[Spoiler] How the heck does Void Death work?

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So the stats for Akata disease Void Dead is as follows:

Type disease (injury); Save Fortitude DC 10
Track physical; Frequency 1/day
Effect No latent/carrier state; an infected creature that dies
rises as a void zombie (see page 61) 2d4 hours later.
Cure 2 consecutive saves

Disease / Poison now has a track system.With each fail you move further down the track gaining penalties.


Here is the Physical disease track that deals with the Akata Bite.

Physical Disease Track

So ... how does this work? If there is no "Latent/carrier" state does it go right to Weakened?

Or I have seen other people say that the disease does nothing and only turns them into Void Zombie after they die and have the Disease.

Which is it? There is a huge difference between having the "Weakened" state vs. no damage at all (unless they die). Thanks.

I don't have my core book on me right now, but the Starfinder SRD online confirmed the way I remembered it:

"A truly deadly affliction might cause the victim to start further along a progression track than normal."

The way I understand it, no latent state means the victim jumps directly to the Weakened state.

Yep, they go right to weakened. It’s gnarly.

I plan on being mysterious and telling the characters to put that they have "VD" on the notes field, and not explain it. :D

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