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Does it give us much more information on the Owb ?

I'm still pretty leery of Shifter stuff...but I'm hoping new options will give it some BANG.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
I sometimes get this message too when trying to open the PDF while it is still zipped (i.e. navigating inside the zip file and double clicking the pdf). Did you try right clicking the zip and extracting it then opening from the unzipped folder?

I think that's what's happening, which must mean a setting on my computer has changed for some reason.

I was able to instruct to "extract all" then download the PDF and save to my computer.

ANy idea what might have changed in my setting ?

I'm not very tech savvy....

Sam Phelan wrote:

Hello nighttree,

I took a look at your account, but it was not immediately clear which PDF you recently acquired that is exhibiting this behavior. Could you please specify which PDF is giving you this trouble? Or are all your PDFs now behaving this way?

Martial Arts Handbook, Temple of the Peacock spirit, and the Construct builders guide.....

It looks almost to me like they are opening as Adobe Acrobat files instead of pdf.

I get this error message ....."Windows cannot complete the extraction. The Destination file could not be created."

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Melkiador wrote:
It’s a problem of Pathfinder being built on a player base that didn’t want to abandon their previous version. And for the most part, Pathfinder was just 3rd edition, with a few bells and whistles added. If P2 was also just a small change, then people may not have been so upset. But instead, it’s just the same bitterness as when D&D moved to 4th, and changed everything.

Yep, feels exactly the same to me. Wizards threw everyone overboard (Including Paizo) to go a completely different direction....that's what is happening now. But like I said in another thread....I have enough material to play for many years, so when all is said and done everything is fine. I'm just a bit sad at the direction things have gone.

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What it meant to me (yes, past tense) was a continuation of the game system I really enjoyed (3.5), but with the addition of a setting I quickly grew to love as much as my old favorite setting (Dragonlance).

What Paizo has accomplished with Pathfinder has been extremely enjoyable for me over the last ten years, and I'm glad to know I can keep enjoying it for many years to come.

I have a great deal of nostalgic sadness that it's over....but realistically, I have enough adventures still to be explored that everything will be fine.

It's still like morning the loss of a friend in a way though :P

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I'll miss new AP's and books coming out. But beyond that we plan to keep playing PF1 for a good long time.

We have all the AP's (few holes to fill in some of them), and I'm actually looking through modules that look to be interesting. I assume they will keep selling 1E stuff digitally for a we have plenty to work with for a good long time.

I would have liked more information on Arcadia....but beyond that...we can keep our group going for many years to come.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
Nice updates! I too like the cover art, but now I'm even more interested in Dragon shifter. :) Plus stuff about Kamis is always cool.

Dragon and Fey archetypes for the shifter are certainly interesting....I'm still hesitant about shifter stuff....but this looks like it may be worth a peek.


But I'm betting it's not #4....I would be satisfied with #2

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Voted. Sticking with 1E. Not interested in the design direction 2E is going.

Any word on if we will get PF1 info on Arcadia ?

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Volkard Abendroth wrote:
Ryan Freire wrote:
Christopk-K wrote:
nighttree wrote:

I suspect a lot of people are simply focused on PF2.

A slow down here is to be expected, and I don't imagine it will get better in time.

Those of us sticking with PF1 will just need to get used to it ;)

Yes, looks like it
What new stuff is there to talk about?

It’s not just a lack of new content.

FAQ’s have pretty much been discontinued, There is zero resolution to be found for ongoing rules questions.

And like I said, it's not likely to change.

Those of us staying with 1st edition are going to have to get more comfortable with simply house ruling things at our tables, rather than waiting for "official" input. ;)

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I suspect a lot of people are simply focused on PF2.
A slow down here is to be expected, and I don't imagine it will get better in time.

Those of us sticking with PF1 will just need to get used to it ;)

....seems like there are some contradictions in the descriptions....

Well damn....I better start stocking up I guess.....

The availability of things like Pawn Packs for the 1E modules ?

