The shrinking of my wish list......

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I can't help but feel a little sad.
For years I have had a bulky wish list, and have daily checked on the advice and rules forums for discussions.....but it's all coming to an end.
I'm not planning to move to 2nd Edition, and 1st addition is winding down.
There are still a few releases left on my "wish list"....but all in all it is dwindling rapidly month by month.

I'm really grateful for the last ten+ years, and I'm glad that our group still has so many AP's to pursue.....but it still feels like a big chunk of my life is dying off.

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May I ask why you don't intend to move into 2nd edition? Personally, I intend to play both 1st and 2nd edition as long as I have players.

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We don't play APs or modules but homebrew our campaign. I've been the GM for our D&D and then PF games for nearly the entirety of my gaming career. But I feel somewhat like nighttree does; I looked forward to the new hardcover releases and there won't be any more of those for PF Classic.

We're not going to be playing 2e for the simple fact we're all in our late 40s to mid 50s and just don't want to change over to a new system. We decided as a group when we began playing Pathfinder that this would be the last iteration of D&D (which it is, in my opinion) we'd invest in. Over the decades we've collectively spent thousands of dollars on books and other RPG accessories. But we're happy with Pathfinder and there are still adventures in our setting just waiting to be played.

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Val'bryn2 wrote:
May I ask why you don't intend to move into 2nd edition? Personally, I intend to play both 1st and 2nd edition as long as I have players.


1: I know the system well enough that I can design everything around its advantages, disadvantages, and shortfalls even mid-session without missing a beat. Moving onto another game system would severely limit my ability to pair the game mechanics with my innovations without pausing the game mid scene.

2: My players are all a bit casual and teaching them 1e is an ongoing process even after years of play together. Swapping to a new system would confuzzle them all.

3: I've pretty much stuck the entire rulebook for 1e in my head and undoing all of that for a new set of rules would take some severe work.

4: Pathfinder 2e is not available to the public yet and as the GM I buy all the pdfs. My players rely on freely available material such as from Archive of Nethys to build their characters.

Its the same set of reasons I keep saying, "I really wanna run a game of (Paranoia/Black Crusade/Rogue Trader/Deadlands/Vampire The Masquerade/Starwars/Dragon Mech)" and then decide to just do as close to the theme in pathfinder instead. Familiarity.

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Understandable. I know it isn't the same, but have you considered buying some of the older adventures, 3.5 or earlier, and converting them for use? I'm actually bouncing around converting Temple of Elemental Evil and The Sunless Citadel to Pathfinder, since I enjoy both modules.

Most of the others have touched on the reasons I'm not switching.....fortunately we have enough unplayed material to last us a good many years.

Still makes me sad however :P

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I played DD3.5 for years after the release of Pathfinder.

Since my players are fully invested in PF classic, I doubt any of them will be chomping at the bit to move on to PF2. Maybe we'll finally give DD5 a shot. Unless they come out with a DD6 version in the interim.

Personally, I have nothing against moving to PF2, and I expect I'll subscribe to future PF2 releases, if only to further build my RPG collection. I've bought all the Starfinder releases, but have yet to play a game. Who knows?

My gut feeling is that PF classic has a lot of blood still pumping through it. There are many, many unplayed APs, and we always adapt and improve APs anyway, so there's that. I could continue to play PF classic for ten or twenty years without running out of published material.

I just don't see the arrival of PF2 as a catastrophe. Time will tell whether it's a successful offering or not. DD5 has been growing the global RPG player base, so I expect there will be a market for PF2 regardless of the naysayers out there... or in here.

I agree. PF2 will be far from a catastrophe. I think PF2 will do pretty well and I wish Paizo nothing but success with the new project. But with the PF stuff I own plus the huge library of DD3.5 to modify I will never run out of gaming ideas or material.

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