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Dragnmoon wrote:
Actually based on the Game on Table Top page I think I only added the Blue Dragon which was not part of the Kickstarter.

I'm jealous. I tried to get the dragon, but ND was doing weird stuff and wouldn't add it. I appear to be one of the "under the table" late backers

I'm rather disappointed that -if the rumors are true- we're getting unassembled minis, as that's not what I was led to believe I was getting when I backed it on kickstarter, but as one of the few who got lucky enough to receive 8 of their minis, I want to point out that that's not much of a change. I'm just sad that Archon won't be doing their Unicast. I bought some of their AvP unis, and I enjoyed them.

That being said, I JUST today received the last batch of minis I bought from their clearance, and I really need to go check them out. I think I got some non unicast minis in this one, so I might be able to gauge their quality.

I've gotten AvP minis from Archon from their clearance sales, and I just want to say that I don't regret buying any of the minis I got from them. The sculps were looked great, felt sturdy, etc.

I'm really excited to see that Archon is taking over (thought I'm a bit confused, since I thought Archon was already the ones actually doing the minis - Ninja Division being prone to outsourcing rather than actual producing)

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technarken wrote:
Well, we're coming up on another month of absolute radio silence from our 'friends' at ND.

Yeah, ND's "updates" come like clockwork that can be pretty much accurately predicted at this point.

I reported them to Kickstarter for fraud, and pointed out that they have been routinely giving fake, gratuitous updates every couple of months to keep the charade going, but they rejected my claim and said that ND wasn't a fraudulent company *shrugs* take from that what you will. At this point, backing ND is pretty much complicity. I know Paizo means well and wants to help push them into finishing the project, but really ND is just looking for a cash cow to pay off this debt by incurring another one. It's like paying for a credit card with another credit card, but with a worse APR.

Sweet. I've been blowing a lot of money on fantasy minis from the prepaint stuff. Would be great to get some sci-fi for my minis tool chest.

Currently mix and matching the cardboard minis for the Dead Suns set with fantasy minis and the Starfinder Iconic heroes for my Starfinder stuff. Also: some Star Trek ships for space battles (got the Val Jean for cheap at a convention, also have been using Troll and Toad to pick up an Akira class and some others)

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Kroothawk wrote:

There might be another solution:

Kickstarter itself has a "Trust and Safety Team" that is starting to suspend extemely bad kickstarters, here an example:

That won't likely happen. Trust me, I'd already reported them as a scam, and this is what I got back from them:

Hi there,

Thank you for bringing this project to our attention:

Project: Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures
Report date: March 1, 2019, 6:44 PM EST
Report content:

Provider is not supplying products as pledged. Continued to create more projects without supplying product from previous campaigns. Went dark and stopped updating/responding to questions; now came bac...

We’ve investigated and determined that it doesn’t violate our rules or community guidelines. If you believe there is an issue that’s not covered by our rules or guidelines, please contact us with more details.

If you haven’t already, you can also communicate directly with the project creator.

While we won’t be taking action on this project at this time, we value your input. We rely on reports like yours to ensure the safety and integrity of Kickstarter for everyone.

Thanks again for looking out for the Kickstarter community.

Kickstarter Trust & Safety

Meanwhile, I have gotten a letter about another kickstarter I was in getting cancelled.

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With luck, we'll see the project come to fruition, and we'll all be able to enjoy, if begrudgingly, joining in on the project. While I don't have a whole lot of belief that I'll see the minis I ordered, I still hold out hope.

Like Erik said: the minis they did provide, especially the prepaints, were pretty amazing all around, and frankly I would like to see more of them.

I have a real desire to get to get a couple of the Vesk Fleets when/if they come out (especially if there's a prepaint version, but will gladly paint my own). I'm working on retooling the Dead Suns campaign to make the ending (and seeding bits throughout) a more epic, cinematic battle where a ragtag fleet of small factions the players encountered and aided throughout joins them and hits the Corpse Fleet to distract them and slow them down (forcing them to divide their forces). Kind of a nod to Mass Effect when your fleets engage the Reapers.

Diego Valdez wrote:

Sometimes I am more snide about it than I should be because I am frustrated.

