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So how did you first fine out about Pathfinder?

How long have you been playing?

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No secret to anyone who has been here long enough, I started my Dragon and Dungeon subscriptions about a month before Wizards announced they were discontinuing the license. So I signed on with Pathfinder to continue by sub and never looked back.

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I herd about Pathfinder as it was started. At the time I went along with most D&D players and took up 4th edition. Honestly I think 4th edition is quite good and I certainly had a good time with it.

5th edition...WoTC pushed into a brand new edition a little too fast for my liking. Instead of having to buy a new set of books for what appears to be a cash grab I an my friends moved into Pathfinder in 2015. The rules were very familiar since we've all been playing D&D since the 80's. It felt like a return to 3.5.

And here we are now, still playing Pathfinder 1.0 (3.75?). Will probably be playing 1.0 for a few more years. After that? No idea. i think we like D&D's epic fantasy style, but I honestly don't care for 5th edition. It feels like they neutered the system. I haven't taken a serious look at Path 2.0 because it sounds like 5th and honestly I'm not done with 1.0.

Pathfinder 1 is rich enough that I don't have to leave it. If anything I might take a stab into converting Spelljammer into Pathfinder since I find Starfinder to be just a little underwhelming. Starfinder feels like 2 games printed in the same book. The space part of it is just awkward and poorly implemented and the game would be stronger without it.

I heard of Pathfinder and was offered to play it but instead chose D&D 3.5, and did so for years.

I ended up switching to Pathfinder after trying it on PbP on the Mythweavers forums. Never looked back, PF1e will probably be my favorite system of all time.

I heard from a girl I was attempting to date (it was a weird situation) about pathfinder. I was telling her how I used to play 3.5 before I moved across the country and that I wasn't sure about 4th edition. She told me I should take a look at pathfinder. That its what the group she was in played and that it was basically d&d 3.75.

The next time I was in a gaming store I looked through it and eventually bit the bullet and bought the very expensive Player's Guide. I then found a pathfinder group though meetup and have been playing pathfinder since. This was in January 2011. That being said I've been playing D&D in one form or another since 1986.

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I found out about Pathfinder from a friend around the time 4th came out. So I came to this site when they were just starting to reveal the new versions of the classes and their iconics. I didn't join the forum and start getting subscriptions until 2010.

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I found out about Pathfinder when I saw a mention of the playtest for it online, picked it up, perused it, and then forgot about it.

Eventually, my D&D 4E group talked me into joining into a D&D 3.5 campaign near its end. They were getting ready to start a new campaign when the Advanced Player's Guide came out -- and we had players who were eager to try out those new classes. So I picked up that book and the Core Rulebook and built a summoner for the new campaign.

A few years ago I was contacted by a fellow I played some 3.5 with. He was starting up a RotRL game for his teenage son and thought I would be a good fit for the table he was assembling. My teen daughgter (who was bugging me to join a game, the other one I was involved in was just not appropriate) and I joined and I got hooked on PF.

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My then boyfriend wanted me to read oots back in 2012 and then from there he showed me the old scry app I just got hooked, within about a week I was more immersed in it than he was lol.

I was a DM for a homebrew 5e campaign and wanted more...

I used a lot of homebrew 5e stuff I found online and it got me started looking for a system that had more support in general.

I stumbled into Pathfinder, and the options were limitless in juxtapose with 5e. So here we are.

Probably just going to plant my flag in Pathfinder 1e, because I absolutely love the plethora of classes/archetypes/feats/gestalt combinations...

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I had been introduced to tabletop RPGs from a Star Wars fan group. When I moved to another state, I really wanted to try more RPGs and found someone running a D&D 3.5 adventure that was set in the town of Sandpoint. I made it through a handful of game sessions before I moved across country again. I really wanted to keep playing RPGs, and I ended up finding a group that was about to start a campaign set in Sandpoint. Even though it was going to use the beta version of this "Pathfinder" thing, the familiarity with the setting names encouraged me to be bold and reach out and see if they were still looking for another player (they were). The GM was a fan of Pathfinder, and got me hooked :)

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I had had a bad experience with 3.5 with an ex who wasn't the best in terms of GM-ing. I swore off table tops forever and switched to LARPing. Met my current SO at my first LARP and he was a HUGE Pathfinder fan. He begged me to just give it a try, and so I conceded.

