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I was playing 3.5 and on the D&D forums when the whole 4th addition stuff blew up....when Paizo announced they would be doing Pathfinder....that's the direction I chose as I didn't want to support D&D anymore.....and wanted something as close to 3.5 as possible.

We stuck with 1E, we are currently running Strange Aeons.

McDaygo.....I had considered a similar thing but using the Swarm may want to give that a looksee ;)

I wish there had been more rules type stuff, but all in all this was a pretty enjoyable book. Definitely helped me to flesh out what direction to go with my Silk-sworn Occultist :P

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So I just purchased the last two items on my wish-list.....a wish-list that has always had a large number of items on it for many years. It's going to be strange to not constantly look to see what is coming out....not anticipating the next months release, and realize the game I loved is no longer producing content.

I think from an RP perspective it would be more interesting to have them be a hapless passenger. They are more likely to insure it doesn't happen that way :P

Most of the others have touched on the reasons I'm not switching.....fortunately we have enough unplayed material to last us a good many years.

Still makes me sad however :P

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I can't help but feel a little sad.
For years I have had a bulky wish list, and have daily checked on the advice and rules forums for discussions.....but it's all coming to an end.
I'm not planning to move to 2nd Edition, and 1st addition is winding down.
There are still a few releases left on my "wish list"....but all in all it is dwindling rapidly month by month.

I'm really grateful for the last ten+ years, and I'm glad that our group still has so many AP's to pursue.....but it still feels like a big chunk of my life is dying off.

So what's the Arcadia flavor like ? How much detail do they go into ?

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DeciusNero wrote:
*double takes at unicorn sorcerer*

ROFLMAO.....Ya great Grandpa Uni was a really jokester :P

Abomination was the route I went in for a Psychic for this game....

Nezzmith wrote:
nighttree wrote:

Can you give more details ?
I'm very curious about this new race....but can't imagine they can't take class levels....doesn't make sense :P

I guess I was just tired when I read it. Specifically it says, " Mortics have racial Hit Dice and never substitute such Hit Dice for class levels like some humanoids do."

I'm not sure what to make of this, but it's certainly... different.

Sounds like we jumped to the assumption that "new race" meant player race.....when they are not actually intended as a player race :P

Nezzmith wrote:

PDFs are out, to my knowledge. Lots to read and review.

The Mortic race is very interesting, with the appearance of a player character race, but they can't apparently take class levels? I was confused by the wording. I suppose once everyone has their copy a discussion will clear that up.

Can you give more details ?

I'm very curious about this new race....but can't imagine they can't take class levels....doesn't make sense :P

Ya that was cool.
Is this the first time they have done that ? or did I just miss it in the past ?

magnuskn wrote:

Huh, I just saw the trailer for Return of the Runelords on Youtube.

C'mon, James. We NEED a high-def wallpaper with a group shot of all seven Runelords (with the background of Mhar Massif, maybe?)! That looked epic as hell with six of them already. I'd absolutely buy a big-ass poster of that as well.

Link or it didn't happen :P

I'm having to avoid reading this as I hope to play in it....that said, I think this is the crowning jewel in my Pathfinder experience....this trilogy is what I have always wanted, and it's what I have designed so many character concept around over the last ten years.

Jinath wrote:
I want to do the dragon shifter soon!

What's it like ?

CorvusMask wrote:
I'm wondering if green skinned person is another type of undead since there is green skinned gnome on next volume's cover .-.

Wonder if it has anything to do with the new race that's linked to undead ???

Can we get a little more detail about the new faction of rune magic researching wizards which is created ?

Anything that helps the Ooze Morph ?

Dragon78 wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

But nothing that helps you get past fire immunity ?

Dragon78 wrote:
There are some interesting kineticist wild talents (mostly for fire).

Could you elaborate ?

Dragon78 wrote:
Well that is disappointing to hear about the Shifter but I am not surprised. It is too bad the class didn't come out in an earlier book.


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Cabal Devils (AKA Uniila)

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Marco Massoudi wrote:

I hope that we either get some more stuff for PF 1.0 sometimes down the line, or probably much more likely, that it will be really easy to convert PF 2.0 stuff into 1.0 rules and vice versa.

It is possible with Pathfinder & Starfinder, at least with the most basic stuff, so i am holding up hope for the future. ;-)

Flavor is I'm sure those of us sticking with PF1 will still follow specific area's of interest and convert the material back to PF1....but other than what has already been announced...I don't expect much support for PF1. They will be trying to get people to transfer over to PF2.

I just purchased the updated Curse of the Crimson Throne this morning.
It appears in my digital content when I open it....but as soon as I click on it to download it disappears.

If I refresh the page it is again visible, but again as soon as I click on it, it disappears again :(

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Gorbacz wrote:
You'll be delighted to know that in PF2, aeons will become much prominent and will replace Inevitables as the main True Neutral outsider race.

Not interested in not really interested in what direction they are going.

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Honestly ? Not much. There are places I can see need adjusting.....but for the most's exactly what I want.

PossibleCabbage wrote:

At a guess they considered the "person that becomes an ooze" was covered by the cave druid, so they looked at the "ooze that becomes a person" angle for the oozemorph. Sadly, the whole "take a vow of poverty to be immune to crits and flanking, oh and you can't talk or interact with the world much" doesn't make me want to stray from the bucket when oozy.

Hopefully Wilderness Origins does something for the archetype.

I'm not expecting anything that will actually benefit the's already locked out of most Shifter feats as it trades Claws for Morphic Weapons.

If they do add something helpful to the Oozemorph....I will be pleasantly surprised ;)

thistledown wrote:
And be subject to flanks and crits? Why would they want that? Also, the appeal of the class is being an ooze, not being someone who shapeshifts into different humanoids. Unfortunately the archetype was written to quash that appeal.