It's still odd that they would put two and three up....but not the first one......

Has volume One been posted yet ?
I can't seem to see it 0.O

Loving many of the new options for Duskwalkers.....but question...
The feat "Personal Chronicler" under it's "special" states "If you ever willingly consort with sahkils or undead,"....

How would "consort" be defined. Does that mean simply talking to ? making a temporary agreement ?

Can we get a little more detail on what the Duskwalker traits and feats are like ?

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I'm not sure I think it's fair to say the "community" killed the game for you. Paizo has moved in a completely different direction with the game.....and that's going to kill it for those that liked that it was still grounded in 3.5. If you liked the idea of 5th addition D&D you might like this as well, as it sounds like it emulating that.

That said, those who don't want to move in that direction....are under no obligation or compulsion to do so.

It's that simple.

Personally I didn't like least some tiers simply got to silly. I could see an individual character having mythic (because they were fathered by a god or some such) but in my mind it makes no sense for an entire party....or multiple have those kinds of abilities.

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If the goal was to dumb things down enough to capture 4th & 5th Edition D&D types, without loosing the old 3.5 types....well that's probably not an achievable goal.

I have only payed a little attention to 2nd Edition....just enough to confirm I'm not interested.

I have always found this to be the easiest to navigate...
Here .

As written....the only way it's playable is to use Kitsune to build your base form and take the feat that allows you to copy anyone you have encountered. Beyond that it requires a considerable amount of house ruling (which is what we did) to make it playable at lower levels.

I'm really liking the traits....they are very flavorful and definitely story driven. Two so far have confusing elements though.....

Accidental clone: is obviously a nod to events of Shattered Star....but states you must be human (what if a non-human is the recipient of the effect)....and that you can retain your gender (as a clone of Sorshen your gender would be female) ?

Intrigued by Thassilon: say's you can "once per adventure" take 20 on a use magic device check or activate a charged magic item without using a charge. How is "adventure" defined for this ?

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Skeld wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

Different people, but same name. The Greed one being a student of transmutation, though (AKA shapechanging) should give some suggestions about how this may have come about.

(It's a bit more complicated than that, and there was a fair amount of conflict between the two that eventually ended with Greed Aethusa getting taken out by Gluttony Aethusa; this is perhaps a story that might be explored more sometime in the future though.)

Thanks for the answer, James. I really hoped that you'd come back with a cool backstory for why the names are the same (instead of "oops, that's a mistake").

Now I hope you get a chance to expand on all the above in the near future!


I find it kind of funny that people think it's so odd they should have the same you know how many Steve's I work with ? and that's just one factory :P

If it does show up today.....please somebody link it in this thread. The site has become a lot harder to navigate since all of the changes :P

Marco Massoudi wrote:

The site seems to be running stable, thank god.

Personally i think the players guide should drop sometimes this week, fingers crossed.

My guess is Wednesday.....

samuraixsithlord wrote:
Evan Riggs wrote:
Tangent101 wrote:

I mean, I'd buy them. I suspect a lot of folk would. But you could always do a Kickstarter or the like on that to gauge preorders and how much of these should be printed and adapted to 2nd Edition.
i hope the people at do a suitable Maptools framework for pathfinder 2.0 or im out cause the bestiary is to much of a hassle for me as a DM. i dont understand the removal of the attributes, didnt like it in Starfinder either.

I think it's a little to early to say that Sorshen is "redeemed"

** spoiler omitted **

This ^^^^

Just because she's softened her cruelty some, and curbed her tendencies towards a more politically cautious approach, doesn't mean she's suddenly "good" ;)

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The Mad Comrade wrote:
Could have been identical twins. Could have been that Aethusa figured out a way to magically "copy" themselves, one of them going one way, the second another ...

Or it may have simply been a fashionable name at the time ;)

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bugleyman wrote:

Oh no?

Well I don't like attempts to overly complicate a game to appeal to basement dwelling min-maxers who look down their noses at everyone else. Isn't generalizing fun?

