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There's a fan-created adventure guide here:

Good luck!

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I was hoping that Mike Selinker & Co. would have made a brief announcement by now.

It was mentioned that a Selinker post was forthcoming, but it's been 3 months since the original announcement. So the phrase "striking while the iron is cold" would be in order, assuming he does eventually post. :)

Michael Klaus wrote:
It would be nice to get an official ruling on this one since there are a few similar new wordings on cards.

It's been noted that we haven't had any official rulings in months. Vic Wertz hasn't posted rules clarifications since February 2020, for instance. Given the demise of PACG, it's possible that no more clarifications are forthcoming.

There's been talk on Discord of generating an unofficial FAQ for unresolved issues, but that would be a community effort.

In time, it would be nice to have an unofficial FAQ (should it come to fruition) eventually be approved by the designers - but we'll see. :)

Staryn wrote:
Second, the character does not have the knowledge or perception skills. How is the first part of the card resolved?

Forgot to mention earlier: If there's another local character, you can have that character take one of the checks.

So a local character with the Knowledge or Perception skill can grab the first Boggart check, if such a character is available.

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There was a comment on Discord that Mike Selinker has been invited to share his thoughts on the cancellation of PACG. So there's more information to come, hopefully, even if it's just a fond farewell.

No timeline was set, but I look forward to the eventual posting.

Brother Tyler wrote:
If a character doesn't have a listed skill, they roll a d4 for checks against it.

A quick note that an "easily missed rules" section can be found on the back of the rulebook. This is one of the listed rules.

Other easily missed rules can be found here: players

Good luck!

Just curious - was Chad Brown's above change to Core wands (link) supposed to carry over to the Conversion guide?

For instance, the wiki link for Wand of Detect Magic says this (unofficially):

If proficient, discard this card; you may succeed at an Arcane or Divine 6 check to recharge it instead.

The "discard this card" isn't in the current conversion guide, which would improve the usability of WoDM (and others).

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Katlyn99 wrote:
As we continue winding down our Pathfinder Adventure Card Game program
Did I miss a previous announcement or was this just worded strangely?

"As we continue winding down our PACG program..." is the strangest, most out-of-the-blue backdoor eulogy that I've ever seen.

Business is business, however, and if PACG wasn't as successful as Paizo hoped, then it isn't surprising that its doors were shuttered. Though I'm hoping a designer will eventually post a more fitting epitaph for the official PACG line. But I guess we'll see. :)

Regardless, I've truly enjoyed PACG and its friendly community. More personally, my fondest gaming memories began in 2013 with a blind purchase of Rise of the Runelords. Hooked, my family and I played through RotR and every subsequent PACG campaign - eagerly and with great enthusiasm. Fun times.

I look forward to continuing the PACG experience, officially or unofficially, in an online format in the near future. Thanks for the ride!

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A related question:

Will there be any future print runs of the Core and/or Crimson Throne? Or is the current printing the end of the line?

Yep, this rule is easy to miss.

If it helps, other easily missed rules can be found here: Easily Missed Rules List.

Good luck!

Is this HV1? Some characters ignore the Corrupted trait on cards, but if not The Asmodean Disciplines allows you to redeem a card.

It's pretty inefficient, however, for two reasons.

Reason #1 is that it must be banished to redeem. So if you redeem a card in level 2 or 3, you'll need to spend another item 2 upgrade to get AD back. It isn't until level 4 that you can banish AD and get it back w/o spending upgrades.

Reason #2 is that you can only redeem cards that have already been added to your deck. It would be great if you could redeem any card on the list when banishing AD (including future upgrades), but I don't think that's the case.

There's also a separate question as to whether AD is technically allowed to redeem itself. Link here.

There's been discussion on Discord, and this was the general consensus (including input from Keith Richmond):

- In Wandering Way #6 (siege scenario), the remaining cards in the locations are added to the upgrade pool.

- This REPLACES the standard WW reward of each player adding a new type of card to the upgrade pool.

I'm not sure how official this is, as these changes would need to be made to the Dragon's Demand sanctioning document.

Also note there's still the separate issue that the Dragon's Demand playbook is missing the statement in WW#6 that the remaining cards are added to the upgrade pool in the standard (non-OP) campaign. This is actual DD errata.

(I'm reposting the decision here, as the general player base only has access to rules decisions in the Paizo forums - not on Discord. If my summary is incorrect, feel free to correct or comment.)

When playing Wandering Way scenario #6 in Organized Play (siege scenario), are the remaining location boons added to the upgrade pool? Or is the intention that players only receive the standard WW reward of a single new card per player?