He made a homebrew game based on 900's England and the Viking invasion (I'm a huge history nerd), and I fell in love!

I'm waiting for tieflings to become a playable PF2 ancestry so I can make the suave, Italian pirate lady character concept I've had in my head for half a year...

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When Paizo stopped publishing Dragon Magazine they sent me two adventures (part of an early adventure path? I dunno). It's been so long and I never ran them that I've forgotten what they were. Was one about Sandpoint? At any rate, that was my introduction to it. Sure, it was 3.5 still and then I bought the first Pathfinder Inner Sea Guide and really liked some of the ideas in it. When the RPG was actually released I jumped on it and haven't regretted it one bit.

My sibling mentioned looking at games on-line since watching a video/listening to a podcast. Following this, I ended up looking into it after Christmas 2016/January 2017. I quickly became enthused having never played an T.T.R.P.G. before.

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I think it was about 4 years ago. I was at a convention and had nothing to do for 2 hours. I looked in the gaming room to kill a little time and PFS was running a few tables. Some of those tables were those little introduction games that only take an hour. I tried it and the GM was pretty funny. I didn't really think about it until the next year's convention. I played again and enjoyed it. When I got home, I looked online and found Roll20. I decided to join a game and see how it went. I've been playing ever since.

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In 2011 I started dating this guy who was a big Pathfinder nerd, to the point where he spent his free time making a reference website for it :D A couple months in, he asked if I wanted to go to this little convention called PaizoCon with him. I went and had a good time, but I still hadn't actually played an RPG yet. He ended up running me and some friends through a one-shot of Crypt of the Everflame. We never finished the module, but I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the creativity involved. I think it's safe to say that I've gotten a bit more into RPGs in the years since then!

Someone had given a Beginner Box to a local youth organization I was a part of in high school. Unfortunately, it was used a grand total of one time. Then, a couple years later, I found my way onto the Paizo boards, joined some PBPs, and never looked back. Ironically, it was only last year that I actually first played IRL (other than the single game with the beginner box), and even then I was the GM.

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Like TOZ, I signed up for subs to Dungeon and Dragon about a month before the announcement of the magazines' demise was announced. Since I'd gone all-in with long-term subs, I had a lot of converted credit to pick up APs. At the time, I wasn't really interested in running published adventures in pre-made settings, and planned to mine them for home-brew content much as I'd planned to with Dungeon and Dragon. Ironically, at the time I was turned off by all the existing canon for settings like Greyhawk and the Forgotten Realms that I felt I had to know and master before I could enjoy playing in those settings. It wasn't until early 2008 that I really gave the Pathfinder volumes on my shelf a good, hard look, and it was then that I realized that they were more than just something I could mine for ideas, but rather an inspiring and rich setting I could get into on the ground floor. Once I started working on the PathfinderWiki with some fellow fans, I was hooked, in no small part because I was devouring all the content as it came out to become a setting expert and because I was dedicating thousands of hours to the project. I wanted to give 4E a chance and maybe run some Pathfinder games with that system, but when the Pathfinder RPG was announced, I decided I didn't need to split my loyalty between one game's setting and another's rules. The rest, as they say, occurred in the predictable way in 6-second rounds in initiative order.

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New to Highschool I saw someone looking at VtM and 3.5 books so, having played Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 on the computer, I went over to interact.

We ended up chatting on and off during lunch and he eventually invited me to start playing with his group. Played a lot of World of Darkness before finally trying out 3.5. Immediately fell in love with the customization and fantasy (Eberron mostly).

When 4th came out we met up with the main group of players and GM (aka my GM's GM) and tried it. Loved the art but wasn't quite feeling so we stuck with 3.5.

