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Casey Casen died yesterday. I hope my small boat can shuttle that large ego across the river Styx.

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Honor your war dead with a Bar-B-Q this weekend.

That is all.

Ultimate? Ha! You're ultimate ass is mine. Now get in the boat before I deliver my own version of the "Tombstone."

Spanky's spitting BBs again.

At least I sing Marty Feldman. Are they doing a Young Frankenstein remake?

Right this way sir. It's an honor ands the Rules Encyclopedia was one of my favorite D&D books.

Yea, I have space on the barge if he should need his proton pack and ghost trap.

Uh, well yea I guess. But remember, I never said the River Styx was gloomy, or scenic either.

Unless you're condemned by Hades. Still, I miss the early 80s synthesizer sound.

I thought I smelt Grunge.

She was famous? I charging her double.

Sir, don't tempt me. Especially when you have a set of fully functional brakes.

You got lucky kid. Yea, you got lucky and it won't last forever.

Yea, I got the text message this morning. Sid was waiting for Ralph. Two fine men of their craft and trade.

You'll come my way and I'll win.

:::Weeps at the passing of an icon:::

One last good-bye from the good ship Lollypop

Legion Janus wrote:
BluePigeon wrote:

I see Operation: Destroy PeytonManning is proceeeding as planned.

The Las Vegas Sport's Books are laughing off their collective @$$es.

He is trying to renegotiate the status of his soul at the moment. Today was just a friendly little reminder that it's too late to read the fine print of his first NFL contract.

If he keeps it up, he may end up traded to the Chiefs.

TAlk about a fate than a fate worse than death...

I'm going to need help getting this one in the boat

Yea, there's room for two.

Yea, best show in the 60s and 70s by far. He and the rest of the cast will get VIP treatment when they arrive.

Don't worry I take extra care of them.

Yea, that Grim Reaper. Great man, but don't play poker with him.

Wasn't fast enough, then he crashed into a tree. Didn't those movies teach you anything?

No matter how fast you are, I will always get my man.

Considering it hasn't got you across the River Styx, I'd say it won't go far.

You can take boat ride too. Cost only one gold coin.

Damn straight! Gloomy and black like Hades.

The next poster will want a ride in my boat.

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Too true! A hasty grave is dug and finished. All I need is a coffin (or two) and, hmm, more dirt. Odd, I'm not taking this one soul across the River Styx.

The next poster will discuss the pro and cons of a sensible afterlife.

Rock and Roll will never die! So long Lou Reed.

Always a class lady. You're ride across the River Paradise is on me.

Detroit. Been there in the 80s. I'd like to say thank you to the automobile industry. They help me so much.

Stay away from Las Vegas, thoses my stomping grounds.

Well, I have more work to do, even if it is Michigan.

Thank you.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Anne rice was writting about and your almosttwo decades out of print.

I win.

I'm the original "dead guy" and I win.

...and you know, right?

Ha! I've surfed the River Styx. California ain't nothing. Surf Australia with its sharks and jellyfish, then I'll call you a man.

Don't do it. I've heard terrible stories about Luke Perry and the lost puppets who took pie from him.

Not on this boat. Just souls.

Thor - The Dark World

I like the title. I hope Natalie Portman bites the bullet in this movie.

Just popping in because the fares are down today, being Tuesday.

Awesomeness? I can't think of anything that is awesome lately. I heard there is going to be some good movies, no awesome movie rollingout in November.

Would have been hilarious if the rock fell back on them.

You know you're right too.

Saunders back in

That was just a hoax.

He Did! I'm coming!

Rushes out door!

Ah, more of Ed's rolls.

Anyone important die last week. Well, Dammed the Styx by Beavers, Ed Lauter passed away.

Hmmmmmm. Can't wait to be Miley Cyrus's wrecking ball.

What did you win? A free handshake from MC Hammer who went bankrupt years ago.

pulls out a CD copy of RUN DMC's Raising Hell and plays "You be illin'"

Ha, I win!

If she were dead, I'd be rowing her to the other side.

Other Side, get it. Hahahahahahaha.

Grass roots, not here, I'm a nihilist.


Never call me a left-wing radical, I'm the end-gamer in politics. Oh wait, nevermind....

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