A few comments:

Unless I'm mistaken, in all other OP siege scenarios, any remaining location boons are added to the upgrade pool. This is always specified in the scenario rewards, however, so is the intention that the WW reward overrides this reward - or adds to this usual siege reward?

This is relevant because we just finished a Tier 5 WW siege scenario, and we're hoping that the reward isn't a single new card per character. But we'll see. :)

Oddly, scenario #6 in the Dragon's Demand playbook doesn't specify that players receive the location boons even in the standard campaign. That's definitely an oversight, I'm guessing. But even if this were specified for the standard campaign, it's not 100% clear what reward is intended in WW#6 in organized play. So the DD sanctioning document for WW#6 might need tweaking to clarify.

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Similar threads have been appearing for a while, both in the Paizo forums and on BGG.

I hope this helps: (reposted from BGG, with edits)

PACG is still getting love. Just in electronic form, not physical form.

The We Be Heroes goblin scenario booklet, with new goblin heroes, was released in June 2019. It's completely free. (The goblin hero role cards can be found here or here.)

Fangwood Thieves is a single-adventure, low-level experience that can be added to any campaign. It was released in June 2019.

A Night at Bloodthorne Manor, a similar product, was released in early 2020. It can be used for character levels 1-4.

Year of Rotting Ruin, a full 24-scenario adventure path, was completed in July 2020 (link).

So, for instance, you could take a party of at-home characters through the above products in this order: We Be Heroes (1.5 scenarios), Fangwood Thieves (4 scenarios), the first half of Year of Rotting Ruin (12 scenarios), Bloodthorne Manor (4 scenarios), and then the final half of Rotting Ruin (12 scenarios + capstone). That would be 34.5 scenarios total.

And Adventure 3 in the newest campaign, Year of Reborn Strife, was just released (link). At this rate, all 6 adventures in YoRS will be available by July 2021.

These are all technically "organized play" products, but OP campaigns used at home are played exactly like any other campaign. Just ignore rewards that don't make sense (e.g., bonus upgrades, since you can always upgrade as many cards as you want).

Finally, Thargrap - a new character - was released in August 2020.

Overall, 6-7 new PACG products (including 2 full campaigns) have been released/announced since the Core and Crimson Throne became available in May 2019. So PACG is more active than it first appears.

P.S. But yeah, we'd all love new cards and other physical products. But covid has affected all aspects of gaming production - development, manufacturing, etc. - so who knows. And like everyone else, I'm hoping that Paizo will break the radio silence and say something about the next physical adventure path. Ideally before summer?

Word of mouth is that the recharged cards also have to be recharged in their original order. Just FYI. So if you recharge cards 2 and 4, 2 is recharged first, then 4.

Thanks. Was wondering if "after the check" and "when you fail a check" might have different timings.

Zvarbel wants to keep Magus Arcana in hand, so drawing cards before taking damage could be useful to protect the cohort. We'll see...

I'd add that Zvarbel's power was more useful pre-Core, as she could intentionally fail spell recharge checks in the middle of her turn to draw cards. Now recovery happens at the end, so it's less useful.

Either way, I'll probably try the power for fun to see how it works out.

Zvarbel (Magus) has the following role power:

"When you fail a check, you may draw a barrier from the box or draw a random card from your discard pile ([] or both)."

Would this card draw occur before or after any damage occurred from the failed check? Or could I pick the order?

E.g., Zvarbel might fail a before acting check that deals damage, or she might fail a combat check. Does the damage or Zvarbel's power kick in first?

This is the relevant rules text, I'm guessing:

After you attempt the check, deal with any effects that were caused by the check. For example, if you failed a check to defeat a monster, suffer damage. If any cards played while attempting a check included their own checks, resolve the current check in this step and the new checks in subsequent steps.

P.S. The same question could be asked about Poog's "after the check" Leecher healing ability, when blessings are played on him.

If this helps, the Transition Guide (Core rulebook, p. 26) states:

Treat characters that have the Arcane or Divine skill as proficient with the corresponding trait, and treat characters that are proficient with Heavy Armors as proficient with armor.

So recharging the blessing for Alase's power would temporarily (?) grant Alase Divine proficiency, I'd think, since it gives her the Divine skill.

(In general, I do think it's confusing to have both a Transition Guide and a conversion FAQ. Ideally, they'd be combined into a single document.)