*snerk* I like you, you're my kind of person. I do this at work quite often for some of the shenanigans we have to deal with.

Frankly I think I go borderline insolent, but I'm such a calm and mellow person, the snark I use helps accentuate that the problem we're addressing has crossed some sort of line and feel it's being handled inadequately/not taken seriously.

Summersnow wrote:
Burro-crat wrote:
Has anyone seen any updates from Archon since the fiscal quarter ended this past weekend?

If you mean did they post a pic of all the starcraft mini's they supposedly have done getting tossed into the garbage, no.

I am also curious if that happened or was just a negotiating tactic they used.

Not ~exactly~ related, but I noticed that Prodos (which is also Archon) are having a 40% off sale on all AvP minis (except for the "new" ones, which means Machiko isn't, nor is the dropship :( ). People are making comments that it's odd that they're selling off all of the stock and trying to get rid of it while backers from the kickstarter still haven't gotten theirs. I was going to order both of the Machiko's, but between the time I put it in my cart and checkout, they sold the last masked one, and that's what I really wanted :(

Wondering if we'll see something similar before this debacle ends...

PneumaPilot2 wrote:
Seems to me like Ghost Ship could also double as a players’ ship.

yeah, I like the design as well. Been thinking about picking that one up to remodel as a player ship myself.

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Arcaian wrote:
Hey everyone - asking a question here for a friend. They backed this kickstarter when it first came out, and just saw the message sent out about fulfillment. Ninja Divison hasn't been very responsive, but he's moved houses recently - he's not yet had any product delivered, but wants it delivered to his new place. Does anyone on this thread have an idea how to most easily update his address?

Just tell him to make sure he keeps his info on Game On Tabletop (the service they were using to process the orders) up to date. That's about all any of us can do these days, really.

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Honestly I really do feel like this topic is just a can getting repeatedly kicked down the road into perpetuity.

I know and understand that there's not much that can be said or done at the moment, I know CS is 'walking a fine line', and I know they 'care', but seriously, we keep getting told that X is going to make a statement soon, BUT...

Each event that is supposedly the reason we need to wait a little longer before we hear something other than the same line we got from the beginning comes and goes, and frankly it's starting to turn into white noise. We may not be getting 'radio silence', but endless static is starting to get old, especially now that the newest hurdle is 'too busy with 2E'. It feels like Rumplestiltskin, and each time a bigger room has to be spun into gold before we get our freedom.

I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.

J-Bone wrote:

I got the auto-response from Archon but nothing more going on about a week.

I, too, only got an autoreply from them. At least for that. I sent a separate e-mail asking about some of their other minis (there were things from some of their other projects that I wanted to order minis for, but didn't want to get entire games). They told me that an announcement about that is going to come soon, and to subscribe to their newsletter. Nothing new on either front.

technarken wrote:
kadance wrote:
Got a link?

Archon choke-slams Ninja Division under a bus

I got an auto-reply from that email within half an hour.

Woo. I'm gonna e-mail them.

You know in all seriousness, even though it's kind of a rip off (directed at the original campaign, not Archon), I honestly wouldn't mind paying Archon directly on a per-mini basis (skipping the free ones I got anyways, but didn't care for and picking and choosing among the ones I selected as part of my package). If the problem is they made the minis, but didn't get paid for them and still have them, I would like to cut out the middleman and get my product.

I can always (and possibly futiley) go after Ninja Division/ badger GameOn Tableop (the service I paid as a late backer) for a refund, even if I could only nail them on shipping and handling charges for objects that weren't shipped and get some of it back.

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Silas Stadatilas wrote:

As Realo Foxtrot was kind enough to point out above, each of these four kickstarter projects that Ninja Division set forth well exceeded the funding levels that Ninja Division determined were necessary to make the project viable.

Yeah, throughout this whole fiasco, I still can't wrap my head around each of their products being funded hundreds (and at least one case more than 1000?) of % over the asking price, and them still making up pie and bar charts claiming that they didn't get enough money.

I understand that a lot of that extra % will go to supplying the demand, but production costs per unit go down the more you produce (bulk order cost savings) and it's pretty hard to blow that much extra profit unless you go out for blackjack and hookers.