Didn't find out about Pathfinder until many years later, moved away for college then came back, had another meet up as we were deciding what games to play and the same GM as before brought up Pathfinder (wanna say around 2011-2012, cause he had CR, APG, UM, and UC). We all were delighted with it and didn't look back.

Awhile later I found out about the Paizo forums and came here, moreso after a falling out at a time with the group made me look to online gaming.

According to archived emails...

One of the DM's from a group I used to play with emailed me asking if I wanted to read through a 3.5 based game and tell him what I thought. I read through it, it fixed some class problems we'd had with 3.5 and we both thought that dropping all the extra books from 3.5 would make it easier to get people playing. After that the group started trying 4th ed and the reaction was so terrible that they stopped playing anything shortly afterward.

I didn't start playing it till 2010, when someone asked me to convert a 3.5 game I'd been running. The conversion was successful and Pathfinder became the default game for that group since then.

In the 80s, one of my friends introduced me to D&D (the red & blue box games) and we played a bunch. Then I basically didn't play for 30 years, although I would see new D&D stuff in the bookstore. I'm sure I ended up browsing through the PF1e books at some point, but I never thought I'd find people to play with.

In 2017, one day at work I used the word "icosahedral" (in a scientific context). One of my coworkers asked, "like a d20?" I knew exactly what that was, and I learned that he played D&D 5e. The guy in the cube across from him played Pathfinder, and we decided to play a little lunchtime D&D.

We roped in two people who had never played RPGs, and we ran a short 5e campaign. When that ended, the 5e DM wanted to play, and the PF GM wanted to GM Pathfinder, so we all just switched to Pathfinder like the sheep we were.

Was intro'd to AD&D2e as my first delve into RPG's in 1983. I was hooked and not long after started DMing and was the go-to GM for many years after. Being in the USMC at the time, moving around, groups came and went, and I intro'd quite a few to the game over my service time. Never moved to 3.5 or 4.

Stopped playing around 1992, the desire came back around 2013, started looking for a game and group at FLGS and they introduced me to PF. Never looked back.

The level of detail in the options and mechanics without being burdensome in play scratches an itch for my preferred style for RPG's. The "smoothing over" effect that the 5e and PF2 ruleset has sorta leaves that need unfilled.

But I value the groups I play RPG's with more than the ruleset we play. I participate in those other games, but won't invest resources in them and don't think I'll ever GM them.

My group and I played AD&D 2ndEd all through Junior high and high school. Switched over fully to 3 when it dropped and kept buying when it was 3.5 then too.

Then, they said 4th was coming out. What?! We just bought this full library! To hell if we're switching again that soon!

One of our members continually was buying new games, but mostly just to read. He's got shelves full of Mage, Exalted, Vampire, White Wolf. Well he bought this game called Pathfinder.

It's just like DND, and even uses the same rules, but better, he says. My long time thinking was "if it ain't TSR, it's CRAP!"

But after seeing how 4th actually was so dramatic different from 2nd to the 3rd conversion, and with how Wizards f***Ed my Forgotten Realms and characters, we threw Wizards a big fat finger and left their product line. We slowly rolled Pathfinder into our 3.5 campaigns.

'you wanna Respec your fighter to the Pathfinder rules? Go ahead. Umm, yeah let's use Pathfinder bull strength instead." Then questions kept coming up about"we using 3-5 rules or Pathfinder in this case?"

It seemed stupid to keep making special differences, do we whole sale switched-5 years into the Pathfinder run.

I began my tabletop gaming career with 4th edition playing with some of my friends. Some of these friends pulled me into a group of Shadowrun, but I still expressed interest in the now defunct 4e game. Seeing me really interested in building characters, he naturally recommended PF. I didn't pick it up until someone began running Pathfinder and I instantly fell in love.

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Played AD&D at University, then 2nd Ed, 3.0, and 3.5, where one of our refs ran RotR (I think we may have started playing it before PF as a system was released, as there is a beta playtest book kicking around the house that we got sat the same time).

