Is this game dead? I would love more content.

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I played a lot of the old PACG and I have the new set. It is great. A huge improvement on the old. I love the new storybooks and my family does too. It actually inspired us to run the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path because we sort of knew the story after playing the game and it made DMing less scary.

I would love (and more importantly, buy) more PACG content. Even if you sold Storybooks for the other Adventure Paths. The new card art is lovely though, is there any chance of the old adventure paths being updated?

I suppose what I am saying is, please let me know if I will have the opportunity to buy more of this product in future.

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I can't tell you exactly what's coming, since I'm not affiliated with Paizo or Lone Shark, but I do know that the intention is to put out more content in the form of more storybooks and cards. Lone Shark has said that they're taking a break and pursuing other things for a while. No idea when, but I do have faith that more will come at some point.

In the meantime, there is Organized Play, there are homebrew scenarios, and there's also fun to be had designing your own stuff.

I'm sure other people will chime in with details of options -- people who know more about them than I do.

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Similar threads have been appearing for a while, both in the Paizo forums and on BGG.

I hope this helps: (reposted from BGG, with edits)

PACG is still getting love. Just in electronic form, not physical form.

The We Be Heroes goblin scenario booklet, with new goblin heroes, was released in June 2019. It's completely free. (The goblin hero role cards can be found here or here.)

Fangwood Thieves is a single-adventure, low-level experience that can be added to any campaign. It was released in June 2019.

A Night at Bloodthorne Manor, a similar product, was released in early 2020. It can be used for character levels 1-4.

Year of Rotting Ruin, a full 24-scenario adventure path, was completed in July 2020 (link).

So, for instance, you could take a party of at-home characters through the above products in this order: We Be Heroes (1.5 scenarios), Fangwood Thieves (4 scenarios), the first half of Year of Rotting Ruin (12 scenarios), Bloodthorne Manor (4 scenarios), and then the final half of Rotting Ruin (12 scenarios + capstone). That would be 34.5 scenarios total.

And Adventure 3 in the newest campaign, Year of Reborn Strife, was just released (link). At this rate, all 6 adventures in YoRS will be available by July 2021.

These are all technically "organized play" products, but OP campaigns used at home are played exactly like any other campaign. Just ignore rewards that don't make sense (e.g., bonus upgrades, since you can always upgrade as many cards as you want).

Finally, Thargrap - a new character - was released in August 2020.

Overall, 6-7 new PACG products (including 2 full campaigns) have been released/announced since the Core and Crimson Throne became available in May 2019. So PACG is more active than it first appears.

P.S. But yeah, we'd all love new cards and other physical products. But covid has affected all aspects of gaming production - development, manufacturing, etc. - so who knows. And like everyone else, I'm hoping that Paizo will break the radio silence and say something about the next physical adventure path. Ideally before summer?

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Also keep an eye on this forum thread containing stand-alone community-created scenarios.

There are currently only four homebrew scenarios posted, but there will be more. (I know this because I have three more to post - I'm just hoping to playtest them more first - and I'll be writing more.)
I understand these can't replace official products, and aren't intended to. What they can do is help make the wait easier.

(The intent was to provide single scenarios that can be dropped into other campaigns, to let you play for a little longer a character you're enjoying. The ones playable at any level are, in my mind, especially precious. I know level 6 of an AP seems to go by fast. I'm often left thinking, "Wait! I just got these amazing level six cards, and I want to play more!")

Whipstitch wrote:
The ones playable at any level are, in my mind, especially precious. I know level 6 of an AP seems to go by fast. I'm often left thinking, "Wait! I just got these amazing level six cards, and I want to play more!")

That's a really interesting idea. I'm slowly working my way through Book 3 of my homebrew (I think the link to Book 1 is on here somewhere), but the idea of creating new high-level content... Call is 6+ or 7+ ... Hmm... That could be the next project (after I finish four more books of this one...)

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My family has been getting more into the game, which is great because there is so much content. It might be a fun sort of homebrew for the high level content to try and design for the high level 1E modules like Moonscar.

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Well, the official news is out and the game is 'dead' with one last Special at PaizoCon '21. Season 7 won't even be finished. :(

Very sad about it. End of an era.

Link for posterity

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Kamicosmos wrote:
Well, the official news is out and the game is 'dead'...

To be clear: the end announced here is the end of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Society, not necessarily the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. (Or, at least, it's unclear.)

It's a loss, to be sure, but I'm still not certain if we've lost both, or just the former.

UPDATE: I'm sure y'all are familiar with stage 1 in Kubler-Ross's five stages of grieving. (Denial - it's not a river in Egypt.) That was me seeing this 15 minutes ago. The online VC Tyler Beck states unambiguously in the blog comments that this is the end of PACG, not just PACGS.
As wkover aptly also commented, the blog post is the "strangest, most out-of-the-blue backdoor eulogy that I've ever seen." I really wonder exactly what went down inside Paizo.

My wild guess is COVID-19 caused a sharp downturn in Paizo's profits (like so many companies), forcing Lisa & Co. to axe the least profitable products.

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Yeah it's tough to imagine that they'd kill the society if the game itself were selling well. My guess is that this product has never really reached the heights of popularity it did when it was released in late 2013. There are lots of board games out there competing for attention, and maybe the pandemic has resulted in fewer folks playing physical board games in general. Hard to say.

We'll see how long they keep the one they have in print. Maybe some day it'll see a revival in some fashion.

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fingers and toes crossed for a resurgence


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Picked up the Mummy's Mask complete (that shipping though damn), and Crimson Throne off Amazon since the post

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So sad...

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