Some anecdotal pondering just out of boredom: I know getting our money back on the Kickstarter is probably a bust, even though they clearly failed to deliver ANY product of any sort to people who threw hundreds of dollars at them, but I wonder amusingly if they can't be at least nailed for fraud on shipping and handling, since they clearly didn't ship, assuming they even handled, for a good number of people who ordered from them.

Just a thought that amuses me, but will likely not get anyone anywhere.

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Heh. I just read the "breaking the radio silence" post they made. That's precious.

$457,539 collected of a $50,000 goal (not counting all the money from the "under the table" backers who did late pledge like I did), and they want to throw together a bar chart that shows collected amount and costs to date amount being almost the same (with costs being higher), and a much larger costs to deliver bar.

I understand that financing projects is much more complex than this, but their charts look rather slapped together to me (the ratios are almost exactly the same on the first 3 too), and I don't buy their excuses.

EDIT: To add: I want to say that I SWEAR I saw this exact message, word for word, pie and bar charts included somewhere else before from ND, only months ago. I can't find out where though (some sort of press release, maybe?) and it gives me a strange sense of deja vu to see it again, as well as no hope that we'll get our Kickstarters fulfilled. Paizo seems to get hope from this 'update', but it's the same hollow lip service they give us every 4+ months.

They claim that they sent out 22(or 28?)k minis, which people calculated to average 12 minis per backer. A very long chain of people claiming to be all in backers that didn't receive a single miniature seems to make those claimed numbers a bit... off.

I have a question that's loosely related to the ND/Kickstarter:

Iconic Heroes, Pact Worlds Fleet, and Corpse Fleet came to prepainted minis form with seemingly the same sculpts, but ahead of and separate from the Kickstarter peeps. Is there and chance/hope of a Vesk fleet set (prepainted or otherwise) coming out in the future?

Vesk fleet

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I just want to ask can we all stop, take a deep breath, and step away for a bit?

I've been going through the latest posts, and while I'm just as eager as many of you are to hear SOME news about this, us attacking each other, playing arm chair lawyers, and performing other assorted shenanigans isn't going to get any of us anywhere.

Paizo, through Sara Marie, is keeping us informed as best as they are able. I'm sure they need to tread carefully due to legal ramifications as some have suggested, and they don't want to mislead us by spilling any and every breadcrumb they are able to get a hold of just to appease our craving for info. If we're all patient, this situation will eventually be resolved (hopefully to a happy end). Though it doesn't seem like much, this is, frankly, far more info than Ninja Division has given us, and given ND's track record for communicating, I wouldn't be surprised if they're not doing much talking to Paizo either.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
noms blank space from Krooths link

I just want to say that I clicked this link, and now my Kickstarter is all in German, and I can't find the language button so ich hasse dich (-.-)

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it.

Stormforge wrote:

You are indeed an under the table backer. Ninja Division is already recorded as omitting people like you (from their previous crowdfunding campaigns) when speaking to an Attorney General.

I'd say you have even less chance of getting anything than we do.

Oi. Well, here's to becoming a statistic fallen through the cracks *raises a glass*

Stormforge wrote:
I too went all in. I received two small packages, probably the 1st & 2nd waves. Now I am worried that $400 is bye bye. Paypal nor Kickstarter will even condsider refunds since it goes beyond their timelines to report violations. I am hopeful that Paizo can remedy this, it would be a shame to tarnish the work that went into Starfinder from Ninja Division.

Ditto on the got 2 packages thing. I think each package was MAYBE 4 minis, and they didn't even match up with the minis I was SUPPOSED to get (and one of them had an invoice for I think 10 minis, but I only got 4.

I went for the Campaign pledge ($180) and also tried to get one of the dragons, but it wouldn't let me, and there were some seriously wonky communications with ND. I can't even complain on the Kickstarter because I came in as a late pledge, and my Kickstarter account doesn't recognize that I'm a backer (I guess I'm some sort of 'under the table' backer, which makes me even more nervous).

I keep checking back on the campaign page and checking the comments, but it's looking kind of grim. I've almost given up hope honestly.

