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I've been creating character tents for use with the PACG. At some venues space can be at a premium; tents can help you save space over the character sheets by extending your character information into the third dimension!

Each tent has all of your character's statistics on the side facing you, while the side facing the others has your character's name and picture as well as spots for your name and your character's PFS number. I haven't done the base sets yet, but all of the class decks are there. (The monks are missing their pictures, as those hadn't been released as of the last time I was working on these.)

You can download the files from my website: PACG Page at ESG Labs.

If you try them out, let me know how they work for you and your group!

Thank You. These are great.

You're welcome! Glad you like them.

I added tents for Wrath of the Righteous (including errata) today. Check them out and let me know what I messed up. :)

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I love these. Thank you for making them.

These look great. Are there plans to do the S&S or RotR characters as well?


Speaking of S&S, Skull and Shackles tents are now available. I've also added set logos to all of the tents so you know which Witch is which. (Well, eventually.)

I included the Merisiel (S&S Shadow) errata replacing before/after the encounter with before/after you act. It's not in the FAQ but is in various threads.

Anyway, try them out and let me know if anything looks strange. :)

Updated the Bard tents to include today's Siwar (CD Courtier) errata.

Added Rise of the Runelords tents.

Updated the Ranger Class Deck, Skull and Shackles, and Wrath of the Righteous tents with errata.

Wow, these are really cool.

Added Meliski (CD Gambler) errata to the Bard Class Deck file.

Slacker2010 wrote:
Wow, these are really cool.

Glad you like them. :)

Added Druid Class Deck tents.

I updated all of the tents tonight. While most of the changes are cosmetic and won't affect your characters, I did find and fix three problems:

Bard CD: Lem's Skill checkboxes were completely wrong.
Fighter CD: Vika was missing a Skill checkbox.
Sorcerer CD: Qualzar had an extra Skill checkbox.

Here's the cosmetic changes:

Druid CD: Fixed a typo in Gronk (CD Feral Shifter)'s powers.
Rogue CD: labeled as Cleric CD in border boxes.
All: fixed a typo in the Community Use text.
Most: added a space between the checkbox and +N text in Skills.

I also added homebrew tents for Ameiko and Orik from the Pathfinder Adventures tutorial. They don't have Role cards, but you can give them a try if you want.

Sorry for the errors, especially Lem. Please let me know if you find anything else I missed.

Added Alchemist, Barbarian, Inquisitor, and Oracle tents.

Added class deck icons to all class deck tents.

Added a homebrew version of Feiya (S&S) slightly altered to use Cohort Daji from the Witch Class Deck.

I removed her Arcane and Craft skills and gave her Diplomacy: Charisma +2 (like her Witch Class Deck counterpart) along with Daji.

If you try her out let me know what you think.

Added Witch class deck tents.

Fixed a typo in Alahazra's (Oracle CD) tents.

This is awesome stuff!
Thanks for making these, and keep up the good work!

Are you planning to add the missing pictures for the monk, barbarian, druid and tutorial characters, or are there some problems involved?

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Doppelschwert wrote:

This is awesome stuff!

Thanks for making these, and keep up the good work!

You're welcome. Glad you like them!

Doppelschwert wrote:
Are you planning to add the missing pictures for the monk, barbarian, druid and tutorial characters, or are there some problems involved?

I just updated the Barbarian, Druid, and Monk class deck tents with their missing pictures.

Arueshalae, Orik, and Ameiko don't have pictures in the community use packages.

Parody wrote:

Arueshalae, Orik, and Ameiko don't have pictures in the community use packages.

Hi Parody. Great job. Why not use proxy legal pictures of sucubus... for those? Would be OK and nice. And you can change them if one day we have community use ones.

Thanks for the updates and the explanation about the community use package!

I'd support frencois' suggestion of using similiar pictures instead :)

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Glad you like the tents.

When character pictures aren't available I'd rather leave them blank than substitute with something else. That way I don't have to worry about intellectual property issues and I don't have to answer "Hey, you have the wrong picture for (name)!" complaints. (Can't win for losing. :)

Hey, I just saw that Zarlova from the cleric class deck uses the wrong card feats.

Are there any chances for the goblin class decks in the near future?
I wonder how you'd do Ak.

Keep up the great work!

Finally got a chance to catch up!

I've added tents for the Goblins Fight!, Goblins Burn!, and Gunslinger Class Decks and the Tup promo character.

After going through all of the existing sheets again, there's also fixed versions of the Cogsnap (Alchemist CD), Zarlova (Cleric CD), and Gronk (Druid CD) tents.

I gave you a couple of options for Ak. I flipped the sides for the second role, so you can print both or duplex print them (flipping on the short edge) to get a double-sided role tent. I also made one with both roles on one side of the second tent if you'd rather do that.

Sorry for the problem tents. Let me know if you see anything else wrong!

Very much appreciated, thank you!

Hey, I just found a minor error today - both roles of Angban in the gunslinger class deck are called 'Gun tank'.

While I'm at it, do you have an ETA for the MM characters and the remaining class decks? Apart from being busy, I'm considering to wait for the tents before I start MM.

::cough cough:: Dusty in here! Sorry I haven't been working on these lately, folks.

Hopefully I'll be caught up with what's available in the Community Use files this week. For now I've gone ahead and fixed Angban's Living Cannon Role name in the Gunslinger CD.

As an experiment I also added deck lists to the Bard and Druid CD tents. In addition to the info in the deck list sheets they also tell you how many of each card is in the deck (when there's more than one) and whether that card has the Basic trait.

If your printer's duplexer is good enough you should be able to print them on the inside of your chosen character's tent by separating the two page numbers with commas. (Ex: "3,7" for Lini's Pack Lord role and deck list.)

Added Mummy's Mask and Summoner CD tents.

They're missing pictures for non-Iconics. The Summoner CD has a deck list but is missing the Basic trait and multiple card info (since I don't own it).

Added Warpriest CD tents. They're also missing pictures for the non-Iconics and the deck list is missing the Basic trait and multiple card info.

That should mean I'm caught up to everything that's been put out in the character sheet packs.

Let me know if you see any problems!

You have the WotR version of Balazar in both the WotR PDF and the MM PDF.

I sent Balazar back to the Worldwound and got Damiel to come by and hang out in the desert instead.

Sorry about that. Thanks for the report!

Updated the Summoner and Warpriest tents with their missing pictures. Added deck lists to the Ranger and Witch tents.

I'm planning on adding deck lists (with or without the extra info) to all of the tents. While I'll upload them as I go I probably won't post here each time.

All of the available character tents now have deck lists. Some of them do not have their Basics and duplicates marked, as I don't own all of the decks, but I filled in as much info as I could easily gather.

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As part of a side project, I've updated the existing tents with their deck lists, Basic and duplicate counts, and (in a few cases) fixed some errors.

I can't promise a timeline, but I plan to create tents for the rest of the pre-Core characters as well. Sorry these things take forever.

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