Well at least for me....the appeal was being an Ooze..... that can shapeshift into different humanoid form......but I agree that the overall appeal was squashed in the execution :P

If they didn't hamstring a character so bad at low levels (like below 8th), or specifically lock out the one idea that did make it playable (Kitsune with the perfect copy racial ability) it would be a very fun Archetype...but as it is currently (without a lot of house ruling) it's bound to simply be frustrating for low level characters.

EDIT: Apologies, it's a feat (that got locked out by errata, when people brought it up as being viable)....not a racial ability, and it's called Realistic likeness.

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Dragon78 wrote:
Wow, every class getting a new 20th level capstone, that is awesome.

I must be missing often do people actually play a character to 20th level ?

We do AP' generally never make it to capstone ability :P

Correct....I have pretty much all of the AP's.....I'm looking for modules that may be of interest ;)

In preparation for the end of 1E....I'm making sure any holes in AP's are filled....but was wondering if there are modules that are highly recommended ?
We generally do entire AP' I only have a smattering of modules.

What say ye ?

thistledown wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Lifevirus wrote:
Would love to see a feat/totem list. The only thing is that when you use the racial ability to alter self, you don't get the morphic weaponary or other oozemorph benefits but I assume that's probably being overruled.
Morphic weapon and compression work regardless of what form you are in. Expressly stated ;)
Nope, changed in the FAQ. "An oozemorph's compression, damage reduction, and morphic weaponry function in its oozelike form and any form it takes via fluidic body, though not in forms it takes via other polymorph effects. "

Poo....then yep, we will be ignoring that as well :P They seem determined to make this Archetype not work :P

Lifevirus wrote:
Would love to see a feat/totem list. The only thing is that when you use the racial ability to alter self, you don't get the morphic weaponary or other oozemorph benefits but I assume that's probably being overruled.

Morphic weapon and compression work regardless of what form you are in. Expressly stated ;)

I'm actually doing Oozemorph Barbarian (Urban and invulnerable Rager archetypes)for our Strange Aeons AP. RAW I'm doing a cheat, as the DM has agreed to let me use a homebrew race (built with the race builder rules....does that still count as homebrew ?)So I have Shapechanger type, and the racial ability to use Alter self at will (minus the ability score adjustments). I'm only doing 6 levels of Oozemorph, and the rest Barbarian....but many of the rage abilities actually work well in combination with an Oozemorphs abilities. "It" is a modern attempt to create a Mezlan :P

Near as I can tell....the Shapeshifter Style feats are eligible by the Oozmorph...and of some value....

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I'm hoping that these forums, and the digital versions of the 1E materials will be available for a good long time.

It wasn't an oversight....we brought it up repeatedly in the thread, they chose to not address least at the time.

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ckdragons wrote:

Good luck to you! Paizo stopped doing FAQs. Last FAQ was almost a year ago (Feb 2018).

Besides, they made it pretty clear at the time they had no interest in fixing the Oozemorph, even hamstrung the one playable option.

It's probably a matter of houseruling for your table at this point.

Wonder how the Mortics differ from Duskwalkers ?

Dragon78 wrote:
Speaking of the Shifter, the class could use a lot more love in the feat department.

I wouldn't expect too much.

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SOLDIER-1st wrote:
Seems like they're doing lots of the books I've been waiting for now that we're close to the end.

I can't complain about that.....since this is more or less the end for me....I'm glad to see things I have been waiting patiently for finally coming out ;)

Does it give us much more information on the Owb ?

I'm still pretty leery of Shifter stuff...but I'm hoping new options will give it some BANG.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
I sometimes get this message too when trying to open the PDF while it is still zipped (i.e. navigating inside the zip file and double clicking the pdf). Did you try right clicking the zip and extracting it then opening from the unzipped folder?

I think that's what's happening, which must mean a setting on my computer has changed for some reason.

I was able to instruct to "extract all" then download the PDF and save to my computer.

ANy idea what might have changed in my setting ?

I'm not very tech savvy....

Sam Phelan wrote:

Hello nighttree,

I took a look at your account, but it was not immediately clear which PDF you recently acquired that is exhibiting this behavior. Could you please specify which PDF is giving you this trouble? Or are all your PDFs now behaving this way?

Martial Arts Handbook, Temple of the Peacock spirit, and the Construct builders guide.....

It looks almost to me like they are opening as Adobe Acrobat files instead of pdf.

I get this error message ....."Windows cannot complete the extraction. The Destination file could not be created."

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Melkiador wrote:
It’s a problem of Pathfinder being built on a player base that didn’t want to abandon their previous version. And for the most part, Pathfinder was just 3rd edition, with a few bells and whistles added. If P2 was also just a small change, then people may not have been so upset. But instead, it’s just the same bitterness as when D&D moved to 4th, and changed everything.

Yep, feels exactly the same to me. Wizards threw everyone overboard (Including Paizo) to go a completely different direction....that's what is happening now. But like I said in another thread....I have enough material to play for many years, so when all is said and done everything is fine. I'm just a bit sad at the direction things have gone.

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What it meant to me (yes, past tense) was a continuation of the game system I really enjoyed (3.5), but with the addition of a setting I quickly grew to love as much as my old favorite setting (Dragonlance).

What Paizo has accomplished with Pathfinder has been extremely enjoyable for me over the last ten years, and I'm glad to know I can keep enjoying it for many years to come.

I have a great deal of nostalgic sadness that it's over....but realistically, I have enough adventures still to be explored that everything will be fine.

It's still like morning the loss of a friend in a way though :P

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