Lady Ladile wrote:

Alrighty folks, player sign-ups for Outpost IV are live per Redelia's post here! Please read the instructions carefully. Link to the game spreadsheet may be found in this post here.

Now, go forth and sign up! :)

Just a reminder that Outpost IV runs from February 16 - April 27, so there are 10 days left to join. (Sign-up link here.)

Signups for play-by-post seem to be lower compared to previous years, but that's probably not a surprise. Thanks to covid, people are already doing a lot of virtual gaming, and it's possible that folks have switched their PACG focus from pbp to live Tabletop Simulator (TTS) games.

Regardless, anyone with a pbp interest - please join in!

Generally, I do find it odd that events like Outpost IV don't get front-page coverage on the Paizo website - nor are these events showcased in the official events page - but there may be other places to advertise. (I've posted an announcement on BGG here, including resources for new players.)

TColMaster wrote:

Question on Alase powers.

Does this role power: When you play a blessing ([X] or a spell or an ally) on a check by a character at Tonbarse's location, you may recharge it (☐ or shuffle it into your deck) instead of discarding it.

override this power: After you play a spell that has the Attack trait, bury it.

The listed power only kicks in when a spell would be discarded. Alase buries Attack spells (no discarding), so the power doesn't apply. The Attack spells are still buried.

My OP group was lucky/popular enough to have 3 tables running at once. So two people had to bring their own copies to supplement the house box. But sure, happy to continue discussion offline. :)

The original response was that proxies in this case might be unofficially OK, if done a certain way. But that response also said that it probably wasn't worth putting in the Guide, so there you have it.

skizzerz wrote:
The blog page about the packs includes a lot of other text and images that detract from being able to see and compare all of the cards lists at a glance.

Agree 100%. I don't know anyone who uses the blog page as the Adventure Pack reference. I'm guessing most (all?) people use the relevant Wiki pages/menus.

If a link were to be provided in the Guide, I was imagining a new Paizo page with clearly listed packs.

But as you say, it's probably best to list the packs directly in the Guide with the relevant rules. As it stands, new players wouldn't even know that "Adventure Packs" were a thing in OP unless they stumbled onto the blog or were told by an experienced player.

I'm assuming there will also be text in the Guide about being able to substitute Core cards for older cards, assuming they have identical names?

A related issue, discussed in different threads, is whether a box owner can proxy Core cards to use in their own deck. As it stands, people who generously bring their own boxes for use in OP are penalized because they can't use Core cards in their decks, as they have to leave them in the box for the group. (E.g., I want to use the Core Leather Armor for my rogue character, but I can't because it has to stay in the box. So I'm stuck with the pre-Core version.) Or they have to purchase a second Core set just to able to do this.

Though I suppose it might be goofy if the box-owner had a deck wholly consisting of proxies, which would be possible if using an all-adventure-pack character. Seems OK to me - as the owner does own the cards - but others may disagree.

skizzerz wrote:
It would be good to include the actual card lists for the Adventurer's Packs inside of the new guide, in addition to the rules for using them.

One possible reason for not listing the AP cards in the Guide is that, when additional sets are released, those new cards might be added to the Adventure Packs.*

In which case it might be better to list the packs in a separate document and post the url in the Guide?

Or you could include the AP card lists the Guide, and simply update the Guide after the new sets are released, I suppose. Probably the better option.

*New sets are eventually being released, right? Pretty please? :)

Thanks. Yes, playing a home game.

Ezren did eventually beat 2B solo on the 10th (!) try, allowing for upgrades from the winnings pile.

Sorry for the thread necro, but a quick 2B question:

If the party loses the scenario, do they still get to keep the cards in the winnings pile?

I'm assuming yes (?), but the reward specifically states that beating the scenario lets you keep the won cards. Perhaps implying that if you lose you don't get to keep them. (Because the auction house has burned down and your loot has been left behind?)

Side question: Are the cards in the winnings pile displayed? In a neutral zone? Somewhere else?

If you can't keep the won cards and keep losing, you'll never upgrade your deck and potentially be permanently stuck. Or you'll have to replay previous scenarios until you acquire boons that help you successfully complete 2B.


Note: I'm aware that the "After the Scenario" section of the rulebook specifies that all non-boons should be put back in the vault before rebuilding decks - thereby leaving the boons on the table. Strictly speaking, you could argue that both the winnings and hoard cards (all boons) would remain out of the vault, and characters who lost could rebuild from both piles. But I doubt that's the intention. :)

I'm just a bit unclear as to how the "after the scenario" rules interact with this particular scenario.