Alternatively, we could all trying to refrain from insulting people because they don't share our preferences IN RPGs (radical, I know!).

Interesting thing about insulting people, especially these insults are highly subjective, you actually can't post anything without running the risk of insulting someone ;)

That said, I'm not overly concerned with it. I speak my opinion, and the reactions of others is all them ;)

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David knott 242 wrote:

They did say a few months ago that they were trying out the most extreme versions of the rules changes that they were considering, so it is likely that they can and will walk back many of them. But which ones? That is where we need to speak up.

They would need to walk back the whole thing....a whole recapture my interest. The direction they are going does nothing for me. I don't like the attempts to "stream line" and simplify for a new generation that can't be bothered to learn the rules. It feels far to much like a video game to me, from what I'm seeing. I'm not even really interested in looking at the playtest when they release it after seeing the previews.

ErichAD wrote:
It looks like you'll burn through your first level allotment of stones in a about 6 attacks at level 3. What a silly archetype.

To my mind, that's the same as saying the fighters weapon takes damage every time he attacks......

I'll have to see if the GM is willing to ignore it as well :P

So the Ioun Kineticist....

Under Ioun focus say's "An ioun kineticist’s telekinetic blast always sends one or more of her ioun stones to strike her foes and immediately return*, and her wild talents typically manifest as her ioun stones moving or spinning to create fields of energy. This alters elemental focus."

Under Telekinetic blast, it states "If the attack hits, the target and the thrown object each take the blast’s damage."

I assume this ability protects the Ioun stones from damage in a manner similar to Telekinetic Boomerang ? Otherwise your Ioun stones would be destroyed in short order.....

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I'm staying with PF1.
Not interested in the direction PF2 is going.

I'm still reading through everything....but so far Planar Infusion is one of my big scores (it solves the Hellfire dilemma I was having with my Kinetics), and I'm really liking the look of Gloomblade.

Infuse Self (take the form of a Native Outsider)

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I'm loving the's perfectly with a long term character concept that will work perfectly for the last AP.
Can't decide if I want to stick to the Slayer class concept...or switch to the Gloomblade for it though :P

Can this ability be applied to Natural attacks ?

Mighty Squash wrote:

It has nice flavour, but for the most part is just worse than a regular aether kineticist. (I do however want to play one, just for the silliness).

There are some weirdnesses in it that may cause table variation - hopefully if this is made PFS legal it will get some minor clarifications. Especially as the archetype doesn't change the fact the blast used damages the thrown objects as well as the target. Rolling good damage could leave you Ioun-stone-less and unable to do anything.

Ya, there are definitely some things that need clarification....

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Cyrad wrote:
I wanna learn about duskwalkers!

One of the first character concept I came up with after the introduction of the Whispering Tyrant....was a soul sent by Pharasma to defeat any with the introduction of this race....I can actually do this.

Can I get a little more on the Duskwalkers...appearance, maybe some hints about racial abilities ?

Claxon wrote:
I have tried to find what you're talking about, but can't find such an archetype. Do you have a link?

It's in the newly released Blood of the Ancients ;)

Any traits or feats jump out as "must haves" ?

I hope we get more information on just how the whole "Runelord" title works. For a long time I thought it was the basic "assassinate your predecessor" to gain the title....but James stated somewhere that's not exactly the case.....

Sir_Andrew wrote:

interesting, but even if you stop the regeneration for 2d6 rounds, wouldn't it just revive it after regeneration kicks back in?

Depends on if you manage to actually kill it. Once dead, regeneration does not work.

Derklord wrote:
Isn't "stuff in PF1 that needs fixing" the whole raison d'être for PF2?

Not really. PF2 is about attracting a whole new audience.

PF1 fans are going to have to just get used to the fact that they are going to need to homebrew their own fixes going foreword ;)

I can download now....but still can't save.
I'm getting the following message...."The document could not be saved. A file I/O error has occurred"

Anyone know what that means ???

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