I DID buy the prepainted Corpse Fleet and Iconic Heroes packs from my local game store when they got them in for my Dead Suns campaign, but I'm afraid that I'll never see my beloved Vesk fleet or space goblins :(

Woot. Found out that my local game store had the iconic sets now and picked up some packs. Now if only Ninja Division would get cracking to getting that Vesk Fleet set in prepainted plastic form.

Woo. Thanks for the input guys. I'm gonna keep fiddling with this.

Speaking of the AP ships, I've been using some of the ones from Dead Suns (especially the Sunrise Maiden) as a template for approximate size for stuff., and comparing with other ships in that adventure.

I drew it out on grid paper first, but also started playing around with literal cut and paste of the rooms. It's still a WIP, and I keep changing it every time I turn around, but I'll try to link/post it here. Sometimes I think I made it too big for want I want (I want it to be a smallish, but not tiny), and sometimes I think I'm over complicating things by focusing so much on the 'original use' that is basically a backstory in it's design (I thought hey, maybe people would want the original design too) instead of just making the design I want to use it for.

Deck plans1.

I backed the Kickstarter as a late pledge, and did the level below all in (Adventure?).

I've been very confused as to how ND has been handling this, as they went months without an update. I received 4 of the miniatures I picked (I should have received 6, judging by the list of minis they announced they were shipping, compared with my pledge selections), and contacted the company about missing minis. They wrote me back that I had received the SECOND shipment (what?!), and that's why my selections didn't line up (which was wrong), and that the first shipment had gotten delayed or something. Then there was another one or two that should have shipped, but I've not heard anything from them in months.

So I had a nifty idea of building a small ship for kicks, and for use for an NPC team that I'm going to have coming and going in a story; aiding the PCs, feeding them info, etc (not to mention just for the sake of designing a ship). I'm trying to design the ship for both form, and function, and I'm getting a bit confused by the templates, ship examples, and the lack of definition in certain fields.

I'm trying to design a dropship smaller than the Vesk Norikama (medium transport) vessel given in the ship examples, then have the characters refit it for their own purposes). My design uses the small shuttle template and is based around a smaller troop transport or dropship that has been refit to haul a small bit of cargo (like for smuggling/ transporting artifacts, etc for Starfinders.) Shuttle template has 3 bays, so one as crew, 2 as cargo)

My questions are: when you have an expansion bay, what's the general size (like, in square feet) of the bay?

How many people could you fit in a bay in a troop transport (like Starship troopers dropship style) in an expansion bay? (I'm assuming 16, going by the Passenger Seating expansion descriptor, and assuming that regardless of harness or w/e system used, they'll take up about the same space).

Would this mean that using a small shuttle template, I would basically have approx. 3 4x4 squares (each square being 5') of space to work with when I draw it on graphing paper? (Not counting cockpit, engines, etc)

I'm finding this a bit confusing, because the book uses the Ringworks Wanderer as a fighter/small shuttle, and it certainly doesn't look like it has 1 expansion bay, let alone 3.

I'm starting to get a basic shape that I like, and I'm currently working on an amalgam/rework along the lines of that ship from the cover of Mel Odom's Master Sergeant (the artist of which I can't find the name for), and something I found online called the Hound Class Transport

I'm glad I'm not the only one with micromachines. I lost most of mine (had Star Wars and Star Trek) but I wanted to use them. I had some Star Trek battles I got from a convention for cheap, and was using the Valjean as the main ship for a bit.

I'm running Dead Suns though, and I just got the pawns, so I thin I'm going to be using them from now on out since I'll have all the ships involved in the campaign.

I agree, and like this idea. Split them up into "what you'll need" packs for clusters of the adventures, and get them out to us sooner. You can still toss out an all-in-one box at the later date like posted here, but IMO the pawns are almost useless to those of us who are trying to run the modules as they come out/before the whole run is finished.
The pawns should come out before the entire adventure, not after :(

Ooh thanks, you're right Rook. I don't know how I missed that.
"Level track" right there when you turn the first page.

