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OP check out this excellent mod. I used this as inspiration for an awesome end to a campaign

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So ya
Thought ya
Might like to.. go to a show

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Hell we ever do to you...except some harmless probing

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Celestial Healer wrote:

So, Lovecraft Bar happened :)

FHDM and I made a pilgrimage to Katz's Delicatessen and then had drinks at Lovecraft. That place is f~%*ing awesome. Of course, that could be the after-effects of my absinthe talking.


Iä Iä!

Yes...nothing to worry about, just absinthe

What...You gotta problem with this...Now where is stepnoski

The Fiend Fantastic wrote:
Well, it's quite ingenius if i do say so myself. It gives off small electric shocks to the brain, stimulating obedience.

We find that a subserviant human makes for the best test subjects. It also acts as a headphone jack.

"Ah yes, my good old trusty GZP 3000 inverter"

Surrender human

*Waits for dazzled boy to open barrel*

Well you are barely above primate level soooo....

Banned for shutting down the govt. Yes you harry re..er blue pigeon are responsible for our escape

Banned for not realizing we are always here.

Oooh Goody!, Itsa mutilating time

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Done and done dead guy

Says the undead without skin


*Appears at the corner of reporters vision, seeing camera equipment dissapears. Makes note to visit reporter later tonite when cameras are not running*


What's wrong did you guys miss the probing?

*Jumps in ship, hovers briefly and takes off at speeds your puny earthling brains cannot comprehend*

While we admire your weapons they are useless against us, just submit or you can wind up like the cows

Very Good Puppet..Very Good