Tried 4E, and wasn’t really inspired by it as it didn’t feel like D&D, so when it was my turn to run a campaign I picked another Paizo AP (Skull and Shackles), started to look at converting it to 3.5, then decided that was too much hassle, and it was easier to swap systems. That was about 5 years ago.

Shortly after we found the Pathfinder Society at a games convention, and met a lot of good friends through that, so found another long term campaign group.

I’ve had a couple of tries at 5E and Adventurer’s League, but came to the conclusion it wasn’t the game for me - I like the flexibility PF1 gives in character design.

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I was a 3.5 holdout for a very long time. I played and ran it for 10 years, longer than any previous edition. (I started with B/X, then AD&D 1st ed.) I tried 4e but didn't like it much, so it was the first edition I played that I never DMed. I had heard about PF when it was in beta, but can't recall exactly how any more; I think it was a combination of Dragon magazine, the internet, and word of mouth. But I was highly invested in 3.5, so didn't feel much urge to learn a new d20 variant. (I downloaded the free beta core book, but never read it.)

It wasn't until Green Ronin announced that their next big Freeport sourcebook was going to support PF that I started seriously looking at the system. I'm a fan and contributor to that setting, and was running a 3.5 campaign set there at the time (my third in the setting). I picked up a few PF books at a used bookstore (CRB, APH, & ARG, if I recall correctly?) and started reading. Eventually I talked the group into switching to PF when the new book came out--and then we got impatient waiting and just did it. (We also had a moving-induced hiatus around then, so that was as good a time as any to do it.)

When we started back up, we needed to replace a player, so I ran a low-level module (Risen from the Sands) as an unrelated one-shot for my continuing players and a couple possible recruits. Everyone enjoyed it, and the new players proved to be a good fit, so we sailed off back to our much-altered campaign.

PF1 has remained my regular group's default game, and everyone in that group now plays PFS regularly as well. We've tried some SF and a little bit of PF2, but both of those are still very much in the early "we like it, but we're not sure we LOVE it" stages.

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Like TOZ and Mark, I was a subscriber to Dragon and Dungeon Magazines when the license wasn't renewed and I transferred my subscription refund to try out this new Pathfinder Adventure Path thing Paizo was starting. If I recall correctly, my sub transfer got me the first three or four books of Rise of the Runelords as part of the deal, and after getting Burnt Offerings I made sure to keep my subscription going. I'd long been a fan of what Paizo was doing with the magazines and had become part of the messageboard community here, so I was on board to stick with it and see what some of my favorite creators (now friends, coworkers, and colleagues) were up to.

As one of my home group's homebrew campaigns was nearing the end, I offered to run Rise of the Runelords for them. They'd heard me gush about this Varisia thing and the cool bits of the Adventure Path that I had read, and while many of them still had strong feelings for Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk, they were interested in adventuring in a world new to them.

We had a blast playing that campaign and continued to run games in Golarion. And I continued to get more involved in the community. (Fun Fact: Members of the community here are responsible for my current career. A handful of fine folks convinced me that my ideas were cool and that I should try to get published. The day that I finally polished off a pitch and got the brave to submit something to the Dragon slush pile was the day that Paizo announced that the magazines were going away. [Spoiler Alert: Things worked out regardless.])

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The owner of the local games/comic shop (and long time friend) suggested it.

He knew I was a 3.5 player, and that I was not interested in 4th edition.
He let me know that Paizo re-vamped 3.5, and that the vast library of game materials I had for that, was essentially usable with a little editing.
That was a big draw for me, as I had spent a small fortune on 3.0/3.5 materials, and I quite liked the game system.
Been a PF player/GM ever since.