I'm in the kickstarter for ND's Starfinder minis. The first wave is supposed to be shipping out out very soon. (Latest update that I saw says "last half of May"

Soooon. SOoooooon *pets the precious*

Ugh, why must this stuff come out so long after the products they're based off of? Really want to use this for the game I'm starting, which has been delayed (mixed feelings on whether that's a good thing or not) to start, but might still get off the ground well before these come out.

~~~Work in progress~~~ Will try to keep updated

So I'm about to start running a DS game soon. The thought of calculating XP has always been tedious to me, and I was happy that, as a player, I was in a group that auto leveled up (or whatever a better term for it would be) at appropriate, story-driven points (like ends of "chapters", etc.

I saw a thread discussing this for Incident At Absalom Station, but did not see it for the rest of the campaign (though the thread did not specify; it just hasn't been updated), so I thought it would be a good idea to get one started for the community, and have others give feedback.

By level:
1 Start
2 After Necroglider fight
3 Before Garaggakal fight

By Adventure:

(1) Incident at Absalom Station
Act 2 after necroglider fight
Act 3 before 'final boss'

(2) Temple of the Twelve

(3) Splintered Worlds

(4) The Ruined Clouds

(5) The Thirteenth Gate

(6) Empire of Bones

Most of these are blank because I, myself don't have any idea of when would be the best point. I'm still reading through (and community feedback would be best I think)

I was panicking over this myself before I realized that that's only the space suits that do that. All armor works as a spacesuit, but isn't as fragile as it.
"Most suits of armor consist of a helmet, gloves, boots, and a bodysuit that offers head-to-toe protection. Unless otherwise specified, the boots include a functionality that can anchor your feet to a solid surface in a zero-gravity environment, allowing you to orient yourself or return to normal footing when needed."

"All armor can facilitate self-contained breathing, protecting you against vacuums, smoke, and thick, thin, and toxic atmospheres (including any airborne poison or disease). Self-contained breathing functions underwater and in similar liquid environments. This protection allows you to breathe in a corrosive atmosphere to prevent suffocation, but it isn’t strong enough to prevent a corrosive atmosphere from dealing acid damage to both you and your armor. A suit of armor with an upgrade that grants acid resistance reduces any acid damage taken from a corrosive atmosphere normally. Any"

I'm in the kickstarter that's producing these, and it looks like the kickstarter stuff should be rolling out within a month, so hopefully we'll start to see more minis, maybe singles, maybe cheaper random packs, in the near future
*fingers crossed*

Is there any chance we can get a corebook lite, or a player's guide? I have the core book, but it would be handy if I, or my players, could get their hands on some smaller, streamlined versions that are just a compilation of classes, races, themes, feats and augmentations all in one?

I'm looking for a cost effective and space saving way to help my players be able to build characters and do level ups.

Jason Keeley wrote:
Shisumo wrote:
Jason Keeley wrote:
Shisumo wrote:
Triune has to live somewhere, right?
Well sure, but I kinda thought it would be somewhere less accessible than, "Hey, let's turn on the Drift engine and go see what Triune is up to tonight!"
Who said it was accessible?

Now i'm imagining a wacky side path where the adventurers find out where Triune (one any other god) lives, and decide to ding-dong-ditch them for luls.

For some reason I'm not allowed to rate this product even though I bought it. Really disappointed because the figure was shipped to me flattened in a mailing envelope. With care, I was able to bend it back partially without breaking it, but now it looks like she's imitating that bullet dodge scene from The Matrix :(

I'm really wishing I could find high quality image files that are scaled properly so that when printed, they'll yield the appropriate sized maps perfectly for using. I want to take them to a print shop and get a copy of each of the maps so I can use for my game.

It doesn't help that the few maps that ARE coming to flip mat don't come out for months.

I know I'm really late to this, but the SRD has the standard fantasy races, and how they fit into starfinder.

Star/Sun Crusher?
Star/Sun Corrupter?

Personally I'm just going to go through and calculate all the potential xp earned at certain points, divided by number of players, and auto level them at approximate milestones. I feel that might be more efficient than micromanaging xp and would keep people from trying to level at inopportune times.

I plan on being mysterious and telling the characters to put that they have "VD" on the notes field, and not explain it. :D