P.S. This question has come up specifically because I'm trying a single-character solo DD campaign with core Ezren (for fun), and he's now lost 2B eight consecutive times. The best he's gotten so far in terms of a winnings/hoard pile is 5-5 - which he's done twice. Getting a 6-4 balance is proving to be almost impossible, particularly if he can't upgrade his deck between scenarios...

The text for The Lost reads:

On your check, after the roll, discard to add the number of cards in your discards; you suffer damage as if you had not done so.

Does The Lost count itself after it has been discarded? So if I have 2 cards in discard, and then discard The Lost for its power, it will add 3? Or will it only add 2?

People have been playing both ways, looks like.

I did a single-character solo run with Merisiel through both Dragon's Demand and Crimson Throne. (Standard campaigns, not organized play.) It was a blast!

Her exploits are described here and her build can be found here.

Inspired by this thread on BGG, I completed a single-character solo run with Merisiel through both Dragon's Demand and Crimson Throne.

I used the DD adventure reward for the transition, with #=3 for the first three adventures in CT.

Merisiel's solitary exploits in DD and CT are chronicled here.

Note: The previously earned 7A reward was applied to Merisiel, so she has seven of each feat instead of six.

Character Name: Merisiel
Role Card: Waylayer
Skill Feats: Dex+4, Cha+3
Power Feats: +2 hand size; recharge instead of discard for combat boost; recharge to avoid "before acting" effects; recharge to acquire; recharge to add 1d8 (instead of 1d6); recharge for dis/acro/stealth checks
Card Feats: armor +1; item +3; ally +1, blessing +2
Unspent Hero Points: 7 (these piled up because feats were already at max due to DD->CT transition)
Weapons: Serithtial, Sawtooth Saber, Blackjack’s Daggers, Shock Kukri
Spells: (none)
Armors: Impervious Chain Shirt, Sable Company Leathers
Items: Blackjack’s Gear, Ring of Splendid Security, Sacred Candle, Gem of Physical Prowess, White War Paint, Ring of Immolation, Wyvern’s Poison
Allies: Leech, Venster Arabasti, Cerulean Mastermind, Priest of Pharasma
Blessings: Grandmother Nightmare, The Worldbreaker, Rovagug’s Destruction, The Betrayal, and The Carnival

I think I set aside Elemental Treaty for Zova, but I'm not sure it'll ever see play. We'll see!

I can also see using the reward for weapons and spells that give bonuses against specific types of banes: giants, dragons, outsiders, undead, etc.

Hannibal_pjv wrote:


Is there printable version of that page?

I don't think so. Similarly, the many base set FAQs only exist in web page form. They aren't easily downloadable/printable either - partly because they're living documents with occasional updates.

I've long hoped for a finalization and pdf-i-cation of the many FAQs, but it's unlikely to occur.

Hour: Geryon.

Move to Murder Hole, encounter Shackles Pirate.

Combat 19 (9+6+4) w/ great sword, pirate bonus: 1d8 + 2d6 + 5 + 2 + 1d6 + 1 + 1d4 ⇒ (8) + (1, 5) + 5 + 2 + (6) + 1 + (4) = 32 - defeated

Discard Ambusher to examine top 3 cards: Pirate Captain, Albatross, Lady Cerise Bloodmourn. Rearrange as Albatross, Captain, Bloodmourn. Get to explore, since revealed an animal.

Surv 11 w/ animal bonus: 1d10 + 4 + 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 4 + (4) + 1 = 10 - fail, banished

Cast Angelstep on self. # cards healed?: 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3 - Norgorber, Eruption, Ambusher.

Surv 9 Angelstep recovery w/ recharged sword: 1d10 + 4 + 2d6 ⇒ (3) + 4 + (4, 2) = 13 - recharged

Reveal plant then draw up.

Poog wrote:

Hand: Cauterize, Avimar Sorrinash, B of Kelizandri, B of Ra, Vengeful Storm, Greenblood Scourge, Cloud Puff, Ambusher,

Deck: 14 Discard: 1 Buried: 0
Hero Points: 8

Skills and Powers:

