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This was another two session (~4 hour) grind, with Curses a-plenty for our intrepid adventurers making everything more difficult. More than once we finally got rid of a particularly annoying one just to get it right back at the next opportunity. I once again got to enjoy the Curse of Fevered Dreams for most of the game, while Oloch had a bad batch of Poisoning. ::sigh::

We ran into a Living Sandstorm at one point; when we found the resulting Sandstorm later on the Baited Jewel Box was on top of the deck, adding more things to do and causing some of those cards to get banished when the wrong character ran into them later. We hit the Villain twice before getting it and the Jewel Box to the bottom of the deck; thankfully we didn't have to shuffle the deck again.

After all that, though, we'd gotten down to just the Villain remaining with one cycle of turns to go. Damiel distracted a chain-summoned creature while Padrig and his supply of Monsters were able to defeat the main summon and (thanks to a 3 and 1 on the 2d4) the final roll, defeating the Villain! No good upgrades, sadly, but everyone was just happy we finished the AP!

I think we're going to try the capstone next time; the group was mixed on the idea but I'd really like to make an attempt at it.

Looking ahead to next year and a new campaign, we might be taking some of the...less savory characters into Tapestry's Tides. I'm personally looking forward to not playing a pure support character. :)

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