I think 4th Ed. was a well done game for a lot of reasons. But it didn't grab me for a role-playing game. I saw it as more of a successor to the miniatures battle-mat type rules than D&D.
It was streamlined, accessible, and great for that. But, seemed too much like a tabletop version of a computer MMORPG rules system for my tastes.
I like more of a blank canvas with endless possibilities, and 4th Ed. seemed like more of a modular paint-by-numbers exercise to me.
Not bad mind you, just not what I was looking for as a main RPG game.

That was a shame though. Been playing D&D since 1977 (yeah, I'm old, I know), and that was the only version I didn't buy up until then.
And even though I haven't gotten 5th edition for myself, my now college-age daughter has dived into that pretty heavily with her friends.
She has become quite the successful DM, so plenty of 5E stuff around the house as well.
Been lots of fun with her using me as a resource for decades of DM experience. My favorite, was when she was preparing to run 5E Strahd campaign, and asked if I had any old materials.
Quite the surprised face, when I pulled out stacks of everything 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition, plus the Ravenloft campaign settings. She had lots of material to convert and use.

Nice to see a lot players/DMs that got their start with 3rd edition and older. Also nice to see those that started much later as well.

IIRC, a college friend mentioning (in the context of 4E being terrible) that "some folks took 3.5 and are making it better". At the time, I was in something of a game design headspace and had just come off of playing a bit of 3.5.

I took a long look at the CRB and 3.5 conversion guide, hopped into a couple of sessions as an extra in Kingmaker, plunged headlong into playing Carrion Crown, and never looked back.

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My friend was running a 3.5e D&D game. Another friend (knowing I'm into bears) showed me the mostly-naked dwarf picture in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, and I was immediately compelled to buy the book. Later, I read the book, and I and another player convinced our GM to switch. :)

So mostly, I have my libido to thank for 10 years of our group playing Pathfinder.

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I got into Tabletop RPG's right at the cusp of 4e and Pathfinder's creation.

When I was a younging I came across an old AD&D Dungeon Master Guide, I loved reading it and my imagination ran wild. A few years later Baldurs Gate came out on PC, and I begged to get it for xmas, it barely worked on our family's PC at the time, but played the heck out of it none the less.

Skip forward a few years, and I was fresh outta high school, out on my own with roommates and 4e came out. At the time, I did notice a small company called Paizo making a came called Pathfinder, but (at the time) did not think it was as cool as playing (offical) DND. I bought a good collection of 4e books and me and my roommates took turns DMing a campaign that lasted for about the year. We were all new, and it was a very much so a beer and bong type of game (Our own generic setting, simple plots, little roleplaying, and combat heavy, which did fit with 4e tbh). A couple years moved on and we all went our own ways.

A few years later I tried my hand again, (this time running games online with DND Insiders Online tabletop) , but was looking for something new. I gave PF another look (This was right after Ultimate Equipment Came out) and tried some PFS games at the shop and had a good time. The thing that drew me in most was the setting/Golarion and the adventures. I bought a copy of the Inner Sea guide and was hooked. I played a ton of PFS and ran Council of Thieves AP, as well as played in a half a dozen modules or so.

Fast forward a few years and got a bit burnt out on 1e, and tried 5e for a bit, I enjoyed it, but it never really reached out to me like Pathfinder did. When I heard about 2e I was intrigued and it won me back over to the paizo side, and I have been loving 2e so far (And It is great to get use out of my beloved PF setting books again :) )

I was playing 3.5 and on the D&D forums when the whole 4th addition stuff blew up....when Paizo announced they would be doing Pathfinder....that's the direction I chose as I didn't want to support D&D anymore.....and wanted something as close to 3.5 as possible.

As several above, my group used to play - among other games - AD&D then AD&D 2nd ed. then 3.0 then 3.5. When Pathfinder arrived and 3.5 got discontinued, we switched. We'll probably move to PF2 once we are done with our current campaigns but as we are way into adulthood, play time and even more so, play time all together, is scarce so it will be a while.

What took effort was switching to Golarion rather than Greyhawk or the Forgotten Realms^^ Some of us never truly bothered with the Golarion lore. They had read TSR novels as teenagers, from where they had organically acquired the D&D lore. As adults, their reading interests had changed hence no natural exposure to Golarion away from the table.