I actually like this idea of a fallback in case it looks like the party is going to wipe. Make the next hit look nastier than it was, have the Gar retreat, then have mystery deaths unfold in the day or two after while they recoup.
They're station famous now thanks to the Eoxian ambassador leaking footage, and any number of characters could have linked their return, their fight with the monster (or monsters in general, if the gar wasn't specifically shown). Depending on the character, they can come at the characters accusingly (YOU brought this monster on the station!) or from a pleading/dutiful standpoint (You fought this thing before, you can do it again/finish the job), or just the Starfinders putting two and two together/ putting them on the case.

As for characters: If the party only chatted with the Level 21 gang and didn't massacre the whole thing/piss them off, the Ysoki leader might come to them/arrange a meeting, telling the party party about a monster that has started a killing spree.
Someone from Hardscrabble Collective could come to the party after someone on another ship was brutally murdered and splayed out like the bodies in the cave. You could then have a short horror/suspense encounter on a ghost ship or in a warehouse on the station. Any number of maps can be recycled/pulled in for the encounter.

I'm taking a hard look at this guy and looking for ways to nerf/cap him in case things get hairy. My players haven't made characters yet, but I noticed the feat Mystic Strike which will be good to hint at character creation might be nifty for spellcaster classes to take (since there are at least 2 incoporeals in this that I see).
I'm also toying with the idea of making the security bot reprogramable, or making it so that the players can lure the end boss into the security bot, so that it soften's it up for them.

Since ships don't have a price (to buy OR sell), BP is gained as you level, and there's an opportunity to potentially disable and capture some of the ships that get thrown at them, I'm thinking of setting it up so that nearby salvage vessels will accept the 200 credit fee as offered in the "in case they lose fight/get disabled" thing and take the ship off their hands, and they're 'compensated' for the salvage in a way that works as repairing the ship, and funds that 'buy' ship upgrades/customizations (within reason) to the Sunrise Maiden, with the BP thing being the limiter/base for it.

Sunrise Maiden flip map comes out mid May :( Maiden

It says the flip side is the ship in a docking bay, and I'm wondering what that's going to look like (like, will it be a space station, or will it be Drift Rock hangar that you find it in.

I know there are flip mats for the cantina, and ~A~ starship, but it's not the Acreon. For some reason Paizo's new website/store format is really inefficient, and won't show me things that I KNOW exist, or make it difficult to find and navigate. It's kinda pissing me off. Space Station is the flip-mat for the first encounter (the level 94 dock)

I'm thinking about going ahead and hand drawing the Drift rock on graphing paper and coloring it in, etc in preparation, but I'm kinda in the same boat. I wanted to find some high quality clean maps and just blow them up to fit the 1" squares, but that proved... difficult.

ugh. September? *cringes* I might get my minis from Ninja Division's kickstarter by then.

I DID get lucky and got an Akata from the Pathfinder prepainted Legends of Golarion set that I think I'm going to use for those encounters. Though I only have 1. I'll have to use a dummy placeholder for multiples.

To elaborate without spoilers (as you've asked), of just the 14 encounter packs I can choose from, 4 I can guarantee will be used, at least partially. 2 more I've seen show up in the art of book 2, but I haven't fully read through yet, and I don't know if you actually fight them or anything.
1 is definitely Aeon though. I recognize the robot/soldier or w/e from the cover of that one.

Of the 20 individual Creatures I can be sure of 2; 2 more depending on what the players do/whom they try to attack (one of them it's highly recommended players not attack, since they're a CR 13 character).

Fleets: only 1 of the 4 fleets has come up as far as I can tell so far.

Bear in mind I've so far only read through book 1, and am starting to skim book 2 in preparation

I'm in their kickstarter and I have the first 2 AP books. There are a lot in here that are designed straight from the core book, and both APs.

I don't know how I would gauge %s, but it looks like a good number of the stuff in the Kickstarter will come in to play in at least one, if not both of them. 4 of the encounter packs come straight from Dead Suns

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought news feeds, etc would be a great way to trickle in info and flesh out the story and events.
I'm reading through the first 2 and looking for plotholes, trouble spots, and other things I can flesh out, avoid, or rework. This helps a lot with what I already was brainstorming, thanks!

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