Strength d8 ☑ +1 ☑ +2 ☑ +3 ☑ +4
Melee = Strength +1
Dexterity d4 ☐ +1 ☐ +2 ☐ +3 ☐ +4
Constitution d8 ☐ +1 ☐ +2 ☐ +3 ☐ +4
Intelligence d6 ☐ +1 ☐ +2 ☐ +3 ☐ +4
Wisdom d10 ☑ +1 ☑ +2 ☑ +3
Divine = Wisdom +2
Survival = Wisdom +1
Charisma d6 ☐ +1 ☐ +2 ☐ +3 ☐ +4
Favored Card: Blessing
Hand Size: 5 ☑ 6 ☑ 7
Divine Weapons [ ]Heavy Armors
POWERS: (Leecher)
When another character plays a blessing on your check, after the check she may shuffle 1 random card ([X] or 2 random cards) from her discard pile into her deck.
([X] Then shuffle a random card from your discard into your deck.)
Add 1d6 ([X]+1) to your check that invokes the Animal or Fire trait ([X] or Elf, Human, or Slashing trait).
After you bury/discard/recharge/reveal a boon with the Animal trait for its powers, banish it, then you may draw a card.
Reroll used?: n

Top 2 cards of Murder Hole are Pirate Captain, Lady Cerise.

I'm not sure the spreadsheet is necessary, though it might be easier?

Here's the wiki link for all adventurer's packs:

Hit the "Show/Hide table" button for the packet links to appear.

Players only need to count the total number of cards in the pool, and then identify which cards they'd actually want. You don't need to list the cards you don't want - only the ones you do.

My example above is literally what I would post in the game thread:

(22 cards I don't want)
Rumpled Spyglass
Chained Monocle

There's no point in listing the missing 22 cards, because it doesn't matter what they are.

Good luck!

When taking these rewards online, I always did something like this:

(22 cards I don't want)
Rumpled Spyglass
Chained Monocle

Then I'd roll a d24, but only the 23 and 24 matter.

An interesting note:

All curses are scourges, but the reverse isn't true. We're figuring this out now, as we're starting Plundered Tombs with packet characters.

All MM curses have the scourge trait, interestingly.

So Remove Curse doesn't work on Core scourges, but Soothing Word will remove any MM curse.

I had great fun with two different 3-character parties in Crimson Throne:

Hakon, Quinn, Varian

Fumbus, Crimsi, Pizazz (all-goblin party)

Crimsi and Pizazz can be found here:

There's also a new Thargrap character who seems interesting: grap-the-Blood

My only suggestion for Dragon's Demand is to make sure that you have healing and/or damage prevention towards the end. :)

Nickademus42 wrote:
Should there ever be a situation in the game where it is impossible to close a location? That seems like a whole other issue of design.

If it's impossible to close, it's usually a temporary situation. Because you can chase the villain to that location and close it that way.

Nickademus42 wrote:
'Successfully acquire' is redundant as there is no way to unsuccessfully acquire. You either acquire or banish a boon when you roll the check.

True, it may be redundant. But it's much, much clearer to new players. Sometimes redundancy is a good thing.

This same issue popped up in Wrath of the Righteous, and it caused problems there, too. There were more than a few "summon and acquire" checks to close - particularly in the early scenarios - which again confused new players. They thought they received free boons.

Paizo has done a fantastic job in the Core of simplifying and stripping away unnecessary language, but occasionally that comes at the expense of understanding.

But hey, that's what the rules forums are for.

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In retrospect, it may have been easier to eliminate location scourges entirely and limit scourges to characters. There are only 7 cards that assign scourges to locations: Stinging Wasps, Brain Mold, Poison Gas, Mine, Madness Mist Trap, Death's Breath Door, and Locked Door. And 6 of them only do it if you fail a check. Brain Mold is the only card that automatically assigns a scourge to a location.

The rules overhead may not have been worth the trouble, especially given how rare location scourges actually are. Someone made a funny comment that they went through the entirety of CotCT and didn't know that location scourges existed until someone else happened to mention it.

Not a big deal either way, I guess.

Slacker2010 wrote:
I have always felt most casters are limited by combat.

It helps to add spell feats and increase your hand size. That way, you're more likely to draw an attack spell in the first place.

There's also the trick of frequently shuffling your deck (e.g., Staff of Minor Healing) to mix recharged spells back into your deck so that you can redraw them more quickly.

Melee types can get caught with stacks of weapons in their hand and most weapons do not have a recharge option. So they can clog their hand.

Not necessarily. :) You can always optionally discard cards before resetting your hand, though some folks are reluctant to do so.

Melee characters typically have smaller hand sizes (plus armor in case of damage), so discarding a few cards typically isn't a big deal. So if you have 3 weapons in hand, throw one away or give it to another character. It won't be missed.

Being able to reuse the same spell during the same turn would make spellcasters quite overpowered.