It took me a while to start reading the lore outside of what was relevant for me to know depending on my characters. For the same reason or maybe because of this, it took me a while to use the Golarion setting as a game master.

Moved to a bigger city, found a local game store, asked about any 3rd ed games going on there, the store owner told me about how 3.5 was over and a group was running the Pathfinder playtest for their game. The rest is history.

I'm pretty sure it was through the Dragonstar mailing list. Some people mentioned adapting DS to PF and some of the changes Pf made to the d20 system they mentioned sounded interesting. I was planning on running a new D&D game after a disappointing SW game, and had trouble deciding which system and setting to use. I was pretty burned out on 3.5 at the time and 4e was, well, 4e, so I picked up the CRB and liked what I saw.

Still trying to decide which setting to use, I bought the ISWG thinking that if the base rules were that good I should give the setting a chance. I liked what I saw, mostly because it reminded me that Mystara was a thing and (dare I say it?) a better thing, so I got out my old Gazetteers and modules and got to converting.

8 years later that campaign is still going strong.

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
When Paizo stopped publishing Dragon Magazine they sent me two adventures (part of an early adventure path? I dunno). It's been so long and I never ran them that I've forgotten what they were. Was one about Sandpoint?

Looks like it was Rise of the Runelords 1 through 3.

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I have always been a big reader. Sometime in my very young years someone handed me a Forgotten Realms novel for a birthday. I was a Forgotten Realms guy ever after. That's even how I got into gaming in general. A game where I can be IN the Forgotten Realms!? I was in! When 4th edition was being released I was pretty frustrated and unhappy with the direction the setting was being taken in. Like many others in this thread I had a Dragon magazine subscription. When it ended I looked over the first volume of Pathfinder, and Golarion took over for the Forgotten Realms for me. I'm more keen on setting than system and usually just buy into the system that goes along with the setting I prefer. So I dropped D&D in favor of Pathfinder and have been here ever since.

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A friend I frequently went hiking with mentioned he had been gifted a book for a new RPG beta that had been released at GenCon. He let me borrow the book and I reveled that they had taken my favorite RPG and made it even better. l fell in love with Pathfinder.

It wasn't until a few months later I discovered that the company making it, Paizo Publishing L.L.C., was also responsible for some of my favorite childhood memories, namely reading Dungeon and Dragon magazines with a friend while on coastal road trips, and imagining how hilarious* it would be to die to things like a calzone golem, straight out of the oven. As soon as that clicked it was like having your favorite superhero remove their mask revealing that you've known them all along. I've been a fan ever since.

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I learned about Pathfinder when I joined my high school's table top club but didn't get a chance to play it until I was invited to join a 3.5/Pathfinder crossover campaign my freshman year in college.

It became a monthly tradition to order an obscene amount of pizza and wings and play for anywhere from 4 to 24 hours on a Friday night after class. Our campaign lasted all the way through to graduation.

Vic Wertz wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
When Paizo stopped publishing Dragon Magazine they sent me two adventures (part of an early adventure path? I dunno). It's been so long and I never ran them that I've forgotten what they were. Was one about Sandpoint?
Looks like it was Rise of the Runelords 1 through 3.

That's it! Thanks!

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Maryssa.Lagervall wrote:

I learned about Pathfinder when I joined my high school's table top club but didn't get a chance to play it until I was invited to join a 3.5/Pathfinder crossover campaign my freshman year in college.

It became a monthly tradition to order an obscene amount of pizza and wings and play for anywhere from 4 to 24 hours on a Friday night after class. Our campaign lasted all the way through to graduation.


Also hello new Paizo peep!

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I've had fun reading the responses from a lot of Paizo employees who haven't been here for all 10+ years of Pathfinder (including our latest hire, who has been here only about 10 days—welcome, Maryssa)!

