Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures Partnership

Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures Partnership

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Three flaming skeletons with mouths open wide attacking a 4-armed, bipedal alien with grey skin and an angular face and dark pits for eyes. The alien's upper left arm is wielding some sort of yellow energy bolt. The silhouette of another adventurer looking on in horror can be seen in the foreground.

We have some really good news to share about the Starfinder Masterclass miniatures Kickstarter! Paizo is pleased to announce that Archon Studio will be taking over the license to produce Starfinder Masterclass miniatures, formerly produced by Ninja Division. As part of the agreement, Archon will fulfill backer rewards from the Starfinder Masterclass Kickstarter.

About Archon Studio: With their Unicast technology, Archon Studio has published several board games with miniatures, including League of Ancient Defenders, Vanguard of War, and Chronicle X. Recently, Archon Studio advanced its technology to hard plastic, which resulted in even more highly detailed miniatures.

Archon Studio also recently moved into the production of tabletop terrain with Rampart Wargaming. In August this year, its second tabletop terrain project, Dungeons & Lasers, is being launched on Kickstarter.

There are a few areas we want to highlight:

Archon Studio will be producing plastic miniatures instead of resin. They will also be starting over with Kickstarter fulfillment; this means that backers who have already received resin miniatures from Ninja Division will receive those minis again from Archon, this time in plastic.

Archon Studio plans to ship Kickstarter rewards in waves. Approximately every 6 months, the pledge rewards produced during the previous 6 months will be shipped to backers free of charge. Additionally, any time a Kickstarter backer purchases any Starfinder mini from Archon Studio—whether that’s a new mini or a duplicate of a Kickstarter mini—they will also ship any released Kickstarter miniatures due to that backer for no additional charge. Details of which minis are shipping when, and how to purchase other miniatures, will be posted on the Kickstarter page.

Archon Studio will be fulfilling backers in Europe, and Ninja Division will be shipping to the rest of the world. Paizo does not have specific answers to fulfillment questions: if you’re a backer with a question about your order, you’ll need to post the question to the Starfinder Masterclass Kickstarter page.

Thanks for all of your patience as we worked with Ninja Division and Archon to get this done. We’re looking forward to some epic minis!

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larskrygan wrote:

Well the postal service is greatly impacted with the flight réductions.

COVID has impacted every aspect of society, now we just have to wait.

At least Archon told us they put a hold on mini production for the hospital mask, a big bravo for that.

It would be ironic to hear that ND has suffered with the pandemic or the one who sc... us died of it. Now i am being mean...

Yoshua wrote:

Checking in, Appears that there has been no movement in over a month, going on 2.

I get that poland shut down international shipping. Not alot can be done about that, but 2 months and no update.

It gets frustrating that we have to prompt for any kind of information on this.

True, but Arcon just put out to their Dungeons and Lasers backers that they are able to ship now, so, an update to how far behind we are would be nice :D

Yeah, I just got my notice about Dungeons and Lasers, so here's to hoping.

I'm still kinda sad that I only got 8 minis for all the money I sunk into this, but I know some people haven't gotten anything.

Scarab Sages

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Slowly...slowly, third wave just announced (announcement)

Saw that. At this rate (Completely discarding the last couple months due to the plague) those of us who haven't paid extra for what we already paid for will be getting the first portion of our consolation prize for this debacle sometime in January of 2021

It will take 4 years to fulfill this project at its present pace, assuming absolutely no disruptions whatsoever. Still no clear answer about whether we'll get the duplicates we paid for. Still no communication on Kickstarter. Goodwill is a nonrenewable resource.

174 days without an official update or post on the kickstarter is we have to hunt across multiple websites to find any information on this the rate this is going im going to be working on my 2nd retirement before the minis are done and Lord knows how long it or if Ninja Division will even follow through in the promise deliver (which they already charged and over charged for)..

Can someone with some level of authority and ability to manange a kids check book please get the user name and password for the kickstarter page and atleast give updates and answer people on there.. cause it's really starting to look like theses fools skipped town

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