The general PACG design ethic (as well as every RPG ever made?) is that spells are stronger than weapons, but they can be used less frequently. That's the trade-off. On average, spells do significantly more damage than weapons.

By the way, there are a few spells that can be displayed and used multiple times during the same turn. Examples: Wall of Light and Chain Lightning. Multi-use spells are generally weaker than other spells of the same level, because of the multi-use benefit.

If your fellow Pathfinder wants to play an at-will spellcaster, they might use someone like Core Seoni who can turn any card into a spell. (Characters from other base sets have similar abilities.)

P.S. Recovery was partly introduced to prevent infinite loops that break the game. Such as card-drawing spells/items that are discarded, then immediately fished out of the discard pile to be played again. When a spell/item is in recovery, it can't be used again until the following turn - and the loop is broken.

P.P.S. The pre-Core rules generally only let you play the same spell once per turn as well. So no real change there. Though there were a few pre-Core spells that could also be displayed for a full turn: Wall of Fire, Aqueous Orb, Body of Flame, etc.

breithauptclan wrote:
Dangers wrote:
Each time you encounter the danger, randomly choose a new Eldritch story bane.
What is an eldritch story bane? Not a single one of the story bane cards in the entire box has the trait "Eldritch".

This is an easily missed rule/thing. Others can be found here: players

A few other possibly helpful links can be found in this post.

Good luck!

Vic Wertz wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:

We are contemplating this change to the Owner rule for PACS:

In the places in the Guide that tell you to choose a card using the Hierarchy, we would instead say something like “choose from your unused cards that have the lowest level; if an unused card lists your character as the Owner and has a level no higher than your tier, you may choose that card instead.” (This would allow the owner to take the card as an upgrade as soon as they hit the appropriate tier, even if they haven’t earned all the lower-level cards first.)

Go ahead and begin using this rule. (Don't apply any changes retroactively, though—just introduce this rule the next time you would use the Hierarchy.)

Does this new Hierarchy rule allow initial character decks to be built with non-Basic B cards?

We have a group about to start Season 7, and being able to include non-Basic B's would be handy. :)

This is where characters like Pizazz (goblin) go nuts.

Pizazz gets to add his Diplomacy modifier when recharging instruments - which can be cranked up to +6. (+7 if he's Blackjack in CotCT)

Adding +6/+7 to checks is good.

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When you bury/recharge an animal card for Lini's power, you don't get to use any powers on that card. It's not being played in any way; it's just being recharged for a power.

In your example above, you would not get the extra 1d8 from the Porcupine when recharging the card for the combat ability.

However, if you were fighting an animal monster, you could recharge/bury a *different* animal ally to use Lini's combat ability. Then recharge the Porcupine to add 1d8. That would be legal.

If it helps, some of these issues have been collected on BGG: players

There's a similar post for Crimson Throne: ons

BGG is an excellent resource, if you've never dropped by. :)

Great, thanks for the response.

Given that I've played 6 campaigns based on S&S (S&S x2, SotS x2, TT x2), it's funny that this hasn't come up before.

Though there's some general funny business in TT anyway, such as non-commanding players encountering ships - which isn't supposed to happen per the S&S rules. So I'll just blame TT. :)

skizzerz wrote:
... it clearly states the following power only applies if you’re actually commanding the ship.

I guess. :)

I'm fairly certain that 100% of the groups I've played in (OP or otherwise) applied the "When Commanding This Ship" text even if the ship was anchored and the active player was somewhere else. I've never had it pointed out that it might be otherwise - until now, anyway.

I think it's a detail that many players have misunderstood, skimmed, missed, or never fully realized what it meant.

And to be sure I fully understand:

The "When Commanding" text applies to all players, or only to the Commander?

E.g., if a ship isn't anchored and a wrecked ship causes structural damage cards to be discarded randomly, is it only the commander who discards randomly - or is it everyone?

I'm assuming it applies to everyone, but I'm often wrong about these things.

Hostile also makes barriers like Trapped Chest a bit more tense.

You unlock a chest and find a pile of treasure - which kills you! Surprise!

Stupid angry treasure.

What, you don't like it when your ranger has to discard her hand after encountering a level 5 melee weapon? ;)

Luckily (?) there are mostly banes in 6-5D, or Hostile would be much worse. Regardless, it's an extremely unfriendly wildcard.

Our 5p pbp group (link) managed to win 6-5D on the first try, but Radillo is a hyper-exploring menace to society and we have a decent amount of scouting (Alahazra/Quinn).

Also, as mentioned elsewhere, Embiggen makes any scenario easier.

Exactly. :)

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