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~~~Work in progress~~~ Will try to keep updated

So I'm about to start running a DS game soon. The thought of calculating XP has always been tedious to me, and I was happy that, as a player, I was in a group that auto leveled up (or whatever a better term for it would be) at appropriate, story-driven points (like ends of "chapters", etc.

I saw a thread discussing this for Incident At Absalom Station, but did not see it for the rest of the campaign (though the thread did not specify; it just hasn't been updated), so I thought it would be a good idea to get one started for the community, and have others give feedback.

By level:
1 Start
2 After Necroglider fight
3 Before Garaggakal fight

By Adventure:

(1) Incident at Absalom Station
Act 2 after necroglider fight
Act 3 before 'final boss'

(2) Temple of the Twelve

(3) Splintered Worlds

(4) The Ruined Clouds

(5) The Thirteenth Gate

(6) Empire of Bones

Most of these are blank because I, myself don't have any idea of when would be the best point. I'm still reading through (and community feedback would be best I think)

Each book has recommended level spots spelled out pretty much on page 2. (pg 6 for book 1)

Although the "final level" for most just say "by the end", but can easily sub in "before last encounter" if you want.

Ooh thanks, you're right Rook. I don't know how I missed that.
"Level track" right there when you turn the first page.

I want to run organized play, but does it work with adventure paths? If not it totally ruins any continuity of play (and income generation for Paizo). For example Dead Suns: Incident at Absalon says when to hit levels 2 and 3, but these benchmarks will be far less gameplay time and adventures than that required for 3 Xp/lvl In organized play. No player is going to want to do many “side quests” during a campaign to accomplish this and it would be rude to expect them to do so as it would take away from the fun of the Adventure Path ..... and would also be unrealistic from a story viewpoint. Ok ... we fought the gangs ... time to go to Castrovel and help the Formians and then we’ll come back here and talk to the Undead peeps. How does this work?

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