If you'd like to read an account of how those of us at Paizo at the time found out about Pathfinder, check out the annual recaps CEO Lisa Stevens wrote for Paizo's 10th Anniversary in 2012: 2007 (for the origin of the Pathfinder Adventure Path) and 2008 (for the origin of the Pathfinder RPG)!

(If you'd like to read the rest of the 10th Anniversary recaps, you can find them all here.)

It was 2010. Our last 3.5 campaign fizzled, and we had been struggling with rules bloat. After a very short stint with 4e (had some nice bits, but we didn't like it as a whole), I took over GM duties, and suggested that we switch to this new "Pathfinder" system. Rules were familiar,and there were very few "splat books" out yet.

PFRPG was pretty much the only RPG I played from 2010 to 2016. (I've since branched out, and play quite a few different TTRPGs now.)

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I was a D&D 3.0/3.5 DM for a long time and I collected Dungeon and Dragon Magazines, but wasn’t a subscriber. When I found out Paizo was losing the licence but would keep publishing D&D APs I stuck around.

Then they announced the Pathfinder Alpha and Beta play tests and I tried those out. It meant I could keep playing the game I already knew with improvements I liked. There was stuff from the Beta I wished they’d kept but I was happy with the game and the support material. So it became my tactical fantasy RPG of choice.

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Agénor wrote:

It took me a while to start reading the lore outside of what was relevant for me to know depending on my characters. For the same reason or maybe because of this, it took me a while to use the Golarion setting as a game master.

I was this guy too. If it wasn't the Realms or my campaign, why bother? I actually forced myself to really read into the setting of Cheliax since we were running Council of Thieves. Seeing what was cool to work with, I actually apologized to my friend about my reluctance to accept the adventure. Once I was into the lore, oh,I rocked that path!

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Hadn't played RPGs since freshman year of high school (second edition, right at the end of its run). But I loved reading RPG books, had loads of them in PDF and tore through them all and always wanted to play someday. In 2012 I moved across country to a tiny college town and saw that they had a game shop, which wasn't something I'd ever been in before.

Went in, asked if they had any D&D groups at all. The store owner (a truly fantastic guy I got to know a bit over the years), said well Pathfinder Society plays twice a week, that's the more popular version of D&D. Told me to just show up, they'd show me how to make a character and play.

Bought the CRB on the spot along with the first set of dice since I was a kid. Played in that shop twice a week for the next four years, made a ton of friends I still have scattered around the country. Ended up running games more than I played them, including a bunch of the APs.

Walking into that shop and getting told to come back Saturday for PFS was one of the best things that's happened to me.

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I was running rolemaster having abandoned D&D in the late eighties due to the “cash grab” of AD&D2E.

It was getting harder to come up with stories and it occurred to me that someone in some system might have got around to writing a 1st level to high level campaign. I googled that, found the shackled city hardcover and bought it to convert to rolemaster.

Once it arrived I fell in love - the map folios that became so disliked by the community made me think “these people get it” and I came to the site at the end of RotRL.

I then lurked for a long time summoning up the courage to trust an overseas company with my credit card (and making sure I could track down an issue of AP2 since no way I was going to have an incomplete collection!) Eventually becoming a subscriber to the APs midway through second darkness (and picking up everything else within a few months).

I still think these people “get it” (plus they’re fundamentally good people and that’s worth as much to me as the quality of the product). Paizo is pretty much my favourite place in the world though my engagement tends to wax and wane over the years.

Maryssa.Lagervall wrote:

I learned about Pathfinder when I joined my high school's table top club but didn't get a chance to play it until I was invited to join a 3.5/Pathfinder crossover campaign my freshman year in college.

It became a monthly tradition to order an obscene amount of pizza and wings and play for anywhere from 4 to 24 hours on a Friday night after class. Our campaign lasted all the way through to graduation.

I really miss those days...we had a gaming Easter weekend once with about twelve hours sleep in total. It was blissful, pure, carefree fun! :)

Mark Moreland wrote:
The rest, as they say, occurred in the predictable way in 6-second rounds in initiative order.


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