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ok i running Incident on Absalom Station my group has done

caught in the crossfire says the exp is 600
they did some investigation and found out the kings and 21 crew
were hired that nets 400 exp * 2

then they hit the fusion queen and wipe out the guards and the vesk and boss lady and that nets 400*2 for each set of guards and 400 for bosses

so there total exp is 2800 is that each pc or divided among them i have 4 pcs in the group

Divided amongst the party, so 700 per PC for your table. Also note the exp progression is different in Starfinder, level two coming at 1300 rather than the old standard 1000.

Personally I'm just going to go through and calculate all the potential xp earned at certain points, divided by number of players, and auto level them at approximate milestones. I feel that might be more efficient than micromanaging xp and would keep people from trying to level at inopportune times.

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