the most awesome thread there is about Gruumash's awesomeness. You are beginning to see the way.'

lucky7 wrote:
Well, you see, since it is no longer about your awesomeness and about mine, I can anem it whatever I want. What do you say too that?

You see man how awesome Gruumash really is? You are starting too think you are awesome too by posting in his thread man.

I am inherently wealthy so I don't need to win it.

The next poster is not nearly as Awesome as Gruumash.

So thinking he is cool guy but really is not.

Speaking as a plutocat I just don't understand what all the problem is with us?
We are just trying to keep our way of life that we was was born into.

What wrong with that man. Seriously you all need to chill.