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The spell Psychic Surgery says, "Reveal this card and choose a number less than or equal to your Intelligence or Perception modifier. Shuffle that number of random allies, blessings, and spells from your discard pile of a character at your location into his deck, then discard this card."

My Character, Estra, currently has a Wisdom +4 and Perception: Wisdom +2. When I make a Perception check my modifier appears to be +6, But an argument can be made that the Perception specific modifier is +2 and I also get to add my Wisdom modifier of +4.

For the purposes of identifying my Perception Modifier for the spell mentioned, is it +2 or +6?

Perception is +2!

Say you will later win the skill Perception: Charisma+3, then it would change to +3.

The Perception modifier is the highest + you have in the different "Perception: XXX+Y" you have access to. But the other skills it is built on (Wisdom, Intelligence...) isn't taken into account.

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Frencois is wrong. Your Perception modifier is +6. Check out page 11 of the rulebook where this is explained, in the sidebar “Rules: Skills, Dice, and Modifiers.”

Rulebook wrote:
If your character says “Strength d10,” and the “+1” box next to that has been checked, your Strength skill is d10+1, and your Strength die is d10. (The “+1” is called a modifier.) If your character also says “Melee: Strength +3,” your Melee skill is d10+4, your Melee die is d10, and the Melee modifier is +4.

This is where characters like Pizazz (goblin) go nuts.

Pizazz gets to add his Diplomacy modifier when recharging instruments - which can be cranked up to +6. (+7 if he's Blackjack in CotCT)

Adding +6/+7 to checks is good.

wow Have been misusing this Harsks Hide Armors all along. Well now its to late because I get the full skill added anyway but that would hve rocked in level 2

I stand corrected. Don't know why I wrote that.
I've been in lockdown too long...

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