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It is so written, have a Happy New Year.

Patrick Curtin wrote:

I had a perverse thought once of naming a son Roderick. Then on lists he'd be Curtin, Rod.

Then I decided I would hate my father had he done that. So I decided it would be a bad thing

I love morality on this thread.

I don a gas mask for the win.

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Rawr! wrote:
Drejk wrote:
"Three leprechauns jump out of the grass and demand your money! What do you do?"
Punch one in the face and then angrily demand a metric ton of Lucky Charms.

Good solution. Thus it shall be canon.

Another doomsday thread brought to you by yellowdingo. Under researched and uncanon. Carry on.

Only if it is very sharp and used in a Disappearing Pencil trick. I've made many converts this way.

Squeazes is not a verb, thus your action is illogical, thus I win.

I wear the best hat of all, and its CANON!

Thus I win.

The Fiend Fantastic is banned becuse I'm never in the mood for satanic forces.

Goatee or is that a dead rat clinging to your chin.

Rashly5 is banned for being brown.


I've the best hat around and it's CANON!

lucky7 is banned for not drinking Canonade. You're banned for not spelling Canonade correctly too.

You are banned by the HIgh POntiff of Canon.


Ah yes, the church will claim them as divine doctrine before your fiendish fingers and other devilish minions burn them to a crisp.

The next poster will donate to their favorite charity.

Vrog is banned for wearing the wrong thinking cap.


The poster thinks highly of the Gods.

Any day is Ritual Abuse Day. The Canon of Time has decreed it so.

Singing off-key will get you flogged...

Your link is not Canon!

If you wish to bless yourself my lost child, I can help you with that.

branishes a studded club

Epson, your pixelation is trite. The Church Media and the MInistry of Lies uses CANON thus makes all new "news" CANON!

I control vertical, I control the Horizontal, I control focus to crystal clarity. Thus my words are..., Analoge.., thus CANON!

Fuses a sun-dial shaped clock into the floor of the thread.

There, a new coat rack.

Pathetic. I am the healing light of Canon!


Enters the Thread

Repent foul sinners and things of chaos, reprent for this thread shall be a booming voice... CANONIZED!

Chants religious on the benefits of order, law and financial stability through tithing of the masses and religious banking

The chaotic mess that was once the Slaad Thread has been cleaned, shined, organized, and most hideously, typed and assembled in a decimal-style card catalog.

Babbling is not Canon, chanting however is. Carry on my disciple, carry on...

Fire IS canon. So I decree.

IHiYC is banned because I've seen the truth and it is CANON!

IHiYO is banned fopr being false, thus UN-Canon, period.

Dear Lord! It's real!

The next poster has discovered a new sensation.

Quiche Lisp banned for not banning Mark Hoover.

Only the saintly shall win. Thus it is decreed.

Yea, you did.

Grand Magus wrote:
High Pontiff of Canon wrote:
He was in Cryptoanlysis, the british secret service was going to destroy him sooner or later.


Is this a sekrit code?


No. Not by a long shot. Alan Turing was big in cryptoanalysis during World War 2. His academic in the 40s and intellectal achievements in the 50s made him the Father of Artificial Intelligence. But being a code writer and a code breaker pretty much scrutinized his private life.

He was in Cryptoanlysis, the british secret service was going to destroy him sooner or later.

Scintillae wrote:
Orthos fired me from naming things.

Did he have a good reason?

You cant if you refer to yourself in second person. Thus I win.

If wish to play and manipulate the masses, you gotta start from somewhere.

And a divine and very canon crack it is. Spanky is banned for mocking my crack.

Neither both of you are funny. You couldn't make me crack a smile. You are both banned.

As in "with a blunt object," like leg of chair. I like getting my points across the masses as bludgeonly as possible.

It's all in the wirsts.

Captain Spalding and everyone else is banned because they can't stay quiet. Now quiet or you will be excommunicated.

Your alias is too long, thus you are banned!

what was that! Sonny, you're banned for, ah, ah, oh my....

What was that sonny! Oh Gruumash is banned for not being loud enough!

The Inquisition goes poorly today.

Twirls a red hot poker

The Iron maiden wont close shut and the confessions are dubious at best.

Care to volunteer?

Channel Energy Class Ability, Pg. 40 for the win

TUA is banned for heretical speaking and vain pulling of eyeballs.

Sits, crosses his legs, and levitates off the floor

Already did and I was not enlightened at all. For such insolence and disregard to a higher Ultimate Authory, in are banned, in his name and in my voice.

So speakth the HIgh Pontiff of Canon and voice of the Ultimate